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Wizard Bingo by Greentube Review

Wizard Bingo is a bingo game developed by Greentube's interactive division Greentube that is free to play, it uses balls that are numbered 1 to 90 and you can choose to play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 game cards that have 15 numbers on each. In the bonus game you have to choose magic potions to receive rewards and if you match all the numbers on one game card using the first 30 numbers that are drawn, you can win the Jackpot.

Game Information
Features Bonus Game, Jackpot
Developer Greentube
Games played 198
Game Rating

How to Play Wizard Bingo

The Wizard Bingo game uses a set of balls with the numbers 1 to 90 on them, you can play with up to 4 game cards which you need to select individually using the on/off button in the top right corner of each card, or by using the - and + in the control panel where you can also select your bet amount per card.

To release 30 random balls, click on the play or turbo play buttons, and any numbers that match those on your game cards will automatically be crossed off and any combinations that are formed will be highlighted in red. If you only need one more number to complete a combination you will be given the option to buy up to 10 additional balls, the cost of these will be displayed on the screen.

Jackpot and Bonus Round

If you manage to match all the numbers on one game card using the first 30 numbers that are released, you will win the amount shown in the Jackpot box at the top of the screen.

Bonus Round

In order to open the Bonus Round you will need to create the combination as shown in the paytable, where the complete top and bottom lines and the first and last numbers on the middle line are crossed off. Once launched you will see a shelf that has various magic potions on it, you need to select one to discover the prize, you can keep selecting potions until one reveals the word Exit and then you will return to the main game. Having mastered the free demo version of Wizard Bingo, you may wish to try Book of Ra Deluxe Bingo online for free.

Buttons and Controls of Wizard Bingo

To adjust the game settings of Wizard Bingo by Greentube you can use the control panel at the base of the screen. Here you will see messages, your game balance and any winnings that you have earned. Below these boxes you will see:

  • Autoplay - starts the autoplay mode
  • Rules - shows the game rules 
  • Cards - use the - or + buttons to choose the number of game cards
  • Bet/Card - select the amount of your bet per card by clicking on the - or + 
  • Bet - displays your bet per game
  • Two crossing arrows - shuffles the numbers displayed on the cards
  • Play arrow - reveals the balls
  • Double Play arrow - activates the turbo mode 

If you are given the opportunity to release additional balls, you can use the two buttons at the right of the control panel. To reveal an additional ball press the Extra Ball button and to end the game and collect your winnings press the Collect button.

In the right hand corner of the screen are additional controls, an Exit button, a Help button, a full screen button, a speaker, a musical note and a clock.