Big Break (Microgaming)
Big Break Online Slot
Big Break Game

Big Break Slot by Microgaming

Big Break is a slot machine with five reels and 15 paylines created by Microgaming that you can play for free at NeonSlots. The game involves two Wild symbols, a common one and the Wild with a multiplier x2, as well as the Scatter symbol. The slot has additional features: free spins and the bonus game Surf’s Up.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Animals
Features Freespins, Bonus Game
Developer Microgaming
Lines 15
Reels 5
Games played 31
Game Rating
Big Break images

Big Break Free Spins

The free spins series is activated if three, four or five Scatter symbols appear on the screen during the main game. Regardless of their number, you receive 15 free spins. During this round, the game is played according to the conditions set for the main game - the bet size and the number of active lines remain the same. Free spins involve special rules in addition to the fact that the size of the total bet is not deducted from your account at the moment of starting a spin:

  • All symbols with apes become Scatters - they play without being restricted to paylines
  • Factors of images apply to the line bet
  • The Wild symbol Big Break can replace the missing ape symbol and acts for both simple combinations and for combinations of additional Scatters

Given these features, the free spins series is more beneficial than the main game. First, you do not lose credits during free spins. Secondly, the probability of winning combinations increases. Free spins can be restarted if three, four or five images of Munky Wax appear on the screen. The bonus game cannot be activated during free spins.

Surf's Up Bonus Game 

The Surf's Up bonus game is triggered if five different ape images appear on the game screen at the same time during the main game. If this condition is fulfilled, you will see an additional window with a built-in mini-game. Five apes with surfboards and a Start button will appear in front of you on the screen. By clicking this button, you activate the highlight - it moves through a row of game characters. To stop the flicker, hit the Stop button. The win is awarded for the ape that remained highlighted after the flashing stopped. Different apes hide different factors for the total bet:

  • Gorilla gives a reward by multipliers of x2 to x50
  • Lemur - x3 to x40
  • Macaque monkey - x4 to x30
  • Orangutan - x5 to x20
  • Gibbon - x6 to x15

The reward is displayed in coins and is proportional to the total bet. So, if a gibbon turned out to be highlighted and gave the greatest factor (x15), you get 15 times your total bet. If during the main game all 15 paylines were involved and the line bet in coins was 1, then the total bet is 15 coins. With these parameters, the prize in the bonus game will be 225 coins.

Symbols and Rewards of the Big Break Slot

The rewards that the animal-themed slot gives out for winning combinations are displayed in the paytable. Next to the symbols and the length of combinations, you can see the numbers - factors. These are the multipliers of the line bet. So, for example, if you have a 10-coin line bet and a combination of symbols plays by a factor of 5, you will get 10x5 - 50 coins as a reward. Among the regular symbols (images whose main task is to form combinations) we can note:

  • Symbols that form winning combinations starting with three elements
  • Pictures that also play "in pairs"

The first group includes:

  • Coconut - plays by multipliers of 5, 10 and 50 for three, four and five images respectively
  • Mango - 5, 15 and 75
  • Kiwi - 6, 30 and 100
  • Papaya - 8, 40 and 120
  • Banana - 10, 50 and 150

The second group includes:

  • Gibbon - plays with multipliers of 3, 15, 75 and 500 for two, three, four and five pictures in a row respectively
  • Orangutan - 3, 15, 100 and 600
  • Macaque monkey - 3, 15, 150 and 700
  • Lemur - 5, 40, 200 and 800
  • Gorilla - 5, 50, 250 and 1,000

From the above factors, it is clear that combinations do not always cover the total bet. So, if all 15 paylines are involved on the Big Break slot, it is obvious that combinations consisting of two or three symbols do not return the cost of a spin. You receive additional credits for combos of four to five images of the first group and for three, four and five images of the second.

Special symbols

In addition to simple symbols, the Big Break game involves icons that perform additional functions. They include:

  • The Wild symbol
  • Wild with multiplier x2
  • Scatter

A simple Wild symbol is designed as the word Big Break. This image appears on any of the five reels and replaces any missing symbol with apes. The action of the Wild symbol does not apply to fruit pictures. Also, the logo does not interact with the second Wild symbol and Scatter.

The Wild symbol with the x2 multiplier looks like the words Lucky Break. It lands only on the fifth reel and participates in non-standard combinations that are counted from right to left starting with the fifth reel. The most advantageous option is when this symbol completes a combination of four identical pictures along a line. In this case, a combination with the maximum factor will produce a double reward.

Scatter - a symbol saying Munky Wax. By collecting three, four or five of these icons in random boxes of the game screen, you trigger a series of free spins. In addition, pictures generate rewards even if they are not along one payline. The factor assigned to the symbol is applied to the total bet. Two, three, four and five images award you 2, 3, 20 and 100 times your total bet.

How to Play the Big Break Slot

The demo version of the Big Break free slot machine by Microgaming allows you to spin the reels for free. To play the slot, you are given 2,000 credits in your balance as the slot loads. This amount is used during the game to pay for reel-spins.

Your task is to collect winning combinations on the game screen. The screen consists of five columns - reels and three rows. A combination of symbols pays if the same symbols appear on adjacent reels starting with the first and are along the same payline. These combos pay you credits. The game is considered successful if by the end of the game session the amount in your balance exceeds the initial number of credits. To manage the slot, use the control panel elements - buttons and sections with adjustable options:

  • A coin icon with the '+'/'-' buttons sets the slot's denomination. To place bets on a line and calculate payouts for combinations, the slot uses coins. By changing the value in this section, you specify how much a coin is worth in credits. The available range is 0.01-0.5
  • Lines - a button to change the number of paylines. By clicking it, you can set the required number in the range of 1 to 15
  • Coins - sets from 1 to 10 coins per line
  • Bet Max - sets the highest bet and the maximum number of lines and starts a single spin
  • Spin - activates one spin of the reels according to the bet and line options that you specified

Here, the main game information is displayed:

  • Demo Credits - shows the number of credits in your account. The information in the window is updated. When a spin starts, the size of the total bet is deducted from the specified sum. If a combination appears, the winning amount is added to it
  • Bet - the total bet (cost of spins) in credits
  • Win - the size of the prize for one or more winning combinations that land after a spin
  • View Pays – opens a table with payouts

To estimate the benefits of a successful spin (when a winning combination lands on the reels), compare the size of the total bet and the amount of winnings. A combination is counted in your favour if the reward exceeds the cost of spin.

In the bottom line of the screen is an additional button - Expert/Regular. By default, the regular control panel is available on the slot. After clicking the button, the expert panel is activated. It is different from regular due to additional buttons that start auto spins: Auto Play, х5 and х10. The buttons with numbers set the corresponding number of spins in a series. The Auto Play button allows you to select up to 500 spins in a row and set the conditions for turning the auto mode off.

The Big Break one-armed bandit by Microgaming is a slot with low variance. Combinations occur quite often but the simplest of them (consisting of two or three symbols) do not cover the cost a reel-spin. You benefit the most during free spins and the bonus game. Disadvantages of the slot include:

  • Small payouts for the most frequent combinations
  • The Wild symbol with an additional factor is extremely rare

The advantages worth mentioning are:

  • An easily changeable system of betting, by altering the value of a coin and the number of coins per line
  • Advantageous conditions of free spins
  • Large rewards in the bonus game

The slot machine can appeal to players who prefer a diverse gameplay. Experienced users often choose the auto game mode ignoring payouts during basic spins. Automatic spins help save time before a Scatter or a combination that triggers the bonus game lands.