Dragons Wild Fire (Novomatic)
Dragons Wild Fire Online Slot
Dragons Wild Fire Game

Dragons Wild Fire Online Slot

Dragons Wild Fire is a slot developed by Greentube that features a free demo version available at NeonSlots. The slot comes with five reels and twenty paylines. The slot also features a round of free spins, re-spins, autospins and both the Wild and the Free Spins Bonus Scatter symbols. The maximum rewards that you can win in the online slot can be earned during the round of free spins.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Dragon
Features Freespins, Gamble Round
Developer Greentube
Lines 20
Reels 5
Games played 325
Game Rating
Dragons Wild Fire images

Dragons Wild Fire Free Spins

Three Free Spins Bonus symbols landed on the reels in Dragons Wild Fire will trigger a round of free spins. These pictures may come up in any positions on the first, third and fifth reels. The round consists of seven free spins. Once the free spins have been launched, you have to make a selection which of the neighbouring fields will duplicate the Wild symbol:

  • The right one
  • The left one
  • The upper one
  • The lower one

The free spins will start once you hit the Start button. The Wild symbol will be duplicated on the field next to it each time it lands on the reels during the free spins. You can change the side before any free spin in the Change Wild Direction section. Your bet during the free spins will remain the same as it was during the most recent spin that had launched them in the first place. The number of remaining free spins will be displayed in the section underneath the reels. A round of autospins cannot be relaunched during the free spins. A round of free spins, however, can be relaunched. It will work the same way as when the original free spins were launched. The round of free spins will be over once all free spins have been completed. This is when you go back to the regular game.

Re-spins Featured in the Online Slot

Once all fields of one of the reels get filled with the Stacked Dragon symbol, the Flaming Re-spin bonus round will be triggered. During this round all pictures of dragons, which had triggered the bonus round in the first place, and the Wild symbols will stay fixed until the re-spins are completed. All Wild symbols and pictures of dragons will remain fixed all throughout the subsequent re-spins. Free spins will keep running until new pictures of dragons and new Wild symbols drop on the reels.

Symbols and multipliers in Dragons Wild Fire Game

The Dragons Wild Fire slot developed by Greentube features a total of eleven pictures. Combinations of three, four and five identical symbols will pay the following amounts in credits:

  • The Wild symbol - 500, 2,000 and 2,500
  • A fire dragon - 250, 1,000 and 2,000
  • An orange and red symbol - 200, 700 and 1,500
  • A red Chinese coin - 100, 500 and 1,250
  • A blue Chinese coin - 100, 500 and 1,250
  • "A" - 50, 200 and 1,000
  • "K" - 50, 200 and 1,000
  • "Q" - 20, 50 and 500
  • "J" - 20, 50 and 500
  • "10" - 20, 50 and 500

You will also earn 10 credits for two Wild symbols or for two fire dragons. All of the rewards listed above are indicated for the maximum bet. The Yin and Yang picture is the Scatter symbol called Free Spins Bonus. This symbol can trigger a round of free spins in Dragons Wild Fire. The icon with a word "Wild" is the Wild symbol. It can substitute for any other picture on the reels to complete a winning combo, except for the Free Spins Bonus Scatter symbol.

Double-up Game in Dragons Wild Fire

Once you land any winning combo, you will get a chance to double your win for the last spin. Click on the Gamble button to activate the double-up game. The maximum amount of credits that you can bet in the double-up game is 50,000 when played with the maximum bet. If the bet is higher than the amount indicated, or if you are playing in the autospin mode, the double-up game becomes unavailable.

The double-up game features a face-down card. The point of this round is to guess the colour of its suit. Click on either the Red or the Black button to make a selection. The buttons on the game screen are duplicated on the panel with the keys. The screen of the double-up game will show five previous cards. The Gamble Amount section will display your current bet in the doubling game. The Gamble to Win section will display the amount of credits that you will have earned for guessing the colour correctly.

If your guess of the colour of the face-down card is correct, you will double the reward that you earned for the most recent winning combo. If your guess is incorrect, you will go back to the regular mode. This is when your reward for the most recent winning combo is forfeited along with the credits that you have earned in the double-up game, if you have earned any. You can exit the doubling game at any time, even if you have not made any guesses at all. Click Collect to do just that. By clicking on this button you will add the win that you earned in the double-up game to your account and go back to the regular spins.

How to Play the Dragons Wild Fire Slot

Info sections contained in Dragons Wild Fire online slot:

  • Credit - displays the amount of credits in your account
  • Last Win - displays the reward that you earned for the most recent winning combo landed on the reels
  • Bet - displays your total bet. To set this value, click on the +/- buttons. Your total bet may vary in the range between 0.4 and 100 credits

The number of paylines featured in the slot is twenty. This is the number that is displayed both to the right and left of the reels. The number of paylines cannot be changed in the regular mode or in the free spins mode. The slot's control panel features the following buttons:

  • Paytable - opens the slot's info menu that displays the rules of the slot, the description of all bonuses, the symbols with their multipliers and all payline patterns. You can flip through the pages of the info menu by using the More Info button. Click on Paytable once again to go back to the regular mode
  • Spin - launches one single spin. By clicking on this button once again you will bring the reels to an instant stop
  • Gamble - launches the double-up game. Activated once you land any winning combo on the reels
  • Autoplay - launches a round of autospins that will run continuously without your involvement. The autospins will stop once you hit the Stop button or when you no longer have enough credits in your account to cover the next autospin

A winning combination in this dragon-themed slot is a sequential alignment of three or more symbols on neighbouring reels. All winning combinations are read left to right starting with the leftmost reel, except for the ones with the Scatter symbol. The combos with the Scatter will earn you a reward regardless of where they land on the reels. Only the highest-winning combination on a payline will pay you a reward.

Dragons Wild Fire is a slot with medium variance. It means that all winning combinations will be landing quite frequently. The slot features many bonuses such as a round of free spins and re-spins. This is why the slot would be more suitable for an experienced connoisseur rather than a newbie.