Wonder Woman (Amaya)
Play for Free Online Slot Wonder Woman by Amaya
Wonder Woman Slot by Amaya

Wonder Woman Slot by Amaya Review

The Wonder Woman online video slot was developed by Amaya based on the DC comics with the same name.

The slot comes with 5 reels and 4 rows that contain 50 paylines with the option of changing their number.

The highest reward for one payline is 5,000 line bets. To qualify for this amount, you have to land five symbols with the picture of Ares. If the winning combination contains the Wild symbol, the reward will be doubled and will now reach 10,000 bets per line.

The bonus game becomes available once you click on the Bonus Bet button. In this mode 1/5th of your total bet will be deducted from your balance.

The free spins mode is launched as soon as three or more Wild symbols represented by the picture of Wonder Woman land on the reels. There will always be eight free spins available and this number cannot be increased.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 4
THEME Superheroes
Features Freespins, Scatter
Lines 50
Reels 5
Games played 37
Game Rating

Principles of gameplay in Wonder Woman

First determine your bet right at the beginning of the game because the amount of credits in the game will be limited to 1,000. You will have to determine the number of paylines and the bet that you will place on each payline.

The slot has a maximum of 50 paylines by default. This number can be changed by clicking on the +/- buttons in the Lines section. You will also see the Max button next to the number of lines, which will instantly set the number to the maximum. 

You can also adjust your bet per line by clicking on the +/- buttons in the Bet section. The bet may range between the minimum of 0.01 and the maximum of 20 credits. Click on the Max button to set the maximum bet.

Click on "Bonus bet" to launch the bonus mode. This is the only place where you can access the bonus game called Ares Showdown. But this mode will deduct 10 bets each time you make a spin. 

Once you have determined your total bet and your game mode, you can move on to playing the game. Click on the Spin button to launch the reels. The Skill-stop option in this slot is unavailable. 

If you would like to take a break from the active game, the slot has provided the Autoplay option. By clicking on the button with the same name you will open a pop-up window with the following numbers of autospins available: 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500. 

Click on the Info button to open the section that displays the costs of combinations, the rules of both the main and the bonus games and the sequences of paylines.

You will see the speaker icon above the Info button. Use it to disable the sound effects.

Symbols and multipliers in Wonder Woman 

The Wild symbol is represented by the picture of Diana, the Wonder Woman. This symbol can be encountered on any reels except for the first one. Not only does the Wild substitute for any regular symbol, but it will also double your winnings for the combos that it is a part of.

Scatters earn you the rewards even if they do not produce any combinations. For two Scatters your total bet doubles, for three it quintuples, for four it is increased 20 times, and for five — 200 times. In the bonus mode the Scatter is replaced by the picture that says "Bonus". Three or more of these symbols will not only earn you some rewards, but they will also trigger the bonus game called Ares Showdown.  

Ares is the highest-paying symbol of all regular ones. A combination of two of these symbols will quintuple your winnings, three will multiply them by 50 times, four — by 500 and five — by 5,000.

The picture of an Amazon comes next. Two pictures on one payline pay 2, three — 20, four — 200 and five — 2,000.

Below are the symbols that produce lower-paying combinations. All multipliers are indicated for the combinations of three, four and five symbols on one payline:

  • The Temple of the Amazons and a stealth aircraft — х15, х50 and х500
  • An Ace and a King — х10, х20 and х200
  • A Queen and a Jack — х8, х15 and х150
  • A Ten and a Nine — х5, х10 and х100

Bonus game and free spins 

Wonder Woman features the bonus game under the name of Ares Showdown. It only becomes available when the bonus mode is on. You need to land three or more Bonus symbols to trigger this game.

During the bonus game Ares battles with Diana three times, and after the first and the second battle he dispatches hordes of zombies. Just like in a battle with the God of War, the Attack button becomes active during the fight with zombies, and by clicking on it in a timely manner you can be entitled to a reward in credits.

If upon the completion of three rounds the Wonder Woman defeats Ares, up to one hundred total bets may be added to your winnings. If the God of War flees from the battlefield, the winnings in credits can be knocked out of the zombies.

The slot always features a total of eight free spins. The spins are triggered by three or more Wilds landing on the reels. During the free spins the Wonder Woman shows up on the game screen and whips the reels with her Lasso or Truth. With each whip, each symbol will turn into a Wild one for the period of up to five spins. Multipliers double during the free spins. In this mode you cannot earn any extra spins or launch the bonus game.