Punto Banco Pro (NetEnt)
Punto Banco Pro
Punto Banco Pro by NetEnt

Punto Banco Pro Online Game by NetEnt

The Punto Banco Pro online game is based on the classic baccarat card game. It was developed by Net Entertainment and lets players make three types of bets. The highest-paying bet plays in the case when the result of the game is a draw. It has a factor of 9 to 1. The game has simple rules and it will suit players with different levels of experience.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
THEME Different
Developer NetEnt
Reels 0
Games played 19
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The rules of Punto Banco Pro

The play in Punto Banco Pro starts with placing bets on the outcome of the game. Three possible options are:

  • The draw
  • The player's win (Punto)
  • The dealer's win (Banco)

The feature of this version of baccarat by NetEnt is that the player is not limited in the bet choice. He can put bets on all three options at the same time. Since the draw is the most unlikely result of the game, the bet on it pays most generously. If you make a stake on this option and your guess is right, you will get a winning of 9:1. The bet on both player's and dealer's wins pays 2:1. However, when the dealer wins, 5% of the bet is withdrawn from the player's account.

Once bets are made, the player can start the hand. After that, both participants get 2 cards. The winner is the one who managed to collect the number of points closest to 9 (but not more). If the player and the dealer get an equal number of points, this is a draw. If no one has managed to score more than 7 points, an additional card is dealt to both.

When the number of points for a combination in the hand of one of the participants is more than ten, 10 of them are subtracted and only the rest counts. The cards from 2 to 10 count as their face value, the ace gives one point and the remaining picture cards are not taken into account.

How to play Punto Banco Pro

The word Pro in the name of the slot is not accidental. When the game is loading, you can choose one of three modes:

  • Low Roller (bets from 0.1 to 10)
  • Standard (bets from 1 to 100)
  • High Roller (bets from 10 to 1,000)

To make a certain bet, you need to select the chips of the desired value in the bottom right part of the interface and place them on the appropriate fields: Tie means the draw, Punto is the player's win and Banco is the dealer's win. Then just click the Deal button. No additional buttons appear if certain gameplay situations occur. After the end of the round, you can repeat the previous bet by clicking the Re-Bet button, or make a new one.

Design of the slot machine

The interface simulates a table for playing baccarat as in a real casino. In the centre, the betting positions are found. In the top left part is the player's hand and the dealer's hand is on the right. In the top left corner you can see a table with the minimum and maximum bets. When you hover over it, the reference section appears with a list of all payout factors. During the game, a pleasant unobtrusive music sounds. If it is distracting, you can turn it off by clicking the button in the form of a loudspeaker on the bottom panel.

The Punto Banco Pro game, according to the manufacturer promises, has an RTP of more than 98%. The high chances of the player to win are due to the fact that he can bet on both player's and dealer's wins at the same time. In order to compare, you can choose only one of these options in the classic baccarat game.