Totem Quest (Games OS)
Totem Quest

Totem Quest Slot by Games OS

The Totem Quest slot features 5 reels with 3 boxes each and offers 25 paylines. This slot machine by Games OS is about precious gems and the Aztecs. It can award three bonus games and free spins. The maximum factor is as much as 2,000.  RTP is 95.15%.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Different
Features Jackpot
Developer Games OS
Lines 25
Reels 5
Games played 14
Game Rating

How to play the Totem Quest slot

The gameplay in the Totem Quest slot is quite simple. You make your bets and spin the reels. Different symbols land on them. If several symbols line up in a combination on a payline, you win a prize. The size of your win depends on the type and number of symbols.

The interface of the Totem Quest slot

You can find control buttons and windows with parameters at the bottom of the screen, under the reels. Let's take a look at them from left to right:

  • The Paytable button opens the pay table with a list of factors and description of bonuses
  • Auto Spin activates the auto-spin mode
  • Line Price sets the bet per line
  • The Lines screen shows the number of active paylines
  • Bet One enables paylines one by one
  • The Total Bet screen shows your total bet on a spin (a single spin of the reels)
  • Bet Max sets the maximum number of paylines and sets the reels in motion
  • The Win screen displays your win in the most recent spin
  • Spin sets the reels in motion

Choosing the bet

To set a bet, you should adjust two parameters:

  • Line Price — click the +/- buttons to set the value in the range of 0.1 to 0.8
  • Lines — click the Bet One button to activate from 1 to 25 winning lines

So, the minimum bet is 0.01 credit (1 active payline, and Line Price is 0.01). The maximum bet is as much as 20 credits (with 25 lines and the Line Price value of 0.8).

The Totem Quest slot is of low variance. You often hit winnings here, almost on every spin, and they cover your bet more often than in other slots by Games OS. It will be more reasonable to play with small and medium bets so that your balance doesn't change considerably and you can slowly add credits.

Spinning the reels

You can set the reels in motion in three different ways:

  • Spin — for 1 spin of the reels
  • Bet Max — sets the maximum number of winning lines and spins the reels
  • Auto Spin — launches the auto play, if you don't feel like clicking the button every time to start the reels

Click the Auto Spin button to open the window in the middle of the screen. You can choose the number of auto spins from 5 to 100 by using the +/- buttons. Then hit Yes or No.

To make the choice quicker you can hit 2 small buttons with the figures 5x and 10x near the Auto Spin button. So, you set off 5 or10 auto spins, respectively. After the auto mode is activated, you can stop it at any time using the Stop button and go back to the regular game.

Symbols and multipliers in the Totem Quest online slot

The Totem Quest slot features 12 symbols. Eight of them pay prizes, and four have no multipliers but perform special functions by awarding free spins or bonus games.

Value of symbols

Symbols can be divided into top-paying and least-paying. Combinations with them come with multipliers, depending on the number of images. If two identical symbols gather on a line, they pay you the bet multiplied by the smallest factor. If five symbols have landed on a line, they pay the maximum prize.

The highest-value symbols are figures of precious idols:

  • The violet idol — symbols pay 20, 60, 200 and 2,000 times your bet. The number of icons in combinations is 2, 3, 4 and 5, respectively
  • The red idol — 10, 40, 100 and 1,500
  • The yellow idol — 8, 30, 80 and 1,000

They are followed by the lowest-value symbols —gemstones in an unusual frame resembling the pieces of a puzzle:

  • The red puzzle — 7, 25, 60 and 200
  • The green one — 6, 20, 50 and 100
  • The yellow one — 5, 15, 40 and 80
  • The violet one — 4, 9, 30 and 60
  • The dark blue one — 3, 6, 20 and 50

Special symbols

The Totem Quest slot machine has four special symbols — one Scatter and three bonus icons.

The Scatter triggers free spins. To set the reels in motion you need not place a bet. Winnings are calculated with the bet which was set up before the free spins started. Scatter is a blue-eyed gold head in a tall hat.

Bonus symbols set off bonus interactive games:

  • A symbol with the icon of a bag — a round of Catch the Gem
  • The icon with a bomb — Flying Tiles
  • The gold shouting idol with the logo of the slot machine — Trip Through Worlds

Free spins and bonus games in the Totem Quest free online slot

The Totem Quest slot machine has free spins and three bonus games to offer.

Free spins

Three or more Scatters with the icon of the gold head and the word Freespins should appear. Depending on their number, you will get a couple of free spins:

  • Three Scatters — 7 free spins
  • Four — 10
  • Five — 15

Catch the Gem

This bonus game starts when three or more Indian bags appear on a payline on the reels. You should catch gemstones with the help of your bag. The more you catch, the larger your payout will be.

Flying Tiles

When three bombs with a wick appear on the reels, the Flying Tiles round is launched. You should be quick: stones take off on the left, you should click on them to catch them. Stones are arranged in a scale on the right. Each of them has its own factor. At the end of the round your factors are added, and you win a prize.

Trip Through Worlds

Three gold idols with the Totem Quest logo landing on the reels open the bonus round with puzzles. It is a multi-level mini-game where you need to match four puzzles of one colour. Click them to rotate. When pieces match, you get some multipliers as your prize.


The Totem Quest slot has several advantages:

  • Diverse gameplay with three bonus rounds and free spins
  • Pleasant graphics
  • Winnings often cover your bet, and at the same time come almost on each spin

If you like small and medium bets you will love the Totem Quest slot machine.