Dino Might (Microgaming)
Dino Might

Dino Might Online Slot by Microgaming Review

Dino Might is a slot that comes with five reels and 25 paylines, developed by Microgaming. The game features 11 regular symbols and three special ones: the Wild symbol and two bonus Scatters. The slot does not feature any free spins, but it does provide two kinds of bonuses: one in the regular mode, the other one in an extra mini game where you search for two identical pictures.

The highest amount you can win in one shot is 80,000 coins. Theoretical payback percentage (Return to Player, RTP) is 96.42%.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Animals
Features Bonus Game
Developer Microgaming
Lines 25
Reels 5
Games played 22
Game Rating

How to play Dino Might

The trial version of Dino Might lets you play with 2,000 credits for free. This is the amount that you initially get in your balance account once the game loads. The free version, just like the real version, uses coins for placing your bets. The amount of credits is converted to coins according to your preset value. The cost of one coin is 0.5 by default. The value will range between 0.01 and 0.5. The number of coins will change depending on this value.

Prior to launching the reels you should preset your conditions for running the game. The spins will be launched with default settings. But you have the opportunity to adjust the game values thereby optimising the gameplay and controlling your bankroll most efficiently. The values can be adjusted by using the buttons on the control panel. The control panel features the following buttons:

  • Click on Select Lines to set the number of active paylines. The number may range between 1 and 25. Your selected value will be displayed in the Lines section
  • Click on the Select Coins switch to set your bet per line in the range of 1 to 10 coins. Your selected number will be displayed in the Coins section
  • You can adjust the value by clicking on the +/- buttons above the picture of a coin on the control panel. The value may range between 0.01 and 0.5
  • Click on the Bet Max button to launch one single spin with the maximum number of paylines at the maximum bet
  • Click on the Spin button to launch the reels with your preset conditions

These are the windows that contain important data:

  • Demo Coins — your current balance (in coins)
  • Bet — your bet per spin (the cost of one spin)
  • Win — your winnings for the spin (the reward for one or several combos landed in the spin)

The correlation between your total bet and the reward for the landed combos can determine how successful the spin was. The reward will be profitable if its size exceeds the cost of one spin.

The panel features some extra buttons that open the following info windows:

  • View Pays — displays the paytable
  • Help — displays the rules of the game in an additional window

The Expert/Regular switch will activate the kind of control panel that you will be using. The expert panel will feature additional buttons that will activate the auto game. By clicking Auto Play you will launch a series of 5 to 500 spins. Buttons "5" and "10" indicate 5 and 10 autospins respectively

Symbols and payouts

Your objective is to land winning combinations in such a way that your balance could increase due to your wins. Combos are combinations of three to five identical symbols. These combinations must run right to left starting with the first reel. The symbols must be lined up on one of the paylines on neighbouring reels.

Combinations of various pictures pay their appropriate rewards. The values for each combo are listed in the paytable. Next to each picture you will see the number of these pictures landed along with the multiplier for your line bet. Regular pictures (that perform no extra functions) are evaluated as follows:

  • A flower with long green leaves and red and purple petals pays 5, 10 and 50 total bets for three, four and five pictures respectively
  • A giant flytrap — 5, 12 and 60
  • White flowers — 6, 15 and 70
  • A cactus — 6, 20 and 80
  • An orange inflorescence — 8, 30 and 90
  • A red rafflesia — 10, 40 and 100
  • An ankylosaurus — 12, 50 and 120
  • An oviraptor — 15, 75 and 200
  • A diplodocus — 20, 100 and 300
  • A triceratops — 25, 150 and 400
  • A tyrannosaur — 30, 200 and 800

 To make your win higher than your bet per spin, you have to land at least five pictures of flowers or four with dinosaurs. This is when your account will be replenished with an extra amount on the top of the credits that will recover your total bet.

Special pictures

Besides regular pictures, the game also features some special symbols, which are as follows:

  1. The Wild symbol
  2. The Scatter that triggers a bonus on an additional screen
  3. The Scatter that triggers an instant bonus on the reels

The Wild symbol is the game's logo. Once it lands on any of the five reels, it can complete winning combinations. The picture acts as the Joker by substituting for any missing pictures in a combo. Your payouts for the combinations involving the logo will be doubled. The Wild can also produce combinations of its own. Two, three, four or five pictures in a row will pay the multipliers of 5, 80, 800 or 8,000 respectively.

Triggersaurus is the bonus symbol that launches a bonus on the reels. Once three, four or five of these pictures land on the reels, you have to pick one of these symbols in order to reveal the hidden prize. The highest reward is 4,500 coins. The amounts of rewards in the game will depend on the size of your total bet.

Amber with an insect inside is the Scatter symbol that triggers a bonus game on an additional screen. Combinations of these symbols also earn you some rewards with a multiplier for your total bet. The Scatter plays without being tied to any of the paylines or the reels. The combination is considered winning if you land the required number of these pictures on the reels. Two, three, four and five ambers will pay 2, 4, 40 and 200 total bets respectively.

The Match Bonus round

Three, four or five pictures of amber landing on the reels will trigger the Match Bonus round. An additional screen will pop up with a field divided into 21 boxes — seven horizontally and three vertically. Below the game screen you will see the progress bars that will show your progress as you keep accumulating the pictures.

You have to click on the boxes to open the hidden pictures. To qualify for the prize, you need to come up with four identical pictures. The pictures differ in their values. During the search you can also come across the box with a multiplier. This multiplier will work at the end of the mini game when one of the progress bars gets filled up.

The highest reward that you can earn in the bonus round is 20,000 coins. Please keep in mind that the size of your winnings depends on the total bet that you have placed in the main game. 


Dino Might by Microgaming is a slot with modest rewards for the simplest combinations of symbols. Winning combinations of three pictures would not earn you much in most cases, but even a combination of regular symbols may turn out to be more substantial if it has the Wild symbol present. The game's logo doubles your winnings for successful combos.

You can earn some extra credits during one of the two bonus games. The highest one-time payout will reach 4,500 coins, and the reward in the mini game can reach 20,000 coins.