Batman (NextGen)

Batman Online Slot

Batman is a slot based on the DC comic books and developed by NextGen that comes with 5 reels, 4 rows and 50 paylines. This game features the Wild, the Scatter and bonus symbols. Re-spins, a risk game and the Descent into Madness option will be available if you activate the bonus bet.

The best-paying combination in this game is of five symbols that show a bat saying Scatter. This combo has the 5,000 multiplier for your line bet. A bonus picture will appear if you make the bonus bet. It has the 5,000 multiplier for your line bet if five pictures land in a row. In addition, you will get a win for the Descent into Madness bonus game (if you have activated the Bonus Bet). The theoretical RTP (Return to Player) is 92.2%, and if you have placed the bonus bet it is 95.7%.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 4
THEME Superheroes
Features Scatter, Jackpot
Developer NextGen
Lines 50
Reels 5
Games played 14
Game Rating

How to play the Batman slot

You can control the Batman slot by using the buttons that are found on the game panel. This is where you can also see the windows with the important information:

  1. A section with five coins allows you to set your line bet. Its size is regulated by the 'up' and 'down' buttons on both sides of the stack of coins. The value of your line bet varies between 0.01 and 1 credits
  2. Total Bet shows the size of your total bet. It is determined by the multiplication of the line bet by the 50 fixed paylines
  3. The Bonus Bet button activates the extra bet that triggers a game option for 10 credits. The size of the additional bet is added up to the total bet. You can see this amount in the Total Bet window
  4. A button with a triangle starts a single spin
  5. A button with two circular arrows activates the autospin mode. Click it to set from 5 to 100 automatic spins. If you click this button again, it will exit the auto-game
  6. A button with the letter 'i' opens the additional window with the description of all bonus options of the slot, paytable, rules of the game and paylines patterns
  7. Click button with a note to enable or disable the sound effects
  8. The Balance window displays the amount of credits in your account
  9. A win for one or several combinations is displayed in the bar underneath the reels

The auto-game in the Batman slot does not prevent you from taking part in the double-up. If a winning combo drops on the game screen when the autospin mode is on, the additional button that shows the suits of cards will appear on the panel. If you do not hit this button for a while, the slot will trigger next spin.

Symbols and payouts

You earn the rewards if you form winning combinations on the screen during the game. Combos are read from left to right starting with the leftmost reel. They consist of a series of identical pictures, landed along one payline. The more symbols drop in a row, the higher your win.

The reward is calculated by applying the multipliers for the line bets:

  • A playing card with a Joker or the Batman's spear give the multipliers of 4, 10 and 100 for three, four and five pictures in a row
  • A throwing knife in the form of a bat or a flower with a poison — 5, 15 and 120
  • The Batsignal or the gun with a logo — 8, 20 and 125
  • A motorcycle and the Batmobile — 10, 25 or 150
  • Commissioner James Gordon — 2, 20, 40 and 200 for two, three, four or five symbols in a row
  • Joker — 4, 50, 100 or 2,000

In addition to regular symbols, pictures with additional options appear on the game screen. Batman is a Wild symbol which lands on reels 2, 3 or 4 and substitutes for the missing elements in combinations. Your reward for combinations with a Wild will be doubled.

Scatter is a Batman symbol with the corresponding word. This symbol works without being tied to the paylines. If two, three, four or five Scatter symbols land, you will earn 100, 200, 750 and 5,000 times your line bet respectively. The Wild is not applied to combinations of these symbols.

A bonus symbol shows up on the screen in case if you have activated the bonus bet. When two, three, four or five pictures appear to the left of the screen, you will win 100, 200, 750 and 5,000 times your line bet and activate a bonus game.


During the main game a bonus option of re-spins is available. If a special winning combo lands, re-spins will be triggered. The first and fifth reels must feature simultaneously symbols of James Gordon and the Batsignal.

This combo will pay you three free spins. The Wilds that cover all three vertical boxes may come up on the second, third and fourth reels during the free spins session. Pictures of Batman get fixed and remain so on the screen during the next spins.

The Wild during re-spins does not act as an additional multiplier. All combos that appear on the screen will be doubled in any case.

The Descent into Madness bonus game

The Descent into Madness bonus round is triggered if you have activated the bonus bet. Three, four or five of these symbols will start a mini-game. The game includes two stages:

  1. Batman throws knives in the form of bats at the passing prisoners of Arkham. You are given three shots. Every successful shot will earn you a random amount of credits
  2. Batman throws knives at Joker and tries to prevent him from escaping. Three successful throws guarantee you a win of 100 times your line bet

The amount that you earn in the bonus game will be added up to your reward for winning combinations and transferred to your balance.

Double-up game

If a winning combo appears during the main game, you can boost your win for the combination in a risk game. The double-up is triggered by clicking a button that shows pictures of playing cards. You need to guess the colour or the suit of a face-down card:

  • Your odds of choosing the correct colour are 50%. If you guess correctly, your winnings will be doubled
  • Your odds of guessing the right suit are 25%. That is why a win for the right guess is higher. Your rewards will be quadrupled

The amount that you can bet in a risk game has no limits. The winnings that you can boost:

  • Those earned during regular spins
  • Those won during the auto-game
  • Granted for the bonus round
  • Received during the session of re-spins

The only limitation of the risk game is the number of rounds. You can play your reward maximum five times in a row. The Take Win button allows you to exit the risk game and transfer your newly-earned win to your account. If your guess is wrong, your win for the spin and all your earned during the risk game multipliers will be reset to zero.


The Batman online slot developed by NextGen comes with a lot of ways to earn a win. Your chance of hitting a winning combo grows due to the Wild symbols that may land in a pattern of three pictures and cover the whole reel. Symbols form winning combos and also double the rewards for them.

Another way to receive more credits is to launch re-spins and land simultaneously the picture of Gordon and the Batsignal on reels 1 and 5. The bonus bet enables you to start the bonus game and win up to 100 times your line bet. But this option costs 10 credits.