Online Casino Gaming in Canada - Figures & Facts


Online Casino Gaming in Canada

Canada’s gambling industry is the fifth largest in the world, indicating just how popular the activity is amongst residents. Home to a wide selection of land-based gaming spaces as well as offering a range of places to play online games at online casino Canada, the country reached a value of more than $14 billion in 2019.

This is all despite Canada having a somewhat confusing approach to gambling legislation. There is no overall law, with each province able to set their own agenda, and some are far more liberal than others. The only place where land-based gambling is completely illegal is in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, although there are a handful which don’t have any land-based casinos, despite them not being outlawed.

There are a number of state-operated online casinos which are legal within set provinces itself, so it’s always best to check local laws to see which casino operators are available. If in doubt, always go with an offshore provider, as if they’re not explicitly legalised, they also aren’t explicitly illegal either.

Provincial Laws – A Quick Guide

There are only ten provinces and three territories in Canada, so the variation in gambling laws isn’t as great as in the United States. Here’s the run down as to which states allow land-based and online gambling:

  • Alberta – Home to 25 land-based casinos, gambling is extremely popular here.
  • British Columbia – Residents have the choice of 15 land-based casinos and an official online option, as well as offshore providers.
  • Manitoba – There are eight land-based casinos and an official online casino.
  • New Brunswick – One land-based venue and offshore online casinos are legal.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – Land-based gambling is illegal and there are no online options.
  • Northwest Territories – There are no laws banning any type of gambling, but there area also no land-based casinos or regulated online casinos.
  • Nova Scotia – Two land-based casinos and one regulated online casino and playing at offshore casinos is legal.
  • Nunavut – No laws banning gambling, but no facilities either.
  • Ontario – Everything is legal, and slot machines are available in venues other than casinos.
  • Prince Edward Island – No land-based or online facilities, although neither is illegal.
  • Quebec – The most liberal laws in Canada. Nine land-based casinos and one government-run online casinos.
  • Saskatchewan – Land-based gambling is legal, but online casinos based in the province are illegal. Players can access offshore casinos.
  • Yukon Territory – Permanent casinos are not allowed, but temporary licenses can be issued. Online gambling is legal but there are no local operators.

Each province has its own law regarding online Gambling in Canada.

Why Online Casinos are so Popular

With some states not having land-based casinos for players to visit, the arrival of online gambling was a welcome alternative. It is far more convenient to load up a web page than travel to an out-of-province venue. And because it’s legal for Canadians to play at all offshore online casino providers, they have instant access to some of the world’s best brands and top-quality games.

Because these international providers are large companies and very experienced in the industry, they offer an incredibly safe and secure experience. Players can rest assured that they employ the best security measures for encoding data and payments, and many also offer a wide range of payment options, allowing users to step away from the traditional bank card deposit.

Online casinos are also able to offer many more game than land-based casinos, because they are not limited by space. Imagine driving an hour to play poker, only to find all the tables are full? A frustrating experience that isn’t replicated online because the software is able to keep generating new tables as more players join.

Top Online Games

The most popular online game is online slots. They are easy for people to play because they don’t need to learn a load of complicated rules or perfect a strategy. Plus, modern online slots are eye-catching and colourful, with thousands of different designs on offer. Online casinos can host hundreds of different slots and there’s no limit to how many people can play at once, making them the perfect offering for an online casino.

Another very popular game amongst online players is poker, with several dedicated online sites offering different versions of this strategic game. Texas Hold’em is the most played variant, followed closely by Omaha Stud. Poker can take a long time to master and involves complicated strategies and mathematical calculations, but that doesn’t seem to phase the millions of players worldwide.

Online poker is very popular, with many online casino sites offering various poker games to their players.


Gambling in Canada is very popular, although not every province provides its residents with the same quality of facilities. Those who live further into the wilderness are less likely to be able to find a local casino. Which is why online gambling is proving to be so successful. While not every province runs its own online casino or has explicitly legalised international offerings, no one accessing these global brands will face any legal repercussions.

Online casinos are convenient and easy to access, with players needing only a smartphone or laptop to play on. There are many ways to make a deposit and hundreds of games to play, all in a secure, encoded environment. If you’ve not tried it yet, why not sample some online casinos today?

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