Party Night (Games OS)
Party Night

Party Night Slot by Games OS Review

Party Night developed by Games OS comes with five reels and 20 paylines. The game features three special symbols — the Wild, the Scatter and the Bonus one. Besides regular spins, you can earn a series of free spins and launch the bonus round.

The highest reward for a combo is x1,000 line bets. This is what you earn for a combination of five disco balls. The maximum number of free spins that you can launch by landing Scatter symbols is a series of 10 spins. You can earn some extra free spins during the free spins mode. The slot's Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) is 95.81%.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
Features Scatter
Developer Games OS
Lines 20
Reels 5
Games played 7
Game Rating

How to play Party Night for free

The trial version of Party Night uses in-game currency. Once the game is launched, you will initially get 500 game coins (chips) in your account, which you will use for placing your bets. The amount is displayed on the top of the screen in the Balance section.

This is what you do to start the game:

  • Select the number of active paylines. Use the Add Line button to set the desired number of paylines. Each subsequent click will increase the value by 1. Once the value reaches its maximum, the next click will reset the value to its minimum. You can set from 1 to 20 paylines
  • Set your bet per line. Click on the Bet button to set the value. The value can range between the minimum of 0.01 and the maximum of 1 chip

Use the Bet Max button to activate all paylines in one click and launch one single spin. Despite of its name, this button works with paylines and sets your maximum bet per line. 

Another way to launch the reels is to hit the Spin button. If you would like to run the spins with your keyboard, you can spin the reels by pressing the space bar. When you click on the Spin button again during the spin, the reels will come to an instant stop.

The slot also lets you select a series of autospins. You can find the Auto Spin button on the left side of the control panel. Right next to it you will see two other buttons — x5 and x10. All of these switches perform a similar function by launching 5, 10 or any other number of consecutive spins without your involvement.

You can monitor the game by comparing the following values:

  • Total Bet — your total bet per spin. This value comes from multiplying the number of active paylines by the line bet that you have selected
  • Win — your winnings earned in the spin when one or several winning combinations were produced

The spin is considered successful if your win is higher than the total bet. Please do not forget to keep track of your balance in the Balance section. If the number in the box increases as the game progresses, it means that the game proceeds successfully. If the number gradually decreases even though you keep landing some winning combos, it means that you are playing at a loss.

Click on the following buttons to learn the game's details:

  • Paytable — opens up the window with the description of special symbols and bonuses, the paytable and the line pattern. The additional window contains several tabs:
    • Payouts — describes how special symbols operate and indicates the multipliers for combinations of various symbols
    • Rules and Features — indicates the rules of how the winning combinations are counted and how the free spins progress
    • Bonus Games — describes the bonus game
  • Help — opens an additional window that describes the rules and characteristics of the slot in detail. You can locate this button in the list that unfolds once you click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen

Symbols and multipliers

To figure out the payouts and special opportunities that Party Night has to offer, click on the Paytable button to open the paytable. The first page lists all symbols that the game features. The symbols include:

  • A cocktail with a lime wedge pays 2, 10 and 40 total bets for three, four and five symbols respectively
  • A cocktail with a peach and a banana — 3, 15 and 50
  • A bottle of liqueur — 4, 20 and 70
  • A tropical cocktail — 5, 25 and 100
  • Champagne with two glasses — 6, 30 and 150
  • A blonde wearing headphones — 4, 7, 35 and 200 for two, three, four and five symbols in a row
  • A blonde in a green dress — 7, 8, 40 and 300
  • A lady with brown hair wearing a red dress — 8, 10, 45 and 350
  • A brunette in a yellow dress — 10, 15, 50 and 500

Besides the regular icons, the game also features:

  1. The Wild symbol, which is a symbol with the word "Wild" on it. This symbol can land on any reel and substitute for any symbol missing in a combo. If the Wild symbol lands on the second or the fourth reels, it unfurls and covers three fields vertically and turns into the Mega Wild. This feature triples your chances to land a successful combo. The function of the Joker symbol does not apply to any other bonus symbols
  2. The Scatter is represented by a disco ball. What makes this symbol special is that the number of these symbols is important in making a combo successful rather than their positions on the reels. Two, three, four or five of these symbols will pay 20, 50, 100 or 1,000 line bets. Furthermore, combinations of three or more disco balls will trigger some free spins
  3. A blonde in a red dress — the sign that says "Bonus" — is the symbol that triggers the bonus game. To access the mini game you need to land three to five of these symbols regardless of their position on the reels

Party Night is a low variance slot. Combinations land quite frequently yet rarely do they pay big rewards. The most frequent combos are two or three pictures in a row. Winnings for these combos range between 2 and 15 line bets. If you play twenty paylines, these winnings will not cover the cost of the spin. Combinations become useful when they are comprised of four to five pictures.

You get an extra advantage in the bonus game and during the free spins. This is why many players prefer the autospin mode. This mode lets you speed up the process of "catching" the combinations required. 

Free spins

Free spins are triggered when at least three disco balls land on the reels. The duration of a series of free spins depends on their number:

  • 3 Scatters — 3 free spins
  • 4 — 5 free spins
  • 5 — 10 free spins

Free spins operate with the bet that you have placed in the main game on the paylines that were activated at the outset. You can extend the series if you land three, four or five Scatters again during the free spins. The number of free spins that you have earned again will be added to your total series.

Bonus round

Three, four or five Bonus symbols landing on the reels will trigger a bonus mini game. The screen will pop up where you will have to go through several stages and get awarded with a random number of bonus coins at each stage:

  • Stage 1 is a choice of one of the five cocktail goblets
  • Stage 2 is a choice of the base for the cocktail out of five available
  • Stage 3 is a choice of an ingredient for the cocktail out of five available
  • Stage 4 is picking a girl whom you will treat

You earn a reward for each stage. The amount of your win is directly proportional to your bet value. This is why you would be better off activating the prize level with the maximum bet per spin.


Party Night by Games OS features pleasant graphics and sound effects. Fans of a diverse gameplay may be interested in the extra opportunities that the slot has to offer and the way the Wild symbol operates. Free spins and the bonus round may provide a substantial advantage as well.