Reely Poker (Leander Games)
Online Game Reely Poker
Reely Poker Slot by Leander

Reely Poker Slot by Leander

The Reely Poker slot was developed by Leander games. It has 5 reels and up to 30 paylines, you can try its features in a free play at NeonSlots. The maximum multiplier among the regular symbols is 5,000. You can play poker in the slot but it's only available when all the paylines are active. The Wild symbol of the slot can replace any regular icon. The bonus icon leads you to the full game table with poker.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Different
Features Bonus Game
Developer Leander
Lines 30
Reels 5
Games played 68
Game Rating
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Symbols and multipliers of the Reely Poker slot

Symbols in the Reely Poker slot by Leander Games correspond to cards in a deck. The Joker is the Wild symbol of the slot. Its features include replacement of any regular icon and formation of combinations of its own. Sets of wild symbols award you 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000 times the bet per line.

The Joker doesn't replace the image of Ace, which is the Scatter. Ace awards you a prize by appearing anywhere in the game screen. Three Aces award with five times the total bet. Four will award you 30 times your bets per spin and five — 150. Besides, a combination of three, four or five aces starts a Multi-hand Infinite Hold'em bonus round.

The other symbols of the slot pay prizes only in credits. They include cards of all ranks. Multipliers of these icons multiply the bet per line. The product is credited to your account. Cards with numbers form combinations of three, four and five icons. They have the following multipliers:

  • Deuces and threes return 5, 25 and 75 times the bet per line
  • Fours and fives get you 10, 35 and 100 times the bet per line
  • Sixes and sevens — 15, 50 and 150
  • Eights and nines — 20, 75 and 200
  • Combinations of tens — 25, 100 and 300

Jacks, Queens and Kings can form a winning combination with as few as two cards. That's why they have four multipliers each:

  • Jack has the multipliers of 3, 30, 300 and 3,000
  • Queen — 4, 40, 400 and 4,000
  • King — 5, 50, 500 and 5,000

Combinations of all the icons, except for the Scatter, must begin with the leftmost reel. Other combinations do not pay.

Multi-hand Infinite Hold'em bonus game

Three Aces appearing on the reels trigger the bonus round of Multi-hand Infinite Hold'em. It's a poker game where you don't need to make bets. In the first round you will have as many hands as the number of the scatters that landed in the game screen.

The next game only starts if in the previous hand you had a combination of two pairs or higher. In all the games, except for the first one, you will have one hand. If the combination of two pairs or higher doesn't land, the bonus game stops.

After a deal, you can have one of the regular combinations of the Texas Hold'em. The payout for each of them is special. It's a result of the multiplication of a special multiplier by the total bet per spin. However, the SlotPoker bet isn't counted here.

Winning combinations and their multipliers are as follows:

  • A pair — 2
  • Two pairs — 4
  • A set (three of a kind) — 8
  • Straight — 20
  • Flush — 50
  • Full house — 100
  • A quad (four of a kind) — 250
  • Straight flush — 400
  • Flush royal — 500

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The gameplay with regular spins

You get 1,000 credits for betting. These are gaming units of the Reely Poker demo version. Their number is displayed in the Balance line.

The Total Bet section shows your bet per spin. It is deducted from your account for every spin of the reels. You can start one spin by clicking the Spin button. On the left of it you can see the Start button that activates the automatic spin mode. Under this button you can find a switch that shows the number of autospins. Here are the following values to be set — 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100.

During any spin the Spin button changes into Stop. You can stop a spin instantly by clicking this button. The button that appears instead of Start has the same name. By clicking it, you stop the cycle of automatic spins. Note that during autospins you can't change the total bet value.

The bet per spin depends on three parameters: The number of lines, The bet per line and Whether the Slot Poker mode is enabled.

You can adjust the first option with the Lines control. The minimum value available here is 1, while the maximum number of paylines is 30. The Line Bet section helps to determine the bet per line. You can choose some figures from the range of 0.01 to 0.5 credits. The third option which influences the bet is described in the following paragraph.

Slot Poker

The Slot Poker mode is available only after you have activated 30 paylines. To start the additional game click the ON button in the top right corner. After this, you need to choose a hand — A, B or C.

This way, you become a participant of the poker game. Cards in the hand correspond to the symbols which will appear on the chosen horizontal line in the game screen.

The Slot Poker mode requires an additional stake of 10 times your bet per line. If a combination on the horizontal line is winning, you get three bets per round. They are equal to 30 bets per line.

Combinations in this game for three hands are the same as in the Texas Hold'em. You can have royal flush, straight flush, quad and so on till the highest card. The Wild symbol on the reels isn't involved in forming combinations. In fact, it reduces the number of cards in one of the hands.

The same applies if one horizontal line has two cards of identical value and suit. Only one of them can participate in forming a combination in the hand. To turn off the Slot Poker mode, click OFF.