Wild Hills (Casino Technology)
Wild Hills

Wild Hills Online Slot

The Wild Hills online slot developed by Casino Technology comes with five reels. Combinations can land on ten active paylines whose number can be changed. The highest-paying reward among the regular symbols is 750 bets per line.

The slot features the Wild symbol. Combinations containing the Wild are paid with doubled multipliers. Three or more Scatters earn you 15 free spins. All rewards are tripled during the free spins. You can boost your rewards for regular spins by playing the risk game.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Animals
Features Scatter, Gamble Round
Developer Casino Technology
Lines 10
Reels 5
Games played 41
Game Rating

Basics of the gameplay

In the trial version of the Wild Hills slot you initially get 300 credits at the very beginning. This is the main in-game unit featured in the slot. And yet all bets and payouts are carried out in coins. Each of them has a fixed value of 0.01 credits attached.

You can view your current balance in both coins and credits. This is what the Demo Mode section was provided for. The section displays a specific amount and may say either "Credit" or "Cash". In the former case it displays the number of coins, in the latter it shows your balance in credits.

The amounts displayed have no effect on any processes and are for informational purposes only. If your balance is depleted, you can reload the webpage of the slot game and get your 300 initial credits again.

Determining the bet

Please keep in mind that all bets are made in coins. Your total bet comes from multiplying these two values: the number of paylines and your bet for one active payline. You are the one to set your bet per line by clicking on the Bet button. Click on the Lines button to set the number of paylines.

Each click will add one more payline. If you never release this button, the number of paylines will keep increasing automatically.

Another option for setting your total bet is available in the Game Menu. On the top of this section you will find the Bet button and the Lines button. This is where certain ranges of numbers are displayed. By clicking on these buttons you will set the values from these ranges.

It must be mentioned that there are limits to the bet values and the number of active paylines. The number of paylines may be any whole number from one to ten. Your bet per line may range from 1 to 50 coins. It means that the minimum bet in Wild Hills is one coin and the maximum is 500.

The amount of your total bet is displayed above the Total Bet sign. Once you point a cursor on it, other signs will come up. They will be either Max Bet or Last Bet. Click Max Bet to set the maximum total bet possible. Click on Last Bet to go back to the original bet that you have set manually.

Spins and settings

Click on the Start button to launch the reels. While the reels are in motion this button turns into the Stop button. It happens only when the leftmost reel has already stopped. By clicking on the stop button you will stop the rest of the reels instantly.

You can launch your spins in series, instead of individually. This is what the autospin mode is provided for. You can activate the mode by taking several steps.

Step one — click on the Auto Off button. Click on the Start button after that to launch a series of five autospins. Click on the Auto On button to raise the number of autospins to 100. The spins can be launched with the same Start button. By clicking Auto On again you will go back to the original control panel.

The Game Menu section also has the button that activates the autospin mode. It has the same working principle.

Wild Hills features several extra options. Option one is the full screen mode. To go fullscreen, click on the button with arrows under the Start button. This is where you will find the speaker icon that lets you enable or disable the sound effects in the slot.

To turn off the music and leave the game's sound effects on, click on the button with a note.

Symbols and multipliers in Wild Hills

The lower control panel has the Pay Table button. Click on it to go to the section that contains the info about all symbols featured in Wild Hills. The slot features a total of 13 symbols. Two of them are special ones.

The Wild symbol depicts a wolf. This picture can substitute for any regular symbol. Combinations produced with the involvement of the Wild symbol are paid with doubled multipliers. The Wild symbol can also form winning combinations of its own. The rewards for its combos are 10, 250, 2,500 and 10,000 bets per line.

The Scatter symbol in this slot is represented as an eagle. Two eagles will pay two total bets. Three Scatters will pay five total bets, and four will pay ten. Five eagles pay 100 total bets.

Another characteristic that the Scatter has is its function to trigger some free spins. At least three eagles landing on the reels will implement this function. This is when a series of 15 free spins is launched. If you land at least three Scatters again during the free spins, you will earn 15 more free spins.

During the free spins all of your winnings for successful combos are tripled. The exception is a combination of five Wilds.

The slot features a total of 11 regular symbols. Six of them are represented as playing cards. The nine stands out from them all. This card is capable of producing a winning combination even if two of them drop on the reels. Combinations of nines will earn you 2, 5, 25 and 100 bets per line for 2, 3, 4 and 5 symbols respectively.

Tens, Jacks, and Queens have the same multipliers. However, they only produce winning combos if at least three identical symbols land on the reels. They do not possess the x2 multiplier.

Kings and Aces possess similar characteristics but different multipliers, which are 10, 50 and 125 for 3, 4 and 5 symbols respectively.

The slot also features five theme-related symbols. Multipliers for successful combinations that they form gradually increase:

  • Pictures of rabbits and beavers pay 15, 75 and 250 bets per line for 3, 4 and 5 pictures respectively
  • A picture of a bird pays 20, 100 and 400
  • Combinations of pictures of horned animals earn you 2, 25, 125 and 750 bets per line

Any combination of regular symbols or pictures of a wolf is paid only when it starts at the leftmost reel.


If you won during a regular spin, you have the chance to boost your winnings in the risk game. Click on Double Up to join the game.

This is when a face-down card and several buttons will come up on the screen. You will have to guess either the colour (black or red) or the suit of the card. If you succeed in the former, your winnings will be doubled. If you guess the suit correctly, you winnings will be quadrupled.

If you guess the colour or the suit incorrectly, all of your winnings will be lost. The total reward for the spin can be slashed in half. This is done by clicking on the Half Gamble button. This is when you put only a half of your winnings at stake. Click Take Win to stop guessing and claim your winnings.

This button will add your current win to your balance if you decided to stop taking a risk. If you have boosted your winnings in the risk game to the amount of 50 total bets, the entire reward is then automatically added to your balance.

Please keep in mind that the risk game becomes unavailable during the autospins. You can't guess the suit or the colour of the card if the reward exceeds 10 total bets.