Nirvana (Yggdrasil)
Nirvana Online Slot Game
Nirvana slot by Yggdrasil

Nirvana Online Slot by Yggdrasil Review

Play for free the Nirvana online slot machine with 5 reels and 20 paylines created by Yggdrasil. Spinning the reels of the slot with low volatility, you collect combinations of 8 regular symbols and activate the bonuses with two special symbols. The highest benefits you can get in the round of free spins. During free spins, you choose one of three special modes and by extending the series of bonus rounds, you add one more round to the already selected one. Having bonus spins, you can start all three bonuses and gain the maximum probability of lining up a winning combination.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
Features Freespins
Developer Yggdrasil
Lines 20
Reels 5
Games played 63
Game Rating
Nirvana images

Nirvana Free Spins & Features

If you land two Scatter symbols in any position on the screen, a single free spin starts with a random bonus. When three lotuses or more are on the screen, the free spin mode is activated, and you receive 10 free spins with the current active bet. Rules for forming combinations in the bonus round and the set of the used symbols remain the same. However, the bonus rounds in the Nirvana slot offer a number of benefits that you can choose at your own discretion:

  • Wild Seeds: from 2 to 4 additional Wild symbols appear on the reels during each spin, thereby increasing the probability of forming a winning sequence
  • Mega Reel: the second, third and fourth reels are synchronised and give out identical symbols in neighbouring boxes when the spin is over. This increases the chance of forming long combinations of 4–5 symbols
  • Nudge Reels: when the spin stops, one of the reels is pushed up or down, moving one box to form a winning combination

Each of the offered bonuses has its own scales which show the win frequency, win potential and chance to re-trigger. You can learn these characteristics on the 3rd, 4th and 5th pages of the paytable. During free spins, the following rules are applied:

  • The series can be restarted during the bonus round if more than 3 Scatter symbols appear on the screen
  • If two lotuses appear on the screen, you earn 1 free spin
  • When reactivating free spins, you can choose an additional bonus. So, having restarted the series once, you will get the simultaneous operation of two benefits and restarting it twice, three benefits

Considering the diversity of the gameplay opportunities, it's not surprising that players consider the free spins to be the most profitable part of the game. Try more online slot machines with free spins and other features that are free to play at NeonSlots and learn how to win.

Symbols and Payouts of the Nirvana Slot

The Nirvana slot machine uses 10 symbols during the gaming session: 8 regular and 2 special symbols. Symbols, which only form winning combos, are considered to be regular. The winning combinations are consecutive sequences of symbols on one of the paylines. They count only from left to right, from the first reel to the fifth. If the symbols are on neighbouring reels but are not along the same line (lines can be viewed on the last page of the paytable), you receive no payout for them.

The regular symbols can be divided into two categories, having both visual and payout differences. In the factors table, they are written on different pages. The low-paying symbols are the card suits that get the following multipliers for 3, 4 and 5 consecutive symbols respectively:

  • The diamonds get 5, 20 and 50 times your bet per line
  • The clubs get 5, 20 and 60
  • The spades get 6, 25 and 70
  • The hearts get 7, 25 and 75

Three low-paying symbols in a row are the most frequently landed combinations that are considered unprofitable. The combination pays  5–7 times your bet per line, whereas the number of active lines in the game is 20. That is, with 1-credit bet per line and the spin cost of 20, the combination earns 5–7 credits, which does not even cover the cost of a spin. The symbols are profitable when they line up in a combination of 4–5 pictures in a row.

The high-paying pictures are images of mythical animals:

  • The small griffin pays 20, 60 and 150
  • The horned rabbit gets 20, 70 and 175
  • The snake awards with 25, 80 and 200
  • The phoenix gets 30, 100 and 250

If three of these symbols form a combination, according to the rules, the payouts cover the full cost of the spin and are sometimes higher. The payouts for combinations of 4–5 symbols are 3 or more times higher than the total bet. Among the regular symbols, the highest-paying images are the most profitable.

Special symbols are pictures that perform additional game functions. They do not have their own multipliers and do not form standard combinations but they activate some bonuses.

The Wild symbol is a picture with the word Wild. This symbol can complete a combination of regular symbols on the payline by replacing the missing picture. The presence of this symbol increases the probability of forming a winning combination.

The Scatter has an image of the lotus with the Free Spin words. The symbol operates the following way:

  • 2 lotuses activate 1 free spin
  • 3 lotuses get you10 free spins
  • 4 activate 10 free spins and 1,000 coins
  • 5 award you with 10 free spins and 5,000 coins

That is, this symbol can be considered as the highest-paying game image. Let's compare them: 5 phoenixes get 250 coins, which at the highest cost is equal to 1,250 credits and 5 lotuses earn 5,000 coins, which under the same conditions will be 25,000 credits.

How to Play the Nirvana Slot Machine

By visiting the free online games section on the NeonSlots website, you will get access to the free demo version of the Nirvana slot which is fully compatible with the paid version. When the game starts, 10,000 credits, emulating the currency of the full version, are added to your account. These lets you make bets to spin the reels. Using the lowest cost of a spin, you can make a million spins, and at the highest cost, 100.

Before you start landing the winning combinations, study the control panel. Let's take a look at all the elements found at the bottom of the game window (below the reels) from left to right:

  • Lines is a window that displays the number of active lines. This is a fixed parameter that displays a constant number of 20
  • Coin Value means the size of the bet per line. In fact, the bet is 1 coin for every line. You can configure how many credits one coin contains using the "<" and ">" arrows, or by dragging the slider on the scale below this button. The value range is 0.01–5.
  • Cash Bet is the total bet on the spin, displayed in credits. Depending on the estimated cost of one coin, the spin cost is 0.2–100 credits
  • Max Bet is the button assigning the highest bet. A second click on the button returns the latest user-defined value
  • A round button with an arrow starts a single spin
  • The button with an arrow and a triangle activates a series of automatic spins. In the pop-up list, select the duration of the series between 10–1,000 or set the auto mode by clicking the button with the infinity sign
  • Win is a window in which the total win for the combinations that have landed during one spin are displayed. The number is displayed in credits
  • Balance shows your account

The experienced players prefer to use the auto mode in the Nirvana slot. Winnings, which can be obtained in the main game, are not large enough to be your main focus. The automatic mode increases the speed of the game session, reducing the time intervals between the spins. So, you can simply monitor what is happening on the screen in anticipation of special symbols landing, which give bonuses.

In addition to the main control panel, a pop-up sector with additional control and information icons, is found under the game window:

  • "i" opens the paytable
  • Gear opens an additional window with the video settings
  • The paragraph sign activates the directory with a detailed description of the game
  • The loudspeaker allows you to configure the volume and to switch the sound on and off

The sector is minimised and unfolded by clicking the cross in the red circle in the bottom left of the screen.

The Nirvana slot machine by Yggdrasil is a low volatility slot with an extensive list of additional features. It can give significant payouts both during the main gaming session (for high-paying symbols and combinations of 4–5 Scatter symbols) and during free spins as well. A simple control system and denomination and the lack of numerous variable characteristics, help the newcomer to learn about this slot machine quickly. The experienced players are also able to take benefits and enjoy the game.