Golden Fish Tank (Yggdrasil)
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Golden Fish Tank

Golden Fish Tank Online Slot by Yggdrasil

Golden Fish Tank is a slot by Yggdrasil that comes with 20 fixed paylines and 5 reels. The game also features the Wild and the Scatter symbols that will help you get some bonuses and collect more rewards. Three or more Scatters will get you some free spins, extra multipliers for your payouts and extra Wild symbols and will transform a regular symbol into a Wild one.

The maximum payout in the main game in Golden Fish Tank is 1,250 credits for five yellow and green fish.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
Developer Yggdrasil
Lines 20
Reels 5
Games played 140
Game Rating

Rules of the game

In Golden Fish Tank you will initially be given 10,000 credits, which will be your in-game currency. These funds will be used for setting the cost of one coin in the Coin Value section. By default, a bet of 1 coin will be placed on one payline. Its value in credits can be changed by using the +/- buttons in the Coin Value section out of the following options available: 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.20, 0.30, 0.50, 0.70, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Your bet per line is one of the components of your total bet, which will be displayed in the Cash Bet window. Your total bet is the amount that will be deducted each time you hit the Play button. The second component in the Cash Bet section is the number of paylines. In Golden Fish Tank this number will remain fixed, so all 20 paylines will be involved in each spin.

Your bet per line will affect the amount of your prospective rewards for winning combinations. The paytable (the "i" sign) lists the multipliers for each symbol. Suppose the multiplier for a combo of three yellow and green fish is 25 line bets. With your bet per line of 1 coin you will come up with 25 coins for yellow and green fish as a result. The size of your reward in credits will depend on the value displayed in the Coin Value section: with 0.01 your reward will be 0.25 credits, and with 5 it will increase to 125 credits.

Golden Fish Tank will let you take an advantage of the Golden Bet bonus option. You can activate this option by clicking "+5" on the control panel. You will be paying more for each spin, but in return you will be getting extra bonuses every time you land three Scatter symbols. Each spin in Golden Bet will cost 5 coins.

Earning the rewards and launching the spins

The rewards are earned for combinations that consist of at least three identical symbols. The symbols must land on one of the 20 paylines indicated in the paytable. The symbols must be aligned on neighbouring reels starting with the first reel. The exception is a combination of Scatters where the number of symbols is what counts instead of their positions on the reels.

To launch the reels click on the Play button in the centre of the control panel. Once the reels stop spinning in the automatic mode, you will earn the reward for all combinations that were lit up. You can see your win for the previous spin in the Win section.

Click Autoplay to the right of the Play button to open the menu where you can select the number of autospins. There are three scenarios when the autospins will stop:

  • When you run out of credits in your balance
  • When you stop the Autoplay mode manually
  • Once the selected number of autospins has been completed

By clicking on the "+" sign to the left of the control panel you will open the menu with additional buttons for running the slot. Click on the "i" button to open the paytable. Click on the gear icon to open the menu of user's settings, where you can adjust video effects and sound effects. This is where you can also enable the option for launching the spins by pressing the space bar on your keyboard and access some extra settings for the Autoplay mode. Click on the paragraph sign to open the rules of the Golden Fish Tank slot.

Symbols and payouts featured in Golden Fish Tank

Special symbols that do not earn you any payouts are represented by the Wild and the Scatter symbols. Their main function in Golden Fish Tank is to complete the winning combos and grant you the access to the bonus round.

The Wild symbol is the picture with the word "Wild" on it. Once it lands on the reels along with some identical symbols, it will substitute for the missing one. This function will combine the symbols landed on neighbouring reels or complete the already existing combinations to increase the appropriate payout. The only symbol that the Wild cannot replace is the Scatter.

A picture of a yellow and green fish with the words "Free Spins" on it acts as the Scatter symbol. Three, four or five of these symbols landing anywhere on the reels will earn you a series of free spins and gain you the access to the bonus round.

  • 3 Scatters — 6 free spins and 3 bonus options
  • 4 Scatters — 8 free spins and 4 bonus options
  • 5 Scatters — 10 free spins and 5 bonus options

Regular symbols are subdivided into two groups by their appearance — pictures of playing card suits and pictures of fish. Their combinations will earn you rewards only in credits. This is what you will earn for three, four and five symbols respectively:

  • Diamonds — 4, 15 and 50
  • Clubs — 4, 20 and 50
  • Spades — 5, 20 and 60
  • Hearts — 5, 25 and 75

Representatives of the underwater fauna will pay slightly higher rewards due to higher multipliers. You will still have to land either several winning combos or combos that would consist of four or five identical pictures. Three, four and five pictures with the fish will earn you the following rewards:

  • A purple fish — 10, 50 and 150 line bets
  • A blue fish — 15, 55 and 175
  • A white, yellow and blue fish — 20, 60 and 200
  • A yellow and green fish — 25, 70 and 250

Bonus game and free spins

Three, four or five Scatter symbols landing anywhere on the reels will trigger a series of free spins and open the access to the bonus round. With the Golden Bet option activated you will get one more extra attempt, so:

  • 3 Scatters — 6 free spins and 4 attempts
  • 4 Scatters — 8 free spins and 5 attempts
  • 5 Scatters — 10 free spins and 6 attempts

18 items for you to pick will pop up in front of you, which will earn you some extra bonuses during free spins. The items are of six types, each one of them having three to four bonus options.

Bonuses available in the round of free spins in Golden Fish Tank:

  • A picture with arrows may earn you 2 or 4 extra free spins
  • A picture with a silhouette of a fish with horizontal stripes will determine which of the fish symbols will be landing on the reels by a group of three
  • A picture with crossed arrows will determine how many Wild symbols (one to two) will be landing on the reels during each spin
  • A picture with a multiplier means that all winning combos will earn you a doubled reward
  • A picture with a silhouette of a fish and the word "Wild" will turn one of the fish symbols into an extra Wild
  • A picture with five vertical stripes and the letter W will determine exactly where the sticky Wild symbol will come up. It means that regardless of the rest of the 10 symbols, the Wild symbol will remain in place all throughout the 6 to10 free spins

Free spins are played in an automatic mode with the line bet and the coin value that you have set in the most recent spin in the main game. Scatter symbols will not be landing, so you cannot activate the Golden Fish Tank Free Spins bonus for the second time. Once all free spins have been used up, the reward will be added to your balance and you will go back to the main game.