Reel Classic 3 (Playtech)
Reel Classic 3

Reel Classic 3 Slot by Playtech

Reel Classic 3 is a fruit-themed video slot. The game screen contains 3 reels and one centrally located payline. Unfortunately, Playtechs' machine has no bonuses, but offers high returns to player. The maximum payout is capped at 10,000 credits on this machine.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 1
THEME Classic
Developer Playtech
Lines 1
Reels 3
Games played 18
Game Rating

Rules of the Reel Classic 3 video slot

The rules of playing this slot are quite simple and will be perfect if you are inexperienced and want to become familiar with it. In addition, the version of the machine under review is simulated, so you don't need to worry about spending your credits.

The gaming currency system

The slot has two forms of virtual currency available — coins and credits. Coins are used for setting your bet per line, all other figures are displayed in credits. You can set the value of one coin with the help of the ‘-' and '+' buttons which are found in the bottom left corner of the screen.

You are able to choose from the following range of coin values: 0.01 to 2 credits. To simplify setting the coin denomination, the coin value will equal one credit in the description below.

Selecting your bet

The machine features only one line, therefore, the stake on it will be the same as the total cost of spinning the reels on the game screen. You can set the value of the bet per line in two ways. First, by using the Bet one button found on the control panel. Click this button to change the value of the line bet ranging from 1 to 3 credits.

In the top right corner of the user interface you can see a small pay table divided into three columns. The first, second and third columns with payout values, are the buttons which activate the gameplay with one, two, or three credits, respectively.

Additional interface

Service functions of the slot are triggered by two icons found in the top right corner of the screen:

  1. Loudspeaker — allows you to adjust the volume or switch it off, if necessary
  2. Wrench — opens an additional menu with three tabs:
    • Options — the machine's features which you can use to set up animation speed of a reels spin and to configure some sound effects
    • Help — the manufacturer's information opens in a new, separate window
    • Autoplay — the automatic mode of gameplay. After clicking on the tab, a little menu of the auto mode appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. The '-' and '+' buttons in the Spins section let you adjust the number of gameplays, ranging from 1 to 9,999 spins. The Play button triggers automatic gameplay and the icon that shows X disables the mode ahead of time

Starting the fruit machine

Gameplay is routinely activated by clicking Spin, which is in the centre of the slot control panel. As you click this button, the number of credits equal to your total stake and, in this slot, the line bet as well, is withdrawn from your account.

Yet this rule only applies when the coin value totally matches the credit. If you set another value, let us say one coin equals two credits, the total bet will be different from, and be the double of, the line bet.

Bet max, automatically starts one game spin with the maximum value of the total stake.

The slots winning combo is a set of three identical pictures which land along the pay line. The only exception is the cherry image — this symbol can earn you a prize if one or two items appear on the game line.

Reel Classic 3 slot symbols and multipliers

All the symbols of the video slot are displayed as images with a cherry, gold bars and the word BAR on a black background. If the line bet equals one, two and three credits, the slots symbols get you the following number of credits:

  1. One cherry — 2, 4 and 6
  2. Two cherries — 5, 10 and 15
  3. A random pattern of BAR symbols — 10, 20 and 30
  4. A single-level BAR — 20, 40 and 60
  5. A two-level BAR — 40, 80 and 120
  6. A three-level BAR — 80, 160 and 240
  7. Cherries — 160, 320 and 480
  8. Gold bars — 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 credits. It is the most lucrative symbol of the game. When you play the maximum multiplier of the coin value, payouts for a gold bar combination are 10,000 credits

Reel Classic 3 is quite a simple fruit machine which is a good choice for those of you who are inexperienced or prefer classic slots with three reels. The disadvantages lie in the fact that there are no bonuses at all, the advantages — a rather high payback percentage.