New York Gangs (Games OS)
Free Online Slot New York Gangs by Games OS
New York Gangs Slot by Games OS

New York Gangs Online Slot by Games OS Review

In the New York Gangs slot the combinations line up on five reels along 30 active paylines. This slot was designed by Games OS. Nine regular symbols produce standard combinations. The highest multiplier that you can earn for them is 3,000. Regular icons may be replaced by the Wild symbol. The Wild is capable of filling the entire second and fourth reels if it lands on one of them. The slot also features two Scatter symbols. Each of the two bonus pictures triggers an additional game if three or more of them land on the game screen.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME History
Features Scatter
Developer Games OS
Lines 30
Reels 5
Games played 13
Game Rating

Setting the bet

The trial version of the New York Gangs slot uses chips as the in-game currency units. You initially get 500 chips when you join the game. You can track the number of your chips in the Balance section in the upper right corner.

The funds are deducted at the beginning of each spin. The Total Bet section shows exactly how much will be deducted from your account. This is where your total bet is displayed. Your total bet is determined by two components. The first one is the number of active paylines. These are the paylines that can produce a winning combo after a spin.

The maximum number of paylines is 30 and the minimum is 1. The current number of active paylines is displayed under the third reel in the Lines box. Just below it you will find the Bet One button provided for setting the number of paylines.

Click on it to increase the value in the Lines box. Another way to set the number of active paylines is to click on the bullets to the left and right of the game screen.

The second component of your total bet is the bet for each line. It will be displayed under the second reel. You can adjust it by using the switch that says Line Price. It has two buttons "+" and "-". Click on one of them to either increase to decrease your bet per line accordingly.

You can bet the maximum of 0.65 chips and the minimum of 0.01 chips Multiply this number by the number of paylines and you will have your total bet.

It can also be additionally increased by 0.5 coins. This is done when the Jackpot Coin button on the lower panel is shown in a golden colour. If you play the full version of New York Gangs, this extra bet will give you the chance to win the progressive jackpot. These jackpots are often unavailable in the slot's trial version.

Making the spins

There are several ways you can launch the reels in the New York Gangs slot. The first and the most common is clicking on the Spin button in the lower right corner. By clicking on it you will launch the spins with your preset bet.

The Bet Max button works a little bit differently. It also launches the reels, but it sets the maximum number of 30 active paylines before the spin.

The Spin button turns into the Stop button during any single spin. When you click on it, the spin will stop instantly. It will let you get more involved in the gameplay. Some experienced players use this opportunity to "catch" the symbols.

You cannot stop the automatic spins prematurely. Click on the Auto Spin button to launch autospins. Locate this button in the lower left corner. By clicking on it you will open the window that has one switch and two buttons.

The counter displays the required number of autospins. It can be 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100. Once you set the number of spins, click OK to launch a series of spins. Click NO to exit the autospins mode.

You can stop autospins before they are completed by clicking on any spot on the game screen. Separate buttons have been provided to launch five and ten autospins. You can find them to the right of the Auto Spin button.

Symbols and multipliers in New York Gangs

The New York Gangs slot features 12 symbols. There are three icons that do not earn you any rewards by forming their combos. One of them looks like a safe and it is the Wild symbol. Its functions include replacement of any regular icon.

The Wild can land on any reel. But if it lands on the second or the fourth reel, the whole vertical line gets filled with the expanded Wild symbol.

A couple of other special pictures are the Scatter symbols. One has the picture of a briefcase. Three of these pictures on the game screen trigger the bonus round named Odd Man Out. The other symbol is a picture of a revolver gun. Three of them trigger the bonus game called Russian Roulette.

All these rounds are covered in a separate section. Please note that the bonus symbols that trigger extra games must land on one active payline. The order in which they land on the reels does not matter.

The main symbols that line up in a combo are tentatively subdivided into two subgroups. The first subgroup are ones that produce a winning combination of 3 symbols. They are:

  • Golden bullets that pay 10, 20 or 80 bets per line
  • A dynamite that pays 12, 25 and 100
  • A submachine gun that pays 15, 30 and 120
  • Wads of dollar bills that pay 20, 40 or 150 bets per line

The rest of the icons form winning combos even when two of them land on the reels. As described above, their multipliers boost your bet for each line. Men are shown on four of the symbols from this subgroup. Each of these pictures has its own background, which is how you can tell the difference between them:

  • A picture with purple background earns you the multipliers of 3, 20, 50 and 200
  • A man against a blue background pays 4, 25, 60 and 400 bets per line
  • A green picture pays 5, 30, 80 and 500
  • Pictures with red background pay 8, 30, 100 and 1,500 bets per line

The jackpot symbol is in this subgroup as well. It depicts a pile of gold bullions. Combinations of these pictures are valued higher than all the rest. Multipliers of the gold bullions let you earn 20, 80, 200 and 400 bets per line.

Any standard combination earns you a reward only if it starts on the leftmost reel. At the same time the line of icons landed on the reels cannot be disrupted. You earn the award only for the maximum combo on an active payline.

Bonus games

New York Gangs features two kinds of bonus games. The first one is called Odd Man Out and is triggered by three briefcase icons landing on the reels. After this you will see a window where the preface to the bonus game is written and key points of the game are highlighted.

In the Odd Man Out round you have to kill one of the gangsters. To do that, you have to point the gunsight at one of the men and then shoot by left-clicking with your mouse. If you hit the target the gangster who remained alive will run away and leave the dead man's briefcase for you. The briefcase may contain a random payout that goes into your account immediately.

The second bonus game is called Russian Roulette. The game is triggered when three revolver guns land on the game screen. Before the extra round starts, you also have the opportunity to learn the game's prior history and rules.

The principle of this round is based on the traditional Russian roulette. The gangster on the screen loads the revolver gun with just one bullet. Then the choice is yours whether to shoot or claim the current winnings. With each misfire the award for the bonus game increases. But if the man on the screen dies, you will remain without any winnings.

The initial award for the Russian Roulette bonus round is the same as the total bet you placed on the spin after which the extra game started. Each subsequent shot that will not lead to the death of the gangster will let you claim 2, 4, 8, 24 or 120 times the total bet.

To access more detailed information about the New York Gangs slot, go to the separate page by clicking on the Help button. You can find this button in the slot's special section that depicts a human silhouette.