Three Musketeers and the Queen’s Diamond (Playtech)
Three Musketeers and the Queen’s Diamond Slot
Three Musketeers and the Queen’s Diamond Game

Three Musketeers and the Queen’s Diamond Slot

Three Musketeers and the Queen’s Diamond is a slot game with a historical theme that you can play free demo at NeonSlots. This slot by Playtech consists of 50 lines and 5 reels. Special characteristic of the slot: free spins, 2 kinds of re-spins, the bonus round in an additional game window and the bonus game with a selection of pictures. Special symbols are Wild, Free Games, Bonus and 3 Scatters.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 4
THEME History
Features Freespins, Bonus Game
Developer Playtech
Lines 50
Reels 5
Games played 61
Game Rating
Three Musketeers and the Queen’s Diamond images

Free Spins of the Slot

A round of free spins starts after the Free Games symbols come up on the first and fifth reels. Characteristics of the round:

  • Winnings are awarded according to the bets that you had set prior to launching the free spins
  • All credits remain in your account
  • The number of free spins depends on the number of Free Games symbols (one symbol gets you 3 additional spins). So, the round can include from 6 to 24 free spins

During the free spins you can earn yet another series of free spins. In order for this to happen, you need to have an appropriate number of Free Games icons land on the reels again.

Three Musketeers and the Queen’s Diamond Bonus Game

If two Bonus symbols with the picture of D'Artagnan come up on the second and the fourth reels, the multilevel bonus game called The Queen's Diamond is launched in an additional window. Each stage of the game presents a certain obstacle that D'Artagnan has to overcome:

  • In the first stage of the bonus game, the main character's goal is to cross the moat. To do this, he should select one of the three bridges
  • In the second stage of the game the musketeer has to choose one of the three catapults to fly over the castle's wall
  • In the third stage, D'Artagnan has to blow up the grate by using a powder keg
  • The main character's objective during the fourth stage of the bonus game is to cross the moat by choosing the path paved with wooden blocks
  • In the fifth and final stage of the game, the musketeer has to point to the treasure chest

You will be given a certain number of "lives" for the first four stages of the bonus game. You only have one life available in the fifth stage. All winnings earned during the bonus game are transferred to your game balance.

Extra Features of the Game

Once the Scatter with the Musketeer Porthos comes up on the second, third or fifth reels, the Splendid Sword of Porthos bonus option is triggered. Meaning that it triggers a re-spin. During this spin one of the reels gets filled with Wild symbols.

If the Scatter with Aramis comes up on the third, fourth or fifth reels, the Golden Daggers of Aramis bonus round begins. In this round, two bags appear in front of you. To get a certain amount of coins, you have to select one of the bags.

If the Scatter with the Musketeer Athos image comes up on the first, third or fifth reels, the Wild Muskets of Athos option is activated. It will spin the reels one more time and will make the Wild symbols land randomly on three reels.

Symbols in the Three Musketeers and the Queen's Diamond

The reels feature 8 ordinary symbols that create winning combinations on active lines of this slot themed to history. In addition, the slot includes 6 special symbols:

  • The Wild lands on middle three reels in strips. It replaces all pictures except bonus ones
  • The Free Games symbol lands on the outermost reels, several at a time. If two or more of these symbols land on the first and last reel after the spin, free spins are launched
  • The Bonus symbol with a picture of D'Artagnan only lands on the second and the fourth reels. This picture starts the bonus game
  • The Scatter with a picture of Musketeer Porthos lands on the second, third and fifth reels. 2 or 3 Scatters in any position of the game window, earn you winnings of 2 or 7 total bets respectively. If the Sword comes up next to the symbol, a re-spin is triggered
  • The Scatter with the image of Musketeer Athos comes up only on the first, second and fifth reels. This symbol has no relation to paylines either. You earn the multipliers of x2 and x7, if 2 or 3 images with Athos land in any boxes on the reels. When two pistols stop next to the Scatter, free spins with additional Wild symbols are activated
  • The Scatter with an image of Musketeer Aramis comes up on the third, fourth and fifth reels. This symbol, just like other Scatters, earns you winnings of 2 and 7 of your total bets, regardless of its position. If the picture of two daggers comes up next to the Scatter, the bonus game with the choice of a picture starts

Regular symbols:

  • The bag gets multipliers of 5, 15 or 25 for a combination of 3, 4 or 5 identical pictures
  • The gloves – 5, 10 and 20
  • The crown – 10, 30 and 50
  • The letter – 10, 20 and 40
  • The purple crystal – 20, 40 and 60
  • Two daggers – 50, 150 and 250
  • Two pistols – 50, 150 and 250
  • The sword – 50, 150 and 250

Winning combinations with regular symbols line up from left to right starting from the first reel. If several combinations are formed after the spin, the winnings are counted for the highest-paying combination only.

How to Play the Three Musketeers Slot

In Three Musketeers and the Queen's Diamond slot by Playtech you have to use the control panel under the reels to spin the reels, to change your bet size and the number of lines. You can find the following options on the control panel:

  • The Info section opens a window with rules and information about the factors of particular combinations
  • The +/- buttons on the bottom of the Lines section designate the number of active lines from 1 to 50
  • The +/- buttons in the Line Bet section set your bet per line from 0.01 to 100 credits
  • The Spin button starts and stops the reels
  • The Auto play button activates from 10 to 99 autospins. You can select the number of independent spins. The Auto mode also includes the Until Feature option, when the reels spin independently until the free spins or other bonuses get activated
  • The Bet Max button triggers a spin with the maximum bet
  • Click on the Turbo Mode button to speed up the reels
  • The Win section shows the size of your winnings
  • The Total Bet section displays the total size of your bet

The current balance is displayed in the bottom left corner of the slot. The Three Musketeers and the Queen's Diamond online slot impresses you with an abundance of bonus options. When you run this slot, you are given the chance to earn re-spins with additional Wild symbols, the bonus round with the search for treasure, the bonus game with a choice of pictures or free spins.