Olympic Slot (Games OS)
Olympic Slot

Olympic Slot Slot by Games OS

Olympic Slot was developed by Games OS and its theme is related to sports. The slot comes with five reels and nine paylines, where winning combinations will be formed. The game features 10 regular and 3 bonus symbols that include the Wild, the Scatter and the Bonus symbol.

The highest win reaches as high as 1,000 line bets. This reward is paid for five bronze cups on a line. The maximum number of free spins in one series is 30 in a row. The spins can be relaunched. Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) in the slot is 96.05%

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Sports
Features Jackpot
Developer Games OS
Lines 9
Reels 5
Games played 14
Game Rating

How to play Olympic Slot

Olympic Slot's trial version fully duplicates the original game. Once the free trial version is loaded, you will automatically get 500 in-game coins in your account. This amount will be used to pay for spinning the reels. The game's objective is to collect as many chips as you can for winning combinations and increase the amount of funds in your account.

Use the control panel to set up the conditions for running the game and activating the spins. These are the elements of the control panel just below the game screen:

  • Click on the Value section to set your bet per line. A coin is an in-game currency unit assigned as your bet per line by default. You can change this number in this section by clicking on the +/- button and indicate how many coins you bet for each line (from 0.05 to 2.2)
  • Click on the Bet One and the Bet Max buttons to set up the number of paylines. A single click on the Bet One button will set your bet for one line. Each subsequent click will add the number of active paylines to as many as nine. Click on the Bet Max to play the maximum number of paylines
  • The Bet window displays the size of your total bet, which is the cost of one spin
  • The Win window shows the win for one or more successful combinations landed during the spin
  • Click on the Spin button to set the reels in motion
  • Auto Spin launches a series of autospins. Click on this button to open an additional window, where you can select the number of spins in the series (from 10 to 100)
  • The Free Spins window displays the number of free spins (the countdown starts as soon as the spins are launched)

You can learn more about the rules of the game from the Help tab, which you can open from the additional menu on the top of the screen.  Click View Payout to open an extra window that shows the paytable and describes how the bonus symbols work.

Symbols and multipliers

Pictures in Olympic Slot are related to the sports theme and represent items associated with certain sports activities as well as the winning cups. Regular symbols can be tentatively subdivided as follows:

  1. The icons with the lowest-paying combinations that are formed by 3 or more icons:
    • Golf clubs and golf balls earn you the multipliers of 2, 10 and 40 for combinations of three, four or five pictures respectively
    • Boxing gloves — 3, 15 and 50
    • Tennis rackets — 4, 20 and 70
    • Olympic Torch — 5, 30 and 100
  2. The pictures that land in pairs.
    • A basketball — 2, 6, 35 and 150 for two, three, four or five pictures in a row
    • A football — 2, 7, 40 and 200
    • A helmet and a rugby ball — 2, 8, 45 and 300
    • Hockey sticks — 2, 10, 50 and 350
    • Baseball bats — 4, 15, 50 and 500
    • A bronze cup — 5, 20, 70 and 1,000
  3. Special symbols.
    • The Wild symbol is the medal that says "Wild". The symbol has no value of its own but it can substitute for any missing symbol in a regular combo
    • The silver cup landing on four or five fields triggers three or thirty free spins respectively
    • Three golden cups trigger the Sports Fishing bonus game regardless of where they land on the reels

The values indicated act as multipliers for your bet per line. The highest-paying combination (with the multiplier of x1,000) will earn you 50 to 2,200 chips.

Free spins

When at least four silver cups land on the game screen, you will earn some free spins. The maximum number in one series is 30 spins. During these spins the amount of your total bet is not deducted from your account because bonus spins are always free.

When a winning combo lands on the screen, the total payout is counted as your net winnings (instead of immediately subtracting the cost of the spin). Even if no winning combos land on the screen, you still have nothing to lose.

During the free spins you can land 4 to 5 cups again and earn even more free spins. You can also get the access to the bonus game while the free spins are running.

Sports Fishing bonus game

When three golden cups land on the screen, an extra window with a bonus game will pop up. The bonus game comes in several stages:

  • Choosing the location for fishing
  • Choosing the bait
  • Choosing the fishing rod

At each subsequent stage you have to select one of the items that hides the reward. The reward increases stage after stage. The number of "empty" items increases as well, if you hit one of them the bonus game will be over.

The size of your win at the bonus level depends on your bet. So, if you place the maximum bet you can earn the highest awards in the bonus game. 


Olympic Slot by Games OS is one of low variance. Winning combos come up quite frequently but rarely do they pay big rewards. The most frequent are combinations of two or three pictures whose rewards would not cover the cost of the spin.

It is in the bonus rounds where you gain the most. Since your bet during free spins is what you have placed in the main game and the bonus level pays the winnings in proportion to your total bet, we suggest that you play with the maximum bet. This is the way you get the most out of the extra options that the slot has to offer.