Summer Dream (Games OS)
Summer Dream

Summer Dream Online Slot by Games OS Review

Summer Dream is a 5-reel slot machine themed to resort holidays. This slot by Games OS has 30 paylines and multi-denominations to offer. Two bonus games add variety to gameplay. The slot features the Wild and bonus symbols. The maximum multiplier is 3,000.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
Features Jackpot
Developer Games OS
Lines 30
Reels 5
Games played 17
Game Rating

Play the Summer Dream slot online for free

All you need to do in the slot game is to set the bet and launch the reels. The Summer Dream online slot has three options to adjust the bet and three options to launch the reels.

You can see all the control buttons and windows at the bottom of the screen under the reels. The demo version in our catalogue has all the features of the original slot. The only difference in the free game is that you play for virtual coins and credits. In the demo version, you have 500 credits. Using these credits, you set up the bet and start the reels.

Choosing the bet

To set the total bet per spin (for one spin of the reels), you need to configure three parameters. The buttons you will need:

  • Bet — adjusts your bet per line. Click + and - on each side of the button to change the value from 0.01 to 0.65
  • Add Coin — change the denomination. One coin may contain 1–5 credits. Click the same + and - buttons on each side
  • Add Line — activate paylines. By clicking the button you change the number from 1 to 30. The more paylines, the more chance you have to win

Track the values in windows which you can find above the corresponding buttons. The total bet set up with these parameters appears in the Total Bet window. The minimum is 0.01 credits, the maximum is 97.50.

Starting the reels

To start a reel spin, click one of these three buttons:

  • Spin — starts the reels once. After the start it becomes a Stop button. You can stop the spin any time you want
  • Bet Max — sets the maximum number of pay lines and launches the reels
  • Auto Spins — starts the automatic mode. You can click the small 5х and 10х buttons next to it, if you want to launch a certain number of spins. If you click the button with the caption you will see a window where you can set the number of spins from 5 to 1,000 using + and -. After that, click OK (confirm) or NO (cancel)

Symbols and multipliers in the Summer Dream slot

The Summer Dream slot features 12 symbols. Three of them are special, while the others pay out prizes. When you launch the reels, you get certain icons appearing on them. If you see several identical icons on a pay line you get paid. The prize size depends on the type of icon, the number of lines and your bet per spin.

Value of symbols

The highest-paying symbol is a blonde lady in a white bikini:

  • Two icons increase your bet per line 3 times
  • Three icons — 15
  • Four — 100
  • Five — 3,000

It is followed by another three beauties:

  • A red-head lady in a lilac swimming suit awards the 3, 10, 50 or 1,000 multipliers for the corresponding number of symbols in a combination
  • A dark haired lady in a golden swimming suit — 2, 8, 40 or 300
  • A brunette lady in a black swimming suit — 2, 6, 30 or 150

The other symbols are of a lower value. Their combinations are successful starting with three symbols in a pattern:

  • A volleyball — 7, 50 or 180 multipliers
  • A deck chair — 6, 40 or 150
  • A pair of sunglasses — 6, 30 or 120
  • A coconut with a cocktail — 5, 25 or 100
  • A green cocktail with lime — 5, 20 or 90

Calculation of payouts

In practice, the payouts are calculated as described below. For example:

  • You place a bet of 0.30 credits. It is based on Bet = 0.01, Add Coin = 1.00, Lines = 30 (0.01 x 1.00 x 30 = 0.30)
  • The first and second reel show you two symbols with a brunette lady in a black swimming suit. There are three lines running through them
  • Two brunette women double your bet per line. As Bet = 0.01 and three lines are active, then 0.01 x 2 x 3 = 0.06. Your payout is 0.06 credits

As you can see, sometimes the prize may not cover your bet. As the slot is of low variance, small payouts hit your account often, so the number of your credits doesn't change drastically.

Special icons

The Summer Dream slot features three special symbols which don't award you a prize but perform other functions.

The Wild symbol is an icon with white flowers that says Wild. It can count as other icons (except for Bonus icons) and helps to complete successful combos. If you see it on the third reel, it turns into the Megawild — two girls in swimming suits expand to all three boxes. This way the symbol can complete more winning combinations.

The Bonus symbol that says Shoppy Cheer starts a bonus game for shopoholics and the icon that says Summer Girls starts a bonus game featuring the characters from the game.

Bonus games in the free Summer Dream slot machine

The Summer Dream slot features two bonus rounds which can win you quite good payouts in comparison to the basic game.

Shoppy Cheer

When three or more Shoppy Cheer symbols land on the reels, a shop with different beach clothes appears on the screen. These range from bikinis to a snorkel mask. Click on them to open various multipliers. At the end of a round the multipliers add up and a certain amount of credits hits your account.

Summer Girls

You can see four beauties in different dresses. You can undress them to their swimming suits. Each item of clothing awards you a multiplier. Then, the multipliers add up and you get the bet boosted by the total multiplier.


The Summer Dream is a slot by Games OS with a nice summer atmosphere. If you decide to play it, keep its low variance in mind. You get small payouts quite often. If you want your bets to be covered more often choose minimum values.