Tornado Farm Escape (NetEnt)
Tornado Farm Escape Online Slot
Tornado Farm Escape Game

Tornado Farm Escape Slot by NetEnt Review

Tornado Farm Escape is a game slot themed to the farm with five reels and 20 paylines, powered by NetEnt. The slot has the Wild symbol and two bonus features during main spins - Tornado and Storm Feature. At NeonSlots you can play for free this online game.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Animals
Features Bonus Game
Developer NetEnt
Lines 20
Reels 5
Games played 47
Game Rating
Tornado Farm Escape images

Storm Feature

The Storm Feature bonus is activated randomly during main spins. During any spin, as long as the reels are spinning, a thundercloud which moves from left to right covering random boxes for a while may appear on the screen. These boxes are filled with the Wild symbol when the thunderstorm cloud makes another move. As a result of the bonus effect, the chance of forming a winning combination grows.

At least one symbol becomes Wild while the bonus is playing. A lightning cloud moves randomly across the screen. The bonus ends as soon as the cloud leaves the game window. The Storm Feature cannot be activated during the Tornado Feature.

Tornado Feature

When the red and blue arrows come up on the screen simultaneously, the Tornado Feature is launched. During this bonus, the symbol landed in the centre of the screen (the second box vertically on the third reel) becomes active. This means that all images of this type, as well as all the Wild symbols, will be collected by a tornado from the screen.

The active symbol is selected once and remains unchanged during the action of the bonus. If any regular image becomes active, Wild symbols will be counted as the selected active symbol. If the joker becomes active, only similar symbols will be collected from the screen.

During the Tornado Feature, you will see an accumulation scale which displays the number of active symbols collected. The bonus is completed when no active or Wild symbol has come up on the screen during the next spin. When tornado stops, the final number of collected images is counted and a reward is paid out. The size of the reward depends on the type of active symbol:

  • Stool, wellington boots and a radio pay 10 coins for 1 to 5, 20 for 6 to 10, 30 for 11 to 15, 75 for 16 to 20 and 300 for 21 or more symbols
  • An armchair and a suitcase earn you 10 coins for 1 to 5, 25 for 6 to 10, 40 for 11 to 14, 100 for 15 to 18 and 400 for 19 or more pictures
  • Chicken, sheep and pig award you 20 coins for 1 to 4, 30 for 5 to 8, 60 for 9 to 12, 180 for 13 to 16 and 700 for 17 or more images
  • Horse and cow pay prizes in the amount of 30 coins for 1 to 4, 50 for 5 to 8, 100 for 9 to 11, 250 for 12 to 14 and 1,200 for 15 or more symbols
  • The Wild symbol pays 200 for 1 to 2, 300 for 3 to 4, 500 for 5 to 6, 1,200 for 7 and 4,500 for 8 or more pictures, collected during the bonus

The Tornado Feature cannot be activated during the Storm Feature. It also cannot be restarted in the round.

Symbols and multipliers

The Tornado Farm Escape slot themed to animals has ten regular and three special symbols. Regular are pictures that form combinations. The number of pictures in a combination determines its payout. All combinations have multipliers. These are the multipliers of the line bet. Since the multiplier is a fixed value, the bet level selected by you affects it. On the screen you will see the following images:

  • A stool and wellington boots have the multipliers of 5, 20 and 60 for three, four or five images in a row, respectively
  • A radio - 5, 25 and 70
  • An armchair and a suitcase -10, 30 and 80
  • A chicken and a sheep - 15, 50 and 200
  • A pig - 15, 50 and 300
  • A horse - 20, 100 and 500
  • A cow - 20, 120 and 700

Regular images can be subdivided into two types - low-paying and high-paying. This subdivision is based on the multipliers assigned to the most frequently landed combinations. Combinations of "three in a row" come up on the screen the most frequently. So, for example: three suitcases are played with a multiplier of 10. At the tenth bet level, the combination will earn you 100 coins, while the cost of a spin is 200 coins. Therefore, the prize for the combination is less than your total bet twice and does not cover the entire amount of coins spent for the spin. This combination, and therefore the symbol itself, is ranked as low-paying. The symbols of a high-paying combination completely compensate or exceed the cost of a spin.

In addition to regular images, a Wild symbol comes up in the game window - a TV set. It does not have its own multiplier but it performs a special role - replaces any missing picture in a combination of regular symbols. The icon only interacts with two special images - the symbols of the descending and ascending air streams. The air stream images appear only on the first and fifth reels and are displayed as a red arrow up (hot stream) and a blue arrow down (cold flow).

How to play the Tornado Farm Escape slot for free

The free demo of the Tornado Farm Escape online slot enables you to play for credits, which are transferred to the game currency, coins, for the convenience of betting and scoring. You can configure the cost of one coin, which ranges from 0.01 to 0.1 credits. By default, the denomination is 0.02, which means: 5,000 credits, added to your balance, are converted into 250,000 coins. This amount is enough for playing a long game session and learning the advantages of the slot. The control panel will help to launch spins, configure the game parameters and monitor the progress of the game. It is found directly below the game window. Among its elements, you can find:

  • Level - the bet size (analogue of the bet per line). The Tornado Farm Escape has 10 levels of bets. You change the value within 1-10 by using the "right" and "left" arrows or by dragging the slider on the scale
  • Coin Value - the cost of a game coin (slot's denomination). Use the slider or the "left" and "right" buttons to select one of the possible values - 0.01, 0.02, 0.05 or 0.1
  • The button with circular arrows - launches one spin
  • Auto Play - starts a series of auto spins
  • Max Bet - sets the highest bet without changing the denomination
  • The 'i' button - opens a window with the table of payouts and a description of bonuses in the game
  • Bet - displays your total bet. The parameter depends on the selected level. At the first level, taking into account 20 fixed paylines, the cost of a spin will be 20 and at the tenth level - 2,000 coins
  • Win - shows the win for a combination or several combinations that have landed as the result of a spin

The bottom section of the screen displays:

  • Cash - your game account, denominated in credits
  • Bet - your bet in credits
  • Win - the amount of the win in credits

Also the section has additional buttons that specify the user settings for graphics and sound, open the help window and set the conditions for auto spins.

Your main goal is to earn as many credits as possible in the course of spins. To get a prize, you need to form winning combinations of symbols. Combinations are at least three identical pictures lined up in a row on a payline. A combination is counted if the first symbol is on the first (leftmost) reel. Your reward is displayed in the Win section. To assess how profitable the prize for a spin is, compare the size of the win with the size of the bet per spin. A spin is considered beneficial if your win is more than the cost of a spin.

The Tornado Farm Escape game slot by NetEnt does not award big prizes for combinations of regular symbols. However, you can earn substantial rewards by running any of the two available bonuses. The largest payout of the slot is up to 167,000 coins. To earn the highest reward in credits, you are recommended to play with the maximum configured denomination. So, with the coin value of 0.1 credit, this amount will be 1,670 credits.

Since the main benefit of the slot is the Tornado Feature, experienced players prefer the auto game mode. This enables you to speed up the process until you "catch" symbols of the air streams on the first and fifth reels. At you will find a variety of online gambling games to play for free with no registration.