Moonlight Mystery (Rival Powered)

Moonlight Mystery Online Slot

Moonlight Mystery is a slot by Rival Gaming with five reels and 15 paylines. The Wild, Scatter, and bonus symbols appear in the game window. They help form valuable combinations, earn free spins and open up the bonus game. The Wild symbols also multiply payouts for combinations in which they participate.

The biggest win in the trial version of the Moonlight Mystery slot is 10,000 coins for five symbols of a magnifying glass on one payline.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Different
Features Scatter, Jackpot
Developer Rival
Lines 15
Reels 5
Games played 21
Game Rating

Rules of the game

The game session on the Moonlight Mystery slot automatically begins with selecting active paylines and configuring the bet. The Select Coins section displays the bet per line in the range of one to five coins. The cost of one game coin in credits changes in the Coin Value section. The minimum value is 0.01 credits, the maximum one — 1. Initially, 2,000 credits are deposited into your account. However, the bet is placed in coins. Payouts for combinations are initially calculated in coins and only then converted into credits. This is affected by the ratio in the Coin Value section.

You can change the active paylines in the Select Lines section. The maximum number is 15, but you can reduce this value. The more paylines that are active, the better your odds are of earning a prize for a winning combination. According to the slot rules, only those identical symbols that are on one of the active paylines earn you rewards.

Both parameters, Coins and Lines, affect the cost of one spin. Total Bet shows the total bet in credits. The Coins value itself affects the payout size for winning combinations.

The prize is awarded when identical symbols are on one active line and neighbouring reels. They are counted starting with the first reel. The exception is the Scatter symbols, which do not necessarily land on one payline and on neighbouring reels. They pay you a reward just for appearing in the required amount.

The Spin button launches the reels in motion. If the winning combinations land, they will be highlighted. Prizes from all paylines, including from the Scatter symbols, are added up and deposited into your account. The Auto spins mode, which enables you to launch a series of automatic spins, is not available in the trial version of the Moonlight Mystery slot.

All the necessary information is found in the pay table, which is opened by clicking the Paytable button, and in the information sections below the reels as well. In the menu of user settings, the video and sound parameters of the slot are displayed:

  • Speed — adjusts the speed of the reels
  • Fullscreen — opens the game in the full screen mode
  • Sounds — turns the sound on/off in the game
  • Background Sounds Volume — controls the volume of the background music and sounds that accompany the gameplay

Symbols and multipliers of the Moonlight Mystery slot

Special symbols that earn you not only payouts, but also bonus options, are represented by a set of four pictures.

A body silhouette is the bonus symbol of the Moonlight Mystery slot. Collecting three or more of these symbols in the game window launches the Who Dunnit bonus round.

The picture of a lantern is the Scatter symbol. Collecting three or more of these symbols will earn you 10 free spins. At the same time, it does not matter where the symbols land, just collecting their required number is enough.

A bottle with poison is the Wild symbol. Appearing on the payline, it replaces any missing symbol in a combination. In cases when it appears after several identical symbols along a payline, it makes the combination longer. For example, the picture of an inspector is on the first, second and third reels, and the Wild symbol on the fourth reel. The payout is counted as four pictures of inspectors. During the bonus round, the Wild symbol acquires additional features: multiplication of payouts and an "expansion" along the entire reel.

A magnifying glass is the jackpot symbol. When forming a combination of 5 of these pictures, you earn the largest win in the game:

  • 2 symbols — 3 times your bet per line
  • 3 symbols — 30
  • 4 symbols — 300
  • 5 symbols — 2,000

Regular symbols feature different characters. They differ by their multipliers and the frequency of landing in the game window as a combination. The minimum number of symbols in a combination is three. Three, four or five symbols will earn you:

  • The professor — 10, 25 and 200 times your bet per line
  • The constable — 15, 100 and 500
  • The doctor — 20, 150 and 750
  • The inspector — 25, 200 and 1,000

Symbols with smaller multipliers are:

  • The butler — 2, 10 and 40
  • The maid — 3, 10 and 50
  • Lady Dunnit — 4, 15 and 75
  • Colonel Dunnit — 5, 20 and 100

Bonus round

By collecting three or more pictures of the body silhouette, you launch the Who Dunnit Bonus Round. Here, you should enter the room, where the murder has been committed. You earn a payout in credits for the choice of the instrument of crime, the motive and the evidence. Note, that it depends on your bet per line.

Having collected from three to five Scatter symbols, you earn 10 free spins. As they are used, the Wild symbol earns you extra bonuses:

  • 1 bottle — the multiplier of x2
  • 2 bottles — the multiplier of x3
  • 3 bottles — the multiplier of x4

Appearing on the game screen during free spins, it becomes expanding — it takes up the whole reel, boosting your chances to form a winning combination. You can earn extra free spins by collecting three or more Scatter symbols again.

A magnifying glass is a symbol of jackpot — it simply earns you the biggest reward of the Moonlight Mystery slot. It is most convenient to collect magnifying glasses during free spins, since the Wild symbols appear in larger numbers.