Roulette High Roller (NetEnt)
Roulette HighRoller online by NetEnt
Roulette HighRoller

Roulette High Roller Game by NetEnt Review

The Roulette High Roller online game by NetEnt allows you to make bets on the traditional positions of the European roulette. You are provided with a great number of unique stakes. Another specific feature is the display which shows the most frequent and rare numbers on which the ball lands. The bets in this slot are made with four chips of different values. You can bet up to 1,500 gaming units per spin but a minimum of 1 credit. The biggest multiplier is 35. It boosts the stake made by one number.

Game Information
Type European Roulette
Developer NetEnt
Games played 39
Game Rating

How to make a bet and start a session

When you start using the trial version, you should pay attention to your balance. It is found in the Cash line at the bottom of the screen. In this slot, you start with 500 credits. It is these very credits that you use as the virtual currency of the slot. In the centre of the panel you will see the Win section. The next bet per spin shows to the left of the screen (the Bet line).

You can modify your bet per round by using different chips. They are found in the bottom left corner. There are four different chips that can be used to place a bet. They are worth 1, 5, 25 and 100 credits. Only three different value chips are shown in the chip section. Click the right or left arrow to see the fourth one.

The chips also include a chip type with no value. It is grey in colour and marked with a red X. If you activate it and click the betting positions with chips, this will clear your bets. Therefore, you can remove some of your bets if you don't want them. You can click the Clear Bet button if you want to clear all the bet positions.

You can see it under the game window. The button which gets the wheel spinning is found to its left. It says Spin. Further to the left you can see a button that starts a quicker round. It reads Quick Spin.

You can use the automatic spins mode. You need to click the Auto button to specify the desired number of future auto spins. It is found in the bottom left corner. A window appears after it is clicked. There you will see five boxes with numbers 15, 25, 50, 75 and 100. These stand for the number of auto-spins.

When clicking the right arrow, you'll see other values from 250 to 1,000. In the additional window you can also set the conditions under which the auto-game ends. These can be:

  • A win exceeding your specified value
  • Any payout for the wheel spin
  • If the total balance ends up outside your limits

Betting positions

Your bets are made on different positions. To place the chips on one number, just click on its bet position on the main layout. To wager on two values, you should click on the line between them. Also you can risk your credits on three numbers. To do this, you have to point the cursor at the left boundary of the layout. Your chips will be wagered on the highlighted numbers.

You can make stakes on four or six numbers. In the first scenario, you just have to place the chips where two white lines cross on the layout. The bet is placed where the corners of the 4 numbers meet. You should point the mouse cursor at the left border of the layout in order to bet on six numbers. Make sure the horizontal line starts in that spot, too. Otherwise, the bet will be made on three numbers.

Also, the areas surrounding the layout are available for making bets. Some of them are for putting bets on 12 numbers, others — on 18. Bets of the first category include betting on the first, second and third dozen. These also include bets on the columns of the layout.

Bets on 18 numbers, are made in positions to the left of the main bet positions. Here you can bet on:

  • Red or black
  • Even or odd
  • Numbers from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36

There are special betting positions to the right of the layout. Here you can place chips on five values. You should point the cursor at the numbers found along the ellipse outline. Then you should click when the desired numbers are highlighted.

The slot also features special bets. To see them, click on the Special Bets bar. It is found on the left of the screen. After clicking it, a section will open with six pages. Each contains special bets. You just click on them once to place them.

Examples of special bets:

  • On splits of red areas
  • On sets of black numbers
  • On sets of values ending in 9 and 2

You can see one more window under the Special Bets bar It displays hot and cold numbers. The former include those numbers that have landed most frequently over the past 500 spins. Cold numbers are the ones that have won less frequently. You can also make bets on cold and hot numbers. 


As the wheel is spinning you just sit back. You only have to wait until the white ball hits a number. If the number matches what you've wagered on, you get a payout. It will equal the bet multiplied by the corresponding factor.

The maximum prize is awarded when the ball lands exactly on the one number you bet. Then you earn 35 times your bet on the winning number. The second largest is the multiplier for a number set. It equals 17. This means that if the ball hits one of the numbers in your number set, you will receive 17 x your bet.

The payout percentage for guessing one number right is as follows:

  • A bet on three numbers — 11 to 1
  • A bet on four numbers — 8 to 1
  • A bet on six bet numbers — 5 to 1

The ball may land on one of the 12 or 18 numbers you've selected in the same area. In the first scenario, you get a payout at 2 to 1. If your bet on 18 numbers wins, you win as much as your bet (1 to 1).