Mega King (Betsoft)

Mega King Slot by Betsoft

The Mega King online slot by Betsoft is themed to fruit. The slot with 3 reels and 5 lines is an improved version of the classical one-armed bandit. The game features fruit symbols. Free spins and bonus rounds are not available in the Mega King slot. The main advantage is a high level of multipliers. 

The unique feature of the slot is that there are two game windows and different game modes. By participating in the SuperMeter round, you get a chance to increase the payouts. The maximum payout for a combination is 2,000 coins. 

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Classic
Features Jackpot
Developer Betsoft
Lines 5
Reels 3
Games played 27
Game Rating

Graphic design of the Mega King slot

The slot interface is conventionally divided into 3 main sections:

  • The control panel — at the bottom of the slot
  • A game screen for a regular game mode — in the centre of the slot
  • A game screen for the SuperMeter mode — at the top of the slot

There are paytables in the middle and top sections. They display the multipliers typical for each mode. 

How to control the Mega King slot

The game always starts in the basic mode. You have to specify the current game settings and start the reelspins on the central game screen. 

The Mega King slot has a fixed number of winning lines. There are 5 lines on both game screens. You need to determine the size of the bet per line only. 

The control panel is at the bottom of the interface. There are only 4 buttons:

  • Bet — your bet size in coins. In the regular mode this slot allows you to set 1 or 10 coins per spin.

Please note! Selection of the figures directly affects how the combinations are generated. The slot awards a prize only for one central line with a bet of 1 coin. By choosing the figure 10, you will get the payouts for the combinations landing in five directions. 

  • Max Bet is an instant choice of the maximum bet of 10 coins
  • Spin activates the reelspin
  • Collect credits your award to your account.

The coin value from 0.02 to 1 credits is specified in the Choose Coin window. 

The current game figures are in the information windows. The data is duplicated in the windows on the right of the bottom game screen and in the top left corner:

  • Balance — your balance in coins
  • Credits — your current balance in credits. The figure is based on the selected coin value
  • Bet — your bet size in coins
  • Win — informs you about your wins in coins

Symbols and multipliers of the Mega King slot

Your main aim is to collect 3 identical pictures on an active line. There are 6 symbols in the regular game. Payouts and the number of combinations depend on the bet size. The winnings appear in the paytable in coins. 

Regular mode symbols 

Your main aim is to collect 3 identical pictures on an active line. Payouts and the number of combinations depend on the bet size. There are 6 symbols in the regular game:

  • Chests. They earn you 200 and 2,000 coins with a bet of 1 or 10 coins, respectively
  • Bells — 100 and 200
  • Watermelons — 40 and 80
  • Plums and cherries — 10 and 20
  • Kings — from 10 to 200 and from 20 to 400 The reward for a combination is determined randomly.

The payouts for the minimum bet can look more appealing at first. Even the simplest combinations pay back x10 your bet per line. Note that the combinations are generated much more infrequently in this case. Experienced players claim that the gameplay is more dynamic and earns you higher payouts with a bet of 10 coins. 

However, the values in any version are characterised by a high level. The combination at least returns double your bet. The maximum payout is 2,000 coins. 

If a combination lines up you can transfer the coins to your account or play the SuperMeter mode. In the first case you have to click the Collect button. The other one will be discussed in detail. 

Features of the SuperMeter mode in the Mega King slot

If any combination appears it will help you to take advantage of the SuperMeter mode. This option is, in fact, a kind of version of the risk game. 

You can play the game for the coins you've won. You can make some spins in the top game screen. If the game session is successful, you can increase your payout. In the event of an unlucky series of spins, you can lose your coins. The exact number of spins depends on the size of your winnings and, as a result, your bet. 

There are more symbols, high bets are offered and larger payouts are awarded in the SuperMeter mode. To configure the settings and to start the game use the buttons on the control panel. 

Setting up the SuperMeter mode

Before starting the game, you have to specify the bet size. You can set 20 or 40 coins per spin manually. 

Please note! Right after you specify the payout size in the regular mode the bet value changes automatically in the Bet window. The slot calculates it on its own. 

By default, it remains at 20 with the minimum winnings. However, when more than 100 coins are awarded, the slot can make any other settings. You can stake 60, 100 or 200 coins per spin. 

If you don't like this option, you can use the Bet button. It will allow you to set 20 or 40 coins per spin manually. If you want to do this automatically, you have to leave additional settings. The next step in both options is to start the reelspin. Click the Spin button to do that. 

Symbols and multipliers of the Mega King slot in the SuperMeter mode 

There are 8 symbols in the SuperMeter mode. Winnings are indicated in coins and vary depending on the bet size, as in the regular game.

  • Kings. They earn you 1,000 and 2,000 coins with a bet of 1 or 10 coins, respectively
  • Chests — 800 and 2,000
  • Bells — 600 and 1,200
  • Watermelons — 500 and 1,000
  • Grapes — 200 and 500
  • Plums — 200 and 400
  • Lemons and cherries — 100 and 200

Compare the size of payouts in the regular game and the SuperMeter mode. In the SuperMeter mode your winnings are significantly higher for the minimum combinations with a bet of 40 coins. 

Combinations with cherries and lemons return x5 your bet, unlike the regular mode, where you get x2 your bet. 

The highest payout is still limited to 2,000 coins, which is the maximum you can get. 

If you play the game in the SuperMeter mode with a bet of 100 or 200 coins, you will have a chance to form additional combinations with Kings. In the first case you will get the award for 3 pictures on the middle reel, in the second, you will get the award for filling the entire game screen with pictures. The payout is determined randomly and varies between 100-2,000 coins. 

The Mega King slot is intended for players with various tastes. It will also appeal either to fans of simple rules, or admirers of fruit-themed slots, and to fans of the slots with intricate options.