American Poker Gold (Wazdan)
Free Online American Poker Gold by Wazdan
American Poker Gold Slot by Wazdan

American Poker Gold by Wazdan

American Poker Gold by Wazdan is a free online video poker game. You can place the minimum of 0.10 credits for one round and win up to 500,000 credits for 5 identical playing cards by using 5 paylines. The winning combinations are the same as in traditional poker. Joker is an additional bonus, which helps form winning combinations. This slot has a high variance.

Game Information
Type Video Poker
Developer Wazdan
Games played 337
Game Rating

American Poker Gold Controls

You can control American Poker Gold by using various buttons at the bottom of the screen. The control panel includes:

  • Lines — the number of active paylines on which the winning combinations are formed You can select from 1 to 5 paylines
  • Bet — the bet per line in the range of 0.10 to 100 credits
  • Play — a big round button on the control panel which makes a single reelspin
  • Max Bet — sets the maximum bet without changing the number of lines Double clicking this button sets the reels in motion
  • Autoplay — activates the free spins mode The demo version does not have this option

You will see such information windows under the control panel as:

  • Credit — displays the number of credits Initially, 100 credits are awarded for free
  • Win — your winnings shown after each round
  • Total bet — your total bet calculated by multiplying the Bet value by the number of active lines

The useful feature of American Poker Gold is the history of previous results. Even if you reload the page with this slot, your progress isn't reset.

The additional buttons are found in the bottom left of the screen. Their functions are:

  • 'i' — the pay table
  • '?' — rules and buttons
  • The loudspeaker — adjusts the volume and music
  • The gear — opens the window in which you can: show the game in full screen, assign the space bar as the start spin button and enable the Quick Spin option

How to play American Poker Gold

You have to collect one or several poker hands by using five cards to win in American Poker Gold.  You have 2 rounds to do this.

The playing cards pop up on the screen once you hit the Play button. Those which form the winning combo or almost do this, will be automatically fixed with the word "Stop". If you still want to add another card click on it once. After that hit the Play button again to replace the remaining cards and you get your final win.

You have an opportunity to turn down the second round. Instead you can collect your winnings after the first deal. Click the To Credit button under the middle card to collect the win.

Combinations and payouts of American Poker Gold

Payouts for poker hands in American Poker Gold are:

  • 2 Jacks or 2 cards of a higher rank — 0.10 credits
  • Any 2 pairs of cards — 0.20 credits
  • 3 cards of a kind — 0.30 credits
  • Straight (any 5 cards) — 0.50 credits
  • Flush (5 cards of one suit) — 1 credit
  • Full House (2 and 3 cards of a kind) — 1.50 credits
  • 4 cards of a kind — 5 credits
  • Straight Flush (5 cards of one suit) — 20 credits
  • Royal Flush (5 cards from 10 to Ace of one suit) — 60 credits
  • 5 cards of one suit — 100 credits

All the payouts are displayed in credits with the minimum bet of 0.10 and 1 active payline.


American Poker Gold offers 2 different bonuses. One is the playing card — Joker. It can play the role of any card. It helps to form or increase the winning combo.

The other bonus appears during the game on 2 or more lines. If you get any winning combination after the deal, it will duplicate to other paylines. Your winnings will increase 2, 3, 4 or 5 times respectively. Two cards on the secondary lines remain face-down until you hit the Play button again. If the remaining cards on the first line produce a combination during the second round, you will win an extra prize. This prize will be duplicated in the same way. Otherwise, they will be replaced by other cards which can make their own winning combos.


During the game in the top left corner of the screen you will see the Jackpot bar with two different figures. The rules of the game do not give any information on how to win the jackpot.

American Poker Gold by Wazdan invites you to take your chances in the special version of video poker. You are awarded 100 credits for placing your bets on 5 paylines. The real feature of the slot is duplication of your winnings from one line to other ones. You can increase your win up to 5 times respectively. Use the Joker to play the part of any card to complete winning combinations.