Beehive Bedlam (Core Gaming)
Beehive Bedlam Online Slot
Beehive Bedlam Slot by Core Gaming

Play Beehive Bedlam Online

Play online game Beehive Bedlam Reactors that was created by Core Gaming and has an unusual playing area that looks like a beehive with 7 rows and 7 columns. A cluster of 5 or more symbols will create a winning combo that then burst allowing the symbols above to drop down. There is a Honey Jar Bonus Game and a Bonus Round with a Progressive Jackpot. There are 15 achievements to be unlocked and each World has 10 levels with a World Bonus Payout and multiplier. Play the Beehive Bedlam game online in its demo version at NeonSlots.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 7
THEME Animals
Features Freespins, Scatter, Jackpot
Developer Core Gaming
Reels 7
Games played 3,232
Game Rating
Beehive Bedlam images

Bonus Games and Free Spins

When 3 or more Free Falls symbols form a combination the bonus will be activated. Higher paying symbols and additional Free Falls symbols are added to the bonus. The amount of Free Falls you are awarded depends on the number of matching symbols that created the combination:

  • 3 symbols will award 8 
  • 4 symbols will award 10 
  • 5 symbols will award 12 
  • 6 or more symbols will award 15

The Honey Jar and Honey Jar Bonus Game

Every winning combination of Beekeeper symbols will add one level of honey to the honey jar. There are 20 levels and once the honey reaches the top of the jar it will trigger the Honey Jar Bonus Game which is played using the average stake that was made when filling the jar. The Honey Jar Bonus Game will open in a new screen and you will see Islands of the current World level that you are playing. Each level is themed to the World and you will see Buzz the bee, gold coins and obstacles. You need to avoid the obstacles by tapping the screen to move Buzz. He will move left to right in a single movement and a tap on the screen will also keep buzz in the air, the aim is to collect coins and keep flying as long as possible to complete and receive the bonus amount of coins you have collected.

World Bonus Game

As you progress through the levels you will be working your way towards the additional World Bonus Payout and a new outfit for Buzz. Each of the 10 Worlds has 10 levels and the World Bonus multiplier will be paid once you have completed all 10 levels (islands) in the World. There are also additional prizes to be won:

  • The Island prizes are multipliers of the average stake of the games that contributed to the filling of the Honey Jar
  • The World Prize is a multiplier of the average stake of all the games that were played in that World
  • The End of Game prize is a multiplier of the average stake of all the games since the beginning


There are 15 achievements that can be earned during gameplay:

  • Beginner´s Luck - Trigger the Free Falls bonus 1 time
  • You´re On A Roll - Trigger the Free Falls bonus 5 times
  • The Bonus Abuser - Trigger the Free Falls bonus 10 times
  • Nectar Points - Contribute to the Honey Jar
  • Honey Grabber - Contribute to the Honey Jar 5 times
  • The Backpacker - Complete 1 island successfully
  • The Jetsetter - Complete 3 islands successfully
  • The Siteseer - Complete 6 islands successfully
  • The Explorer - Complete 1 World successfully
  • The Adventurer - Complete 3 Worlds successfully
  • The Journeyman - Complete 5 Worlds successfully
  • Hay Fever - Complete the game
  • Sticky Fingers - Complete the game 3 times
  • Sugar Daddy - Complete the game 5 times
  • Honey Monster - Complete the game 10 times

To check your progress, click on the menu button and then achievements.

Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot in the Beehive Bedlam online slot by Core Gaming can only be won in the Free Falls bonus round and when you play Beehive Bedlam with Real Money. On your final free fall, bees will appear on the screen and drop letters into the spaces of the word Jackpot, if all seven letters are highlighted then you will win the amount shown. The winning amount starts at £5,000 and all players contribute 1% of each bet placed during every game. This increases the size of the Jackpot until it is won when it will return to £5,000 and grow until it is won again.

Beehive Bedlam Game Symbols

When a cluster of 5 or more identical honeycomb shaped symbols appear adjacent to each other, starting with the leftmost reel, they will form a winning combination. During the main game you will see a Red Flower, a Blue Flower, a Pink Flower, a Beekeeper, a Purple Flower, a Daisy, Buzz the Bee and the Free Falls symbol. During the Free Falls round the beekeeper symbol is not active, however, 2 additional symbols will appear, the Queen Bee and the Boss Man. All the payouts are listed in the paytable and change according to the stake settings.

How to Play Beehive Bedlam Game Online

When you look at the main screen of the game you will see the Balance, Stake and Latest Win amounts at the top of the page. In the right hand corner there is a circle with a ? inside, this opens all details of the slot. Next to it is a speaker which turns the game sounds and beehive bedlam music on and off. The main playing area is a 7 by 7 honeycomb inside a beehive.

To the left is a jar which shows the honey that has been harvested and below it is the stake amount with a - and + that you can use to adjust the stake amount. To the right is a dark brown box that says Pollen Count, this shows the recent winning combinations and payout amounts.

Below this is a menu button that opens the main menu of the slot where you can select:

  • Achievements - shows the 15 achievements and those completed are highlighted
  • Paytable - opens the paytable with the payouts for all the symbols
  • Game Settings - allows you to adjust the levels of the Sound Effects and Music
  • Tutorial - opens a new screen which gives detailed descriptions of the gameplay, bonuses, achievements, free falls and honey jar
  • World Progression - shows the 10 levels that can be unlocked to progress yourself around the World
  • Auto Play - opens the autoplay options popup where you can choose the stake per play, the number of plays, loss limit and single win limit

Below the Menu button is a green Play button which will spin the reels once with the current bet setting. At the bottom of the screen you will see the balance and recent win amount. Having thwarted the bees in Beehive Bedlam, you may be interested in some real life honey to take home by playing at online casinos.