Money Magic (Rival Powered)
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Money Magic Game

Money Magic Slot by Rival Powered

Money Magic is a five-reel slot by Rival Gaming with nine paylines that you can play for free at While the reels spin, the Wild symbol is activated, which doubles your winnings and opens up the progressive jackpot. The Scatter symbol will help to earn payouts, which depend only on the size of your total bet. 

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
Features Scatter, Jackpot
Developer Rival
Lines 9
Reels 5
Games played 34
Game Rating
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Money Magic Progressive Jackpot

When playing with a maximum bet of 5 coins, you can try to hit a big jackpot - the progressive jackpot of the Money Magic slot. Its size is displayed above the game reels and the counter is constantly updated. To hit the jackpot, you will need to collect five Wild symbols on any active payline.

To boost your chances of winning, you need to configure the slot in this way: You should set 5 in the Coins section and 9 - in the Lines section. The number of paylines is important because of the condition "all five symbols must be on the active payline". You can also earn a payout as for a combination of five Wild symbols, that is, 10,000 times your bet per line.

Symbols and payouts of the Money Magic slot

During the reelspin of the Money Magic slot themed to magic, you will see both the Wild and Scatter symbols. They will open up the bonus options. Their description is found in the Paytable section.

The Wild symbol is a bouquet of flowers with the word Jackpot. It performs three functions in the game window. The first one - when appearing on the payline among other identical symbols, the Wild symbol can turn into a missing picture to form a winning combination. At the same time, it doubles your payout for the combination. The second one is the chance to hit a progressive jackpot by collecting five of these symbols on one payline. And, finally, the third function - the Wild symbol can form its own winning combination, when it lands starting with the first reel. Multipliers of the Wild bouquet:

  • 2 symbols - 10 times your bet per line
  • 3 symbols - 100 times your bet per line
  • 4 symbols - 1,000 times your bet per line
  • 5 symbols - 10,000 times your bet per line

The Scatter symbol is the picture of a girl, floating in the air. When it comes up in the game window, it earns you payouts, regardless of its position on the reels or paylines. Unlike other symbols, the Total Bet value affects the size of your reward.

  • 2 symbols - your total bet
  • 3 symbols - 3 times your total bet
  • 4 symbols - 12 times your total bet
  • 5 symbols - 75 times your total bet

Regular symbols can be subdivided into two groups according to the sizes of their payouts. The combinations of three, four or five of the following symbols pay the lowest multiplier:

  • The rabbit - 2, 5 and 100
  • The pigeon - 3, 10 and 150
  • The hat - 4, 20 and 200
  • The Ace of spades - 5, 25 and 250
  • The magician´s wand - 6, 30 and 300

The multiplier for combos of three, four or five of the following symbols is much higher:

  • The saw - 25, 100 and 800
  • The box with swords - 20, 75 and 750
  • The magician´s assistant - 15, 50 and 500
  • The magician - 10, 40 and 400

The coin with a cigarette going through it forms winning combinations starting with two symbols on the payline which earn you a reward of 3 times your bet per line. Three of these symbols will earn you 50 times your bet per line, four x150 and five x1,000.

How to Play the Money Magic Slot

The Money Magic slot by Rival Powered is available in the trial version, which enables you to use credits and coins for betting and spinning. When the slot is loaded, 2,000 credits are deposited into your account. Before the first launch of the reels, you should place a bet per line by using the Select Coins button. In the real version of the slot, you can also configure the cost ratio of game coins to credits in the Coin Value section. In the trial version, this parameter is 0.05 credits per coin.

You can place 5 coins on one payline. Nine paylines are available here, but you can change their number between the launches of reels by using the Select Lines button. Your chances to earn a reward for a winning combination depend on the number of active paylines. Payouts are calculated only for combinations of identical symbols that are on the active payline. The only exception is the Scatter symbol, which pays you a reward for appearing on the reels regardless of the paylines.

The payout size for a winning combination depends on the bet per line and the multiplier of a symbol. You can view them in the pay table, which opens by clicking the Paytable button. There you can read about all bonus options of the Money Magic slot.

You can start spinning the reels by clicking the Spin button. After the spinning animation stops, the game will highlight the winning combinations and indicate the sizes of payouts. After that, you can click the Spin button again. The Auto function, that is, the automatic launch of reels, is not available in the trial version. In the settings menu that opens when you click the Options button, you can select:

  • Speed Slow/Medium - sets the spinning speed of the reels, which affects only the animation
  • Fullscreen - opens the game in the full screen mode
  • Sounds - switches the sound on or off
  • Background Sound Volume - adjusts the sound volume

All information about the gameplay is displayed in the information sections on the control panel. Coins - displays your bet in coins. Total Bet - shows the cost of one spin in credits. Lines - is the number of active paylines. Last Win – your win for the latest spin. Balance - shows the available amount of credits. The Jackpot section, in which the size of the progressive jackpot is displayed, is found above the reels.

The limited functionality of the free demo version of the Money Magic online slot does not prevent you from enjoying the gameplay. Beginners will be able to learn the mechanics of the slot, experienced players - to try out a new or practise the already existing tactics of the game. A bonus of a double win feature for a combination with the Wild symbol will help to always maintain your positive balance.