Miss Red (IGT)

Miss Red Slot by IGT

The Miss Red video slot by IGT has 1,024 ways of forming winning combinations. The game screen has five reels and 20 boxes. The game comes with 11 different symbols and three of them have special features. You have a chance to win free spins. Combinations are formed from left to right, right to left and also on the three central reels. The maximum multiplier is x150.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 4
THEME Halloween
Developer IGT
Lines 255
Reels 5
Games played 77
Game Rating

The game principles of the Miss Red video slot

To start the reels you need to set the value of one coin in the Coin Value section You can set it with the figures 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 credits. Initially, you have 3,000 free credits in your account. When your account reaches this limit, you can increase the coin value as you have enough credits for it. The amount of coins is fixed at 45.

After this, the Total Bet section will show your total bet. The sum of the total bet is calculated by multiplying the amount of coins by the coin value. To start the reels you need to click a big red button in the centre of the control panel.

The bottom line has three selectors. The Paytable button opens the pay table.  Game Rules helps you to go to the page with detailed rules of the game. Here you can also see an icon with a loudspeaker. It turns on/off the sound background.

At the bottom to the right of the screen you can find a button with a wrench. It is a selector of graphics level:

  • Low — low level
  • Medium — medium level
  • High — high level
  • Best — the highest level

Information windows on the screen include:

  • Win — the current win
  • Balance – the amount of credits in your account
  • Total Bet — your total bet
  • Multiway — the amount of coins per bet

Below the game screen you can see a long line with game tips. Here you can also see symbols which form combinations.

Symbols and payouts of the Miss Red slot

To win an award you need to collect a combination of identical symbols. Here are the Expanding symbols: a woman in red and a wolf. All the symbols between two identical icons turn into Expanding ones and form a winning combination. If the icon of a wolf lands between two icons of a woman in red (or vice versa), they turn into one symbol for one spin.

Below you can see a list of all the symbols and multipliers for combinations:

Special symbols:

  • A woman in red — the Expanding symbol which lands on each of the five reels. All the symbols between these two icons turn into the Expanding ones. Payouts for a combination of three icons — x8, for four — x15 and for five — x50
  • A grey wolf — the Expanding symbol which appears on each of the five reels. It also has the same features as the woman in red. Multipliers for a combination of three icons — x5, for four — x12 and for five — x40
  • The Bonus symbol only lands on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels and launches a bonus round that wins you free spins

The remaining symbols. Multipliers are given for a combination of 4 and 5 icons:

  • Flowers — x5 and x15
  • Strawberry — x5 and x15
  • A pine cone — x5 and x15
  • Mushrooms — x5 and x15
  • A squirrel — x8 and x25
  • A hare — x8 and x25

The following multipliers are listed for combinations of three to five icons:

  • A woodcutter — x10, x75 and x125
  • A grandmother — x10, x75 and x150

All the multipliers described above are multiplied by the coin value. The total sum is added to your balance.

Granny’s Free Spins Bonus

To get free spins you need to collect three Bonus symbols. They can appear on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. In this case the window with five baskets opens, and you have to choose one. The number of free spins depends on your choice, it can range from five to fifteen.

Free spins are activated automatically without multipliers. During this game you can't change the bet parameters. If you have one more Bonus combination, free spins are added up. The maximum number you can get is 280.

When the Bonus symbol lands between two identical Expanding icons during free spins, you win free spins for the transformation.


The Miss Red slot is themed to fairy tales. The slot variance is low, so the prizes occur quite often. However, the chances of winning big payouts are small. The slot has no risk game but features free spins, Expanding and Bonus symbols.