Maverick Saloon (Games OS)
Maverick Saloon

Maverick Saloon Online Slot

Maverick Saloon is a slot with five reels and nine winning lines by Games OS. During the spins, the wild and bonus symbols appear on the game screen to double your winnings, award free spins and let you participate in a bonus round. You can stake any win in the gambling round and, in case of success, receive twice as many credits as a result.

The trial version of Maverick Saloon uses a special currency — credits. The maximum payout is 135,000 credits for a combination of five wild symbols.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Different
Features Gamble Round, Jackpot
Developer Games OS
Lines 9
Reels 5
Games played 9
Game Rating

Game rules

Before beginning your game on the Maverick Saloon slot, you should carefully read the paytable, which you can open by clicking on the Paytable button, as well as the general description of the game by clicking on Help. It lists the main peculiarities of how the slot works.

You change the size of the line bet in Line Bet, using arrows to increase and decrease the amount. The minimum bet is 0.50 credits and the maximum is 15. The line bet is one of the components of Total Bet in addition to the factor that influences your payout for different combinations.

You can change the number of active paylines in the Lines box. Your chance of getting a payout for a winning combination depends on the number of active paylines. For example, only identical symbols found on one active line award a win. The Lines parameter is another component of Total Bet. To set the maximum number of lines, click the Max Bet button.

A combination in which the same symbols are on the same line and adjacent reels, beginning from the first one, is a winning combination. If the lines contain several potential winning patterns, the highest-paying one pays. For example, if the wild lands on the first line on the first and second reel and the shooter in the hat on the third one, a combination of three shooters is counted. It happens because the multiplier of two wild symbols is 10 and of three it is 20. As the wild can replace simple symbols, it turns into the shooter in the hat. The win also doubles as a consequence of the bonus property of the wild.

You can start the reels with the Spin button following which they spin once. If a winning combination lines up, it is lit up and the payout for it appears in the Win window, the Gamble button is now active. If you click Spin, the payout will be credited to your account and then you can begin a new spin.

While you use the Autospin feature, the reels spin automatically for a specified number of times. Just click one of the buttons in the menu that opens to set up the number of spins and click Start to get the reels going. If this mode is enabled, access to the risk game will be blocked.

By clicking the Turbo Mode button, you decrease how long the reels spin. This feature doesn't affect directly how the symbols drop. Your in-game account is displayed in the top right corner of the game screen.

Maverick Saloon symbols and multipliers

There are only two special symbols in Maverick Saloon — the wild and bonus. When dropping on a line, they not only get a payout in credits but also bonuses. You can get more information about them in the paytable.

The wild symbol is displayed as a set of things — the hat, cards, guns and bricks, an additional identification feature is the word Wild. Appearing on the game screen, it can replace any simple symbol to form a winning combination. However if the wild appears at the end of a chain of identical symbols, it adds one symbol to the combination. Even if the wild doesn't take part in a winning combination it doubles all your payouts for the spin. It is the top-paying symbol in Maverick Saloon:

  • 2 symbols — the multiplier of x10
  • 3 symbols — х250
  • 4 symbols — х2,500
  • 5 symbols — х9,000

The bonus symbol says Bonus and displays crossed guns and sacks with money. The bonus is counted for the number rather than the position on the reels and active lines. You can get access to the bonus round and payout in credits by collecting three to five of these images. If the payout for common symbols depends on the line bet, the reward for the bonus symbol is based on the multiplier of the symbol applied to the total bet.

  • 2 symbols — the multiplier of x2
  • 3 symbols — x5
  • 4 symbols — x20
  • 5 symbols — x500

Simple symbols pay only a reward in credits. Visually they are divided into card icons and portraits of different characters of the Maverick Saloon slot. Card symbols get the lowest prize: nine — 2, 5, 25 and 100 times your bet per line for two, three, four or five symbols; ten, Jack and Queen — 5, 25 and 100 times your bet per line for three, four or five symbols; King and Ace — 10, 50 and 125 times your bet per line for three, four or five symbols, respectively.

Portraits are more valuable depending on the length of the combination. For the two senior symbols, the sheriff and the priest, the minimum number of symbols in a combination is two. For other portraits, it is three.

  • The American Indian dancer, — 15, 75 and 250 times your line bet for 3, 4 and 5 pictures
  • The shooter in the hat — 20, 100 and 400 times your line bet
  • The sheriff and priest — 2, 25, 125 and 750 times your line bet for 2, 3, 4 and 5 pictures


You get access to the game by starting the reels with the Spin button and landing any winning combination. Click the Gamble button to open a new window where you can see a face-down playing card and six buttons. On the left are buttons to choose the black colour and the spades and clubs suits. On the right — the red colour and the hearts and diamonds suits.

Your purpose is to guess the colour or suit of the card. The colour guessed correctly doubles the amount for the previous spin while the right choice of suit quadruples it. A total of five rounds is available with the same amount. However, the amount you can stake in the risk game is limited — Max Bet Limit is 15 credits in Maverick Saloon.

Bonus round

Getting three to five bonus symbols on the game screen, you get access to the mini-game — Kill the Villain. Your main aim is to shoot the criminal to get free spins and the multiplier for payouts. After these two parameters are defined, the Bonus Feature begins.

While the reels spin in the bonus round, you don't spend your credits. But you play the game with the bet and lines that were configured for the last spin in the main game. Free spins run automatically. You can get additional spins if you collect three, four or five bonuses again.

Maverick Saloon offers quite a few bonuses and incentives to interest both new and experienced players. Quality animation and background music make gameplay comfortable.