Virtual Racing Greyhounds (1x2 Gaming)
Play Free Online Virtual Racing Greyhounds by 1x2 Gaming
Virtual Racing Greyhounds by 1x2 Gaming

Virtual Racing Greyhounds by 1x2 Gaming

The Virtual Racing Greyhounds online slot by 1x2 Gaming enables you to bet on virtual dog races for free. The slot has a visualised field with the voice of a commentator, various variants of bets and multipliers, as well as the possibility to change the game. Virtual bets are placed using 5,000 credits. The maximum bet is 500 units.

Game Information
Type Others
Developer 1x2 Gaming
Games played 70
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How to play

To start playing the slot machine Virtual Racing Greyhounds, you need to place a bet on at least one of the events.

You can find the Bets table below the animated game window. Its top items with a time counter are races that start every 3 minutes. You need to click on one of them and the betting multipliers will be displayed below.

Each dog has its own number and colour. Opposite to each name you can see buttons of three main types of bets with the corresponding multiplier:

  • Win — the victory of the dog
  • Place — the dog will take the place in the table, corresponding to its number
  • E/W — double bet on the 2 previous parameters

In addition to it, you can make a forecast for the first or second (Forecast) or the first three (Tricast) places.

A box with an arrow down is found on the right above the list of multipliers. It enables you to change the display of multipliers between Decimal, Fractional and American.

Multipliers, like names of dogs, constantly change. You have to click a suitable box and your choice will be fixed in the new section on the right. The number of bets is unlimited. You can place credits in the Stake sector (500 as a maximum). Normally, all bets are 1 credit. If you want to change a certain value, you should select the corresponding section and enter the desired value there. To change the stake size for all bets at the same time, you need to specify the number of credits in the topmost Stake window.

To finish with the bet, select the Submit Bet button. To clear the entire Bet Slip section, click the Clear Bets words.

On the top right of the Bets table you can find 2 buttons:

  • Latest Results — displays the latest results of all types of events
  • Lost Bets — shows the list of your previous bets

In the last tab, you can see stakes on both past and future events. It is subdivided into 4 sections:

  • Runners — a summary of the bet
  • Stake — the playing amount of credits
  • Potential — a possible win
  • Status — displays the result: Waiting…, Ended and Win!

When the time for the event comes, the game field will display the race and according to its results, you will earn a corresponding payout.

Game field, buttons and game parameters

Once the betting process is completed, all your main attention will be focused on the game screen. It is designed as an animated screen, which shows the dog race in due time. The race is displayed very realistically and the announcer comments on what happens. The information about the race is displayed on the top left of the screen and the time until the next race — on the right.

Above the screen, you can see 5 visually different buttons, enabling you to go to betting on other sports: Horses, Speedway, Cycling and Trotting.

Your current balance is displayed on the top right of the screen. Two icons are found next to it:

  • The "?" icon — opens a window with game rules
  • A loudspeaker — turns the sound off/on


The Virtual Racing Greyhounds free slot enables each visitor of our website to place virtual bets on dog races. The screen shows a table with multipliers and a graphic game field. The announcer with a rather lively voice comments what happens on the screen. The minimum bet is 1 credit and the maximum is 500. The number of simultaneous stakes is unlimited.