Simply Wild (Novomatic)
Simply Wild Online Slot by Novomatic
Simply Wild Slot by Novomatic

Fruit Machine Simply Wild by Greentube - Play Online for Free

Simply Wild is a fruit-themed slot designed by Greentube of the Greentube Group that you can play for free at NeonSlots. This extraordinary slot has a base game and a top game that can be played in 4 different ways. There is a hold function and a double-up gamble game.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Classic, Fruit
Features Gamble Round
Developer Greentube
Lines 1
Reels 3
Games played 100
Game Rating
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Simply Wild Game Features

Despite the fact that the main game may seem simple and the combinations land rarely, this slot has a list of advantages which give you more opportunities to win.

The first advantage is that you can hold the reels. The Hold function is one of the earliest additional features that was added to classic slot machines. In the Simply Wild slot you can hold one or several reels, which increases your chances to land a winning combo in the next spin.

Another advantage is a special symbol that is not described in the general paytable. Crowns can appear on the reels and combos of these symbols are counted on the neighbouring screen with flickering crowns. An additional screen counts the symbols not only on the central payline. Crowns on the adjacent reels (starting at the outermost one) also award payouts for 2 or 3 symbol combos.

If a crown comes up anywhere on the first or second reel, these reels stay fixed for the next spin. 

Upper Game Screen

Collect at least five coins in the Super Meter to activate the rounds on the upper game screen. This is the minimum bet to set the reels in motion. Click on Bet to switch between the main and the upper games.

Depending on the amount in the Super Meter, you can select four game modes:

  • Play 3 reels and 5 paylines - 5 coins for one spin
  • Play 3 reels and 5 paylines with Wilds - 10 coins for a spin
  • Play 4 reels and 10 paylines - 10 coins
  • Play 4 reels, 10 paylines and include the Joker symbols - 20 coins

The more coins that are in your additional account the more profitable options you can activate. You can select the mode by clicking on the Bet button several times. You will see 9 different symbols on the bonus reels, Oranges, Plums, Pears, Bells, Grapes, Strawberries, Watermelons, Sevens and Stars.

If you have enough funds to activate the bonus game with Wilds, new symbols will come up on the screen. They look like the regular symbols with a star on them. These symbols can replace any symbol lacking in a combination.

Symbols and Payouts in Simply Wild

The main game features 11 symbols that produce combinations and earn you rewards. They are Cherries, Lemons, Oranges, Pears, Plums, Bells, Strawberries, Grapes, Watermelons, Sevens and Stars. All the combos are formed from left to right starting from the leftmost reel. 

Even the most ordinary combinations will cover the cost of the spin. However, Simply Wild is a slot that has combinations popping up on the payline quite rarely. This is why you would be better off landing three symbols in a row not just to recover you losses for one spin, but for the previous ones as well. offers a wide range of online slot machines that are free to play demos of the real games.

Gamble Game

You can only play the gamble game during the main game in manual mode. Once a winning combo comes up on the game screen you get a 50:50 chance to double your win in the classic Heads or Tails game.

Two circles to the right of the game screen that count the crowns will start flashing. One displays the head and another one the tail. Click on one of these or use the additional buttons with the pictures of coins to guess the result.

The right guess doubles your payout but the wrong guess will forfeit your reward for the combination. If you would like to claim your winnings or transfer them to the Super Meter, click on the Cancel/Win to Coins or Start/To Super Meter buttons.

How to Play Simply Wild Slot for Free

By loading the demo version of Simply Wild you get access to the free version of the real game. You can see the funds available to you in your account on the control panel in the Credit section.

The betting system in Simply Wild is not typical for most of the slots. Once the game loads and before you launch the main reels, you do not need to select the number of lines or set your bet size. You pay one coin by default for one spin in the main game. A coin is the currency used for placing bets and calculating the payouts for winning combinations.

You can control your balance by setting up the coin value in credits. In the demo version the coin value is 0.10 credit. You can see this fixed figure in "1 coin =" window. In the full version you can set any number by using the +/- buttons. The Coins window on the control panel displays the number of coins. Once you set this option, you can start spinning the reels. You can launch the reels using the following buttons:

  • Start - spins the reels one single time
  • Autostart - launches a series of autospins
  • Start/To Super Meter - another button that spins the reels once

If two identical symbols come up on two reels (for example on the first and third ones) along the payline, you can hold these reels before the next spin. In this case you are more likely to hit a winning combination. Use the following buttons to hold the reels:

  • Hold A - for the first reel
  • Hold B - for the second one
  • Hold C - for the third one

If you land a winning combo, your prize will be displayed in the Win section. You can use your payout to:

  • Add coins to the Super Meter by hitting the Start/To Super Meter button
  • Transfer the funds to your game account by using the Cancel/Win to Coin button

Super Meter is your additional account, displayed in the section with the same name. You can use the amount earned in Super Meter for playing the bonus game in the additional window. You can transfer coins to the main game balance if you so desire. To do this hit the Super Meter to Coins button.

If you have enough coins in the Super Meter you can launch some bonus rounds. Click on Bet to switch between the main and the bonus game screens. The same button switches between the modes available in the bonus game.

You can double your payout for a winning combo by playing the gamble game. This function is only available in the manual mode. Auto-game does not let you play this round. 

Simply Wild powered by Greentube, the interactive division of Greentube, is not as simple as its name claims. It is one of the fruit slots that lets you play on several game screens and use various beneficial functions.

Unlike many other classic slots, Simply Wild lets you control the bonus rounds. By collecting the coins in the Super Meter you can accumulate enough funds to play a profitable game and win greater payouts.