Puppy Payday (1x2 Gaming)
Play online for free Puppy Payday Slot by 1x2 gaming
Puppy Payday slot by 1x2 gaming

Puppy Payday Slot by 1x2 Gaming

Puppy Payday is a slot machine with 9 paylines and 5 reels by 1 x 2 Gaming. You should collect scatters and wild icons in order to earn free spins and double your payouts for winning combinations. The maximum reward is 3,750 coins for the full combo of symbols with the red dog.

The Puppy Payday slot is available in the demo-version. You can make bets using a special gaming currency — credits and coins. They appear in your account as the slot loads.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Animals
Developer 1x2 Gaming
Lines 9
Reels 5
Games played 33
Game Rating

Game rules

Puppy Payday offers you two types of virtual currency, credits and coins. You should check the value of these before you start to play the game. It is all about the exchange of coins, which are used to place the stake per line and calculate your win for combinations, for credits.

You can change the exchange rate from 0.01 to 0.50 with the Coin Value button. Every click on the arrows on both sides of Coin Value will increase or decrease the value. Also, the Coins account status automatically changes while Balance FUN (credits) remains unaltered at 500 as when the slot loaded. For example, with the value 0.01 the Coins section will display 50,000; by raising it to 0.50 you will see 1,000 Coins.

The change of Coin Value also affects the stake in credits — from 0.45 to 22.50, though the bet in coins remains unaffected — from 9 to 45 coins. In turn, the coin stake affects the payouts for combinations. The calculation formula is simple: a line bet is multiplied by the payout percentage of a symbol. As an example, three bones with the 4x multiplier line up on the active line. With a bet of 1 coin per line you will get 4 coins, with 5 — 20 coins.

  • Coins Value — coin denomination
  • Lines — choosing active lines where you can land patterns (1–9)
  • Coins — your bet per line (1–5)
  • Max Bet — automatically sets 5 coins per line, activates all 9 lines and triggers the spin

The reels can be spun in two modes. The first one is hand-operated, activated by clicking Spin. The reels will spin once, at the end of the animation cycle you'll see the icons landing. Click the Spin button to play one more round. The second, automatic mode, is triggered by clicking Autobet. A menu will appear asking you to choose the number of spins, ranging from 5 to 100, and also lets you read the terms and conditions for playing auto-spins.

The winning combo is the one that consists of identical symbols landing along one active line. They are counted from left to right, which means there should be one icon on the first reel. The following ones should be situated on the adjoining reels, unless a wild symbol is there as a substitute. If there are several winning patterns on a line, the highest one pays. For example, if you hit four bones symbols, you'll receive a payout for having four bones rather than for three plus a four symbols combo.

Symbols and multipliers on the Puppy Payday slot.

The Puppy Payday fruit machine uses two special icons which don't bring you winnings in coins or credits, but potentially increase your payouts. The Wild symbol — a coin with a bone and the word Wild — can replace any common symbol.

For instance, the first and the third reels show a bone icon, which, according to the rules, is not a winning combination, even though they are placed on one line; if the wild appears in the same line on the second reel, you'll get a win for the three bones pattern. This effect doesn't apply to the scatter. Appearing anywhere on the reels, it will double your winnings for any combo. The Scatter is represented as a dog food bowl with the word Freespins. Three, four or five symbols landing on a line give you free spins and trigger the Freespins Feature.

Simple symbols fall into two groups based on the size of multipliers. The first group involves so-called lower-paying ones: a bone, a kennel and four puppies of different breeds. The minimum number of symbols for creating combos is three and when playing for a minimum bet, the reward ranges from 4 to 22 coins. The second group includes four adult dogs. The minimum number of symbols in a winning pattern is two. When betting the minimum, the prize varies from 5 to 10 coins for two icons and from 24 to 25 for three.

The Puppy Payday one-armed bandit by 1 x 2 Gaming is available in a trial version. You can't withdraw your prizes in credits to an external account, you can only use in-game currency while playing. You can use the pay version and play for real money in one of the most reliable online-casinos, such as XXX.

Bonus game and free spins

The Puppy Payday slot offers you two kinds of bonuses while playing in any mode. The first one is activated when the wild symbol shows up on the reels, doubling your winnings for all the combos. Such a feature is available in both the basic game and when using free spins. However, if several wild symbols land, the multipliers do not get added.

The second bonus is triggered by the scatter if you collect at least three icons along the same line. The more scatters you collect, the more free spins you'll receive:

  • 3 scatters — 5 free spins
  • 4 scatters — 10
  • 5 scatters — 15

Free spins, i.e. those reel spins which you don't pay for with your credits or coins, are played in the automatic mode. If you get scatters whilst playing the Free Spins Feature, you will not receive any additional free spins.