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Sugarpop Slot by Betsoft

Sugar Pop Slot by Betsoft review

The Sugar Pop slot machine was designed by Betsoft. It does not have the usual reels, instead, 25 boxes are filled with different symbols according to the cascade principle. The essence of the game is to create winning combinations which allow you to move to the next levels. There are 12 bonuses that have special symbols and the game has a total of 30 levels.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 5
Features Bonus Game
Developer Betsoft
Reels 5
Games played 351
Game Rating
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Sugar Pop Game Bonuses

The Sugar Pop online slot developed by Betsoft comes with 12 types of bonuses. All of them are special symbols which have additional functions that allow you to get a bigger win when appearing on the game screen.

Two bonuses are available from the start of the game:

  • Super Color - this symbol appears if you create a combination of 4 identical symbols. When the symbols explode one will remain and if during additional cascades it is involved in creating another combo then it will award an additional multiplier to the winnings.
  • Color Bomb - this symbol is awarded if a combination of 5 identical symbols is created. It will be the same colour as the symbols that created it and if it is used to create a combination it will explode all of the symbols of that colour that are on the game screen.

The other bonus symbols become available as you progress through the levels of the game. They all appear on the screen in the same way as regular symbols and become active after any winning combos have finished cascading:

  • Level 1 - The Spiral Lollipop symbol will spin the symbols on the game screen in a spiral pattern, changing their colour and positions
  • Level 2 - The Caramel Chew symbol moves in a random pattern and explodes the symbols in its path
  • Level 4 - The White Chocolate symbol will blow up  a few random regular boxes
  • Level 6 - The Gumdrop symbol explodes along with several nearby sweets
  • Level 8 - The Jawbreaker symbol will fly out of the game screen blowing up the neighbouring symbols
  • Level 10 - The Candy Cane symbol blows up all the symbols that are on the same horizontal and vertical lines
  • Level 12 - The Jelly Beans symbol will randomly place from 1 to 5 scatter symbols around the game screen which blow up the symbols that they land on
  • Level 15 - The Chocolate symbol will explode the 9 symbols that are around it
  • Level 20 - The Cotton Candy (candy floss) symbol creates a tornado that tears through reguar symbols
  • Level 21 - The Peanut Butter Cup symbol will mix up all of the symbols on the screen 

Sugar Pop Game Levels

To progress through the 30 levels of the game you need to accumulate points by creating winning combos. The number of points grows in two ways, the first is by creating winning combinations and the second is to collect combinations that correspond to the pattern shown on the left of the screen. Once all the necessary boxes have participated in a winning combo, you get extra points the amount of which depends on your current level and will not exceed 600 points. 

On the left side of the screen you will be able to see which level you are currently playing and to the right is a vessel which is filled as you gain points. When it becomes full, you progress to the next level. The higher the level, the more bonuses there are available. 

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Symbols and Payouts

There are a total of 7 regular symbols which are designed as sweets of different colours and shapes.

A winning combination is created by a minimum of 3 identical symbols that are in adjacent boxes vertically or horizontally. The symbols that form a winning combination disappear from the game screen and are replaced by other pictures according to the cascade principle, which can create additional winning combinations. To see diagrams of the patterns, open the paytable of the game using the view pays button in the top right hand corner of the screen. You will also be able to see the payouts per symbol, as you are paid the stated amount for every symbol that is involved in the combination. The symbols are:

  • Pink heart
  • Purple triangle 
  • Orange square 
  • Yellow tear drop
  • Green hexagonal
  • Blue oblong
  • Red circle

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How to Play the Sugar Pop Game

At the start of the Sugarpop online game, you need to choose the value of a coin and the bet size using the arrows. The number of credits in your balance is shown in the Credits bar and the Balance section shows your account in game units. You can also use the Max Bet button to spin the reels once with the maximum bet amount. 

To start a regular spin, you need to hit the large green circular button, however, you can also choose to use the auto spins mode. To do this, click Auto Play, select the number of autospins, make any changes to the bet amount and press OK. To return to regular spins, click Cancel. To turn off the auto mode during a series of spins, you need to use the Stop Auto button. 

You will be able to see the amount of your previous winnings in the Win window below the reels and to the left of the screen you can see your score for the level as well as for the total game.

Clicking the Options button in the top right corner of the screen opens a window with additional settings. You can choose whether the graphics are low, medium or high, turn on or off the game sounds and splash screen and activate the accelerated spins mode. To close the settings window click Okay.