Old Timer (Betsoft)

Old Timer Online Slot by Betsoft

Old Timer is the original version of a fruit slot developed by Betsoft The developers have provided the slot with two game screens. This solution gives you a chance to play the game in two modes at once. 

The Old Timer slot features no service symbols. And yet the players have attested to formidable sizes of payouts. The highest win for one combination may reach 6,000 coins. 

The SuperMeter mode provides the additional Nudge option. This option increases your chances to land successful combos. 

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Classic
Features Jackpot
Developer Betsoft
Lines 5
Reels 3
Games played 51
Game Rating

How to play the Old Timer slot

The game always starts in the basic mode. This is when the main game screen is used — a 5-line mini slot in the centre of the interface. 

Step one is to set your bet size. As early as at this stage you will have various gameplay options available to you. 

There is an interesting feature that makes the Old Timer slot stand out. In the basic mode your bet per spin directly affects the number of paylines involved in the game:

  • With the bet of 1 coin the winning combinations are formed along one horizontal line in the centre of the slot
  • 10 coins — the game is played with five paylines

Click on the Bet button on the control panel in the bottom of the slot to select the desired value. Go to the Choose Coins section to choose the coin value in the range between 0.02 and 1 in-game credits. 

Click on the Max Bet button to instantly bet 10 coins per payline and launch one single spin. Click on the Spin button to spin the reels with any of the preset values.

 Your current values are displayed in the following info blocks:

  • Credits — your balance
  • Bet — your bet size measured in coins
  • Win — the amount of your winnings

You can view the paytable right on the slot's interface to the right of the reels. 

Symbols and multipliers in Old Timer

You have to land 3 identical pictures on an active payline to win in Old Timer. The winning amount depends on the bet option that you have selected. 

The paytable shows the exact figures indicated in coins. This relieves you of the drudge of making complex calculations. 

The basic game features 6 pictures and this is what they pay with the bets of 1 and 10 coins:

  1. A dollar sign — 200 and 6,000 coins
  2. A bell — 50 and 100
  3. A watermelon — 40 and 80
  4. Grapes — 30 and 60
  5. A lemon — 10 and 20
  6. An orange — 10 and 20

In Old Timer you have to thoroughly assess the values presented. 

At the beginning the game the bet of 1 coin may seem a more viable option. When winning combos land, your bet per spin may multiply by 10 to 200 times. 

Payouts for one combo with the bet of 10 coins can multiply your bet by 2 to 600 times. 

But you have to keep in mind the frequency of successful combos being formed. In the former case, the game is played on one payline only. In other words, the combos may not land as often as you would like them to. 

The probability to land a combo while playing 5 lines is much higher. The slot can also produce several winning combos in one spin. In this case the payouts are added up.  

The trial version of Old Timer on our website will let you make several free spins with each of your preselected bet value. Once you compare the results, you will come up with the most workable option much faster. 

SuperMeter is the special mode that Old Timer features

SuperMeter becomes available after each successful spin in the basic game. The spins are launched in the mini slot on the top. The connoisseurs claim that this round resembles a risk game. 

Your newly-earned credits are used to place bets. Successful spins will provide extra payouts. Unsuccessful spins will zero out your winnings. 

Yet there are significant differences present:

  • Instead of a boring card game, you are invited to play a 5-line mini slot
  • You can adjust your bet size and play only some of your credits
  • The slot features the special Nudge option operating throughout this game

How to run the slot in the SuperMeter mode

Once you win in the regular mode, the coins are automatically added to your SuperMeter balance. The exact amount is displayed in the SuperMeter info block on the upper game screen. 

You can decline this game if you want. Click the Collect button on the control panel to transfer your credits to the main balance. If you would like to take an advantage of the SuperMeter, you have to adjust some settings in the slot. 

Just like in the basic mode, you need to determine the size of your bet per spin between 20 and 60 coins. Use the Bet button to adjust the values. 

Your bet in SuperMeter will not affect the number of paylines played in the game. Combinations are always formed along the 5 paylines. 

Yet the advantages that you will gain from the Nudge option will depend on your bet level. 

Opportunities that the Nudge option has to offer

The Nudge option lets you "nudge" the reels as long as it can contribute to producing a winning combo. Suppose 2 cherries land on a payline. One picture to complete the winning combo is missing. The Nudge option "shifts" the reel with the missing picture by 1 to 3 fields, if it helps to complete the combo. 

It is the size of your bet per spin that determines the number of nudges that the reel will make:

  • A bet of 20 coins will entitle you to one nudge per spin
  • 40 — 2 nudges
  • 60 — 3

Connoisseurs claim that the higher the bet level is, the more chances you have to land winning combos. Use the Spin and the Max Bet buttons to launch the reels. 

Symbols and multipliers in the SuperMeter mode

You can view the paytable to the right of the reels. SuperMeter features an expanded combination of symbols and uses a different payscale:

  1. A winning combination of cherries or pears earns you 20 coins
  2. Grapes — 60
  3. A watermelon — 80
  4. Sevens — 100
  5. A crown — 300 to 6,000

Payout for a combo is determined at random. 

The amount of your win does not depend on the bet size.  For example, one combo of cherries will earn you 20 coins whether your bet was 20 or 60 coins. 

The Nudge option contributes to producing several combos. At times, you can manage to fill all fields with identical icons when playing with the maximum bet. The winnings are all added up. As a result, you have a chance to claim a formidable reward. 

You can go back to the basic mode at any time. To exit SuperMeter click on the Collect button. 

Old Timer combines the advantages of a classical one-armed-bandit with a modern slot. The slot gets positive feedback from players of various categories.