Zreczny Magic (Novomatic)

Zreczny Magic Slot by Greentube Review

Zreczny Magic is a fruit slot powered by Greentube. This model is represented in an unusual form. The slot features 2 kinds of game screens with different numbers of paylines. Accordingly, you will have the choice of playing the game in two modes.

Basic symbols include the service symbols and the Hold option. 

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
Features Scatter, Gamble Round, Jackpot
Developer Greentube
Lines 5
Reels 3
Games played 22
Game Rating

Options featured by Zreczny Magic

The interface is tentatively subdivided into 3 areas:

  • The upper screen is for playing in the Super Meter mode. This is where you will see the slot containing three reels and five paylines. The paytable will be displayed to the right of the screen. You will see some info blocks right underneath. They indicate the bet size in the Super Meter mode and your current balance in coins
  • The lower game screen is for playing in the basic mode. This section contains the mini slot with only one payline. The paytable will display the amounts of winnings for basic combinations
  • Control panel. Used for adjusting the settings and spinning the reels on both game screens

How to play Zreczny Magic — the basic mode

The game in Zreczny Magic always starts in the basic mode in the lower mini slot with one payline. You will have to determine your bet size prior to starting the game. 

In the trial version of Zreczny Magic the cost of the spin is set at 1 coin by default. But you can adjust its denomination in credits in the sector called "1 coin =" within the range of 0.4 to 20 in-game credits. 

Use the following buttons to launch the reels:

  1. Start — for one single spin
  2. Autostart — for a series of continuous spins

Both of these buttons can act as the Stop button. By clicking on either one of them for the second time the reels will come to an instant stop. 

By clicking on the Hold A, Hold B and Hold C buttons you will be able to hold 1 or 2 reels in place. This option provides an opportunity to land winning combinations in just 2 spins. 

See the Info section for the details of the rules and the limits imposed by this slot. 

The Hold option

After each unsuccessful spin you can lock 1 or 2 reels in place at your will. Once 2 identical pictures land on a payline, the slot will activate this option automatically. 

The reels with the symbols will get locked and you will be asked to launch the rest of the reels. Click on the Start button to proceed. The next successful spin will let you complete the combination and earn a reward. 

Please keep in mind that an extra spin in Zreczny Magic requires an extra bet to be placed. You can decline this option by clicking Cancel and keep spinning the reels in the regular mode. 

Symbols and multipliers in the basic mode of Zreczny Magic

The rules for producing combos are utterly simple. The basic mode features only one payline. As a result, you have to land 3 identical pictures on it:

  • Stars will pay the rewards of 200 coins
  • Watermelons — 100
  • Bells and grapes — 20
  • Plums and pears — 16
  • Oranges and lemons — 12
  • Cherries — 8. This picture can produce other combos as well. Two pictures on a payline will add 4 coins to your balance. The similar payout (4 coins) will ensue if one picture lands on the first reel. The slot will determine at random whether the rewards will be paid or not.

The basic mode also features two service symbols:

  1. Bar — the Wild symbol. Once it lands on the third reel, it can complete the combos with plums, pears, oranges and lemons
  2. Scatter — is depicted by a crown. This symbol can create combinations without being tied to any of the lines. Three crowns will pay 20 coins regardless of their positions on the reels

Once you land a winning combo, you can proceed to the next mode —the Super Meter. 

How to play the Super Meter mode in Zreczny Magic

Super Meter is an unusual variety of a risk game. But the usual guessing of the card is replaced with spinning of the reels. 

The winnings earned in each successful spin are displayed in the Super Meter window on the upper game screen. The slot gives you a chance to use the credits for making bets in the 5-line mini slot. 

Bet size per spin remains unchanged. The slot will deduct four coins from your newly-won credits and one coin from your main account for making the spin. Click on the Start button to launch the Super Meter mode. 

The mode features another set of pictures. No service symbols are available in this mode. The Hold function has been disabled. But instead, this game has more regular pictures. Payouts for low-paying combos are much higher. Maximum win stays at the same level. 

Combinations will be made out of the following symbols:

  • A star — pays 200 coins
  • Sevens, watermelons, grapes, strawberries — 80
  • Bells, pears, plums, oranges — 40

The rewards for several winning combinations are added up. There is a chance that you can land winning combos on all 5 paylines. 

A series of idle spins will zero out your payouts for the spins in the basic game. 

The rules of the slot provide the following opportunity:

  1. You can bet only some of the credits that you earned. You can determine the amount that you would like to bet. To do this, click on the red button that says "Coins Super Meter". Each click will add 4 coins to your main balance
  2. Decline the game in the Super Meter mode. By clicking on the Coins Super Meter button you can transfer all of your newly-earned coins to your balance
  3. Go back to the basic mode after any successful spin made in the Super Meter mode. 2 additional buttons will be activated in the right side of the control panel after each successful spin. Click "Win to Coins" to transfer the coins to your main balance. By clicking "Win to Super Meter" you can proceed with the game.

Zreczny Magic can be appealing to the fans of classical one-armed-bandits as well as to those who favour some intricate slots. The former ones can stick to the game in the basic mode, and the latter ones can take an advantage of all the options that the slot has to offer.