Royal Frog (Quickspin)
Royal Frog

Royal Frog Online Slot

Royal Frog is a one-armed bandit developed by Quickspin. It is themed to fairy-tales. This slot features five reels and forty paylines. It also has a round of free spins, four kinds of Wild, automatic spins and a bonus symbol.

The theoretical RTP (Return to Player) ranges between 95.43% and 96.77%. You can earn the maximum win in a round of free spins. The highest-paying combinations are those that include a picture of a princess.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 4
Features Jackpot
Developer Quickspin
Lines 40
Reels 5
Games played 30
Game Rating

Rules of the Royal Frog online slot

The only adjustable value that must be set by you is the total bet. You can set it in the Total Bet section with the help of the 'up' and 'down' buttons. Also, you can set the total bet by clicking the Total Bet section and choosing one of the numbers in the opened list. The total bet ranges between 0.4 and 160 credits (taking into account additional Wilds).

A button with a circular arrow launches a single reelspin. You can start a round of auto spins with the help of two circular arrows. Click it to open settings of the auto spin mode. This is where you can set the desired number of auto spins. Common ways for stopping auto spins:

  • Once the amount of credits in your balance is lower than your total bet
  • When all auto spins have been completed

Click the Advanced button to configure advanced settings and adjust the additional ways for stopping automatic spins:

  • When your win for one spin is equal to or exceeds your specified number
  • When the amount of your lost credits is higher or equal to your specified number

Hit Play to launch auto spins. As soon as a round of automatic spins is over, you will return to the regular mode of the game.

Click the i or Paytable buttons to open an information menu. Here you can find:

  • All payline patterns
  • A short list of game rules
  • A description of bonuses and round of free spins of this slot
  • Symbols and payouts for their combinations

You can navigate through the pages of the menu with the help of the right and left buttons. The x button closes the menu and returns you to the main mode of the game.

You can see the following sections on the control panel:

  • Balance — the amount of credits in your current account
  • Bet Lines — the number of paylines. This number is forty and it remains fixed during both regular mode of the game and the free spins session
  • Win — your reward for the previous winning combination

Additional buttons of the Royal Frog slot:

  • A wrench — opens additional settings of the slot
  • A musical note — turns the sound effects of the slot off
  • A speaker — turns off all sound of the slot
  • The picture of a question mark — opens the full list of the game rules

A winning combination consists of three, four or five identical symbols landed on neighbouring reels. All winning combos are formed from left to right starting with the leftmost reel. You will only earn a win for the highest-paying winning combination.

Symbols and multipliers in Royal Frog

The Royal Frog one-armed bandit features eighteen symbols. For a winning combo of three, four or five identical pictures, you will receive a win in credits:

  • A princess — 30, 150 and 500
  • A blue frog — 20, 100 and 200
  • A purple frog — 20, 100 and 200
  • A pink frog — 20, 100 and 200
  • A purple lotus — 20, 60 and 150
  • A red lotus — 20, 60 and 150
  • A white lotus — 20, 60 and 150
  • A — 3, 20 and 60
  • K — 3, 20 and 60
  • Q — 3, 20 and 60
  • J — 3, 20 and 60
  • 10 — 3, 20 and 60

Also, you will earn a win of five credits for a winning combo that consists of two princess symbols. This is the only winning combo of two pictures that pays. All the winnings listed above are paid when your total bet is at its maximum.

The Royal Frog slot comes with four kinds of Wild symbols:

  1. A princess
  2. Three princes that you can activate yourself
  3. Free Spin Wild
  4. Free Spin x2 Wild

A picture that shows a blooming gold lotus is a bonus symbol. A combo of three of these pictures will start a round of free spins.

Additional Wilds in the Royal Frog slot

Symbols that show frogs can occupy from one to four boxes of the reel. This slot allows you to turn such pictures into Wilds if you make an extra deposit. To do this, you will have to indicate one of the four sections to the right of the reels:


  1. The orange section features only one Wild — the picture of a princess. It occupies the whole reel. It costs 40 times your bet per line to activate this picture. Every box that is occupied by it is Wild and can replace any picture on the game screen, except for other Wild and bonus symbols
  2. The blue section activates not only the Wild symbol from the first section but also turns blue frogs into the Wild prince. Like the previous Wild symbol, here each box occupied by the prince is Wild. The cost is 80 times your line bet to activate this option
  3. The purple section will trigger the symbols of the second window and turn purple frogs into another Wild prince. You should give 120 times your line bet
  4. The pink section will activate all symbols from the previous windows and turn pink frogs into the third Wild prince. You will have to place 160 times your line bet to enable this option


Each of the boxes with purple and pink princes not only acts as a Wild but also doubles your reward for winning combinations in which it takes part.

Round of free spins in Royal Frog

When three symbols showing gold lotus appear on the game screen of the Royal Frog slot, a round of free spins will be started. It involves ten free spins. Also three pictures that show a gold lotus will pay three times your total bet.

After every spin two additional Wilds will land after the first Wild. They only work during the free spins session and replace any other picture on the game screen, except for two Wild princes and the bonus symbol. The first one of the additional Wilds is the picture that shows a gold apple. The second is a gold crown picture that doubles your rewards for the winning combos in which it takes part.

During the round of free spins you will see the additional sections:

  • Free Spins — displays the number of the remaining free spins
  • Total Win — shows your total win for free spins

The bet and number of Wild princes will remain the same during the round of free spins as before their activation. You cannot change them until free spins are done. Also, you cannot activate auto spins. During the round, spins are played automatically. When the free spins session is over, you will return to the main mode of the game.

The Royal Frog online slot is of medium variance as winning combinations will land rather frequently. This slot will appeal to experienced players rather than to newbies as it has a lot of bonuses and complex gameplay.