Jackpot Ultra (Betsoft)

Jackpot Ultra Online Slot

Jackpot Ultra is a classical slot with three reels and five paylines. The game does not feature any bonus symbols. But instead you can accumulate a certain amount in your special Supermeter account and play the additional reels. You are also given an extra opportunity to play the risk game where you can bet the funds that you earned for the combos and double your winnings.

Jackpot Ultra also invites you to join the jackpot game. Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) in this slot is 93.1%.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Classic
Features Jackpot
Developer Betsoft
Lines 5
Reels 3
Games played 14
Game Rating

How to play Jackpot Ultra

Trial version of Jackpot Ultra is a licensed copy of the real game. Once the game loads, you initially get 1,000 coins. This value is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen in the Balance section. The first thing that you will be asked once the slot loads is to select the coin value in the Choose Coin section. By left-clicking on the window with the numeric value you will set the ratio of coin to credit, which will be used as the in-game currency unit. The value ranges between 0.02 to 1.

The amount, which is set depending on your ratio, will be displayed in the Credit window in the table above. This same value is duplicated in the section with the same name on the slot's control panel.

Further gameplay is simple:

  1. Set your bet by using the Bet button. This button assigns the number of paylines along with determining the amount of credits paid for one payline. Minimum bet is two credits for one line. Maximum bet is 10 credits for five lines. Click on the Max Bet button to set the maximum number of paylines with the highest bet
  2. Click on the Spin button to spin the reels. The button changes during the spins. Click on it again to stop the reels instantly
  3. If a winning combination lands on the reels, you can do the following:
  • Play your winnings in the additional screen. Click on the Spin button again in order to do this
  • Bet your winnings in the risk game. You can only bet some of them instead of the whole amount. Use the Transfer button to select the amount of credits that you will bet in the doubling game. Next, click on the button with a star or with a number one to predict the outcome of the risk game
  • Click on the Collect button to claim your winnings and add them to your account

Jackpot Ultra features no auto game. It affects the game dynamics on the one hand: each spin has to be launched individually, which is more time-consuming than activating the autospins. On the other hand, in the absence of an auto game you will be able to handle your winnings for combos independently.

You can keep track of the game by viewing the values in the following windows:

  • Credits — displays your balance in credits
  • Bet — your bet per spin
  • Payout — your winnings for a successful combo

Similar values are displayed in the info table above the Credits, Bet and Win sections.

Symbols and payouts

Jackpot Ultra features eight symbols. You need to land these symbols in combinations three in a row, left to right on one payline. If the pictures dropped on the neighbouring reels are not on one payline, this combo will not be counted. The pictures have their appropriate values:

  • Cherries — 20 credits
  • Pears — 20
  • Grapes — 40
  • Watermelons — 80
  • Sevens — 100
  • Oranges — 200
  • Bells — 1,000
  • Jokers — Jackpot

Apparently, any winning combination, even the lowest-paying one, fully recovers the cost of your spin. When playing with the maximum bet, you spend 10 credits for one spin but you can get 20 in return. However, winning combinations are quite rare. Jackpot Ultra is a slot that has high variance. This is why it would be most beneficial to land the highest-paying combinations or several combinations at a time.

Playing the extra reels

To launch the game in the extra game screen up the top, you have to accumulate a certain amount in the Supermeter section. A figure corresponding to your win will appear in this window after any successful spin. The larger the amount is, the more spins you will make on the bonus reels and the more favourable conditions you will have for the spins.

The Nudge option is the key feature that the game on the extra game screen has to offer. The Nudge option shifts the reel one field upwards or downwards for a winning combo to be formed. Suppose two cherries land on one payline in the centre and the third icon turned out to be one field higher or lower, then the nudge will shift the reel so that the three icons with cherries could line up in one row.

The number of nudges depends on the amount that you have accumulated in the Supermeter section:

  • 20 credits — 1 nudge
  • 40 credits — 2
  • 60 credits — 3

Please be aware that the new bet will be active during the bonus spins on the extra game screen. While in the main game you can spend 10 coins for one spin, during the bonus spins the minimum bet is 20 and the maximum is 60 credits.

Gambling round

You can boost your winnings for any successful spin in the doubling game. The gambling round in Jackpot Ultra is represented by a classical game of heads or tails. Use one of the two buttons on the control panel — the star or the number one — to predict the outcome of the coin toss. If your answer is correct, you winnings for the spin will double, if you are wrong, they will be lost.

To insure yourself, you can bet only a part of the winnings that you earned for a successful combo. Use the Transfer button for that purpose. Please be aware of the way the values change on the control panel:

  • Credits — displays your total winnings per spin
  • Bet — shows which part of your amount you will bet in the risk game
  • Payout — displays your potential winnings

If you have won in several doubling rounds and would like to claim your winnings or decline the risk game altogether, click on the Collect button. Clicking on that button will add the winnings to your balance.


You can hit the jackpot in Jackpot Ultra by landing three Jokers on one payline. Some slots let you join the jackpot game while playing with the maximum bet. This slot, however, lets you earn the highest winnings regardless of the cost of your spin.

The value in the Choose Coin section is what affects the size of the jackpot. When selecting the ratio of coins to credits, please notice how the value changes in the Jackpot section on the control panel. Assign the cost of the coin that you deem most attractive. Go ahead and spin the reels while trying to land the most rare of the icons (the Jokers) on one payline.


Jackpot Ultra fruit slot by Betsoft features interesting extra opportunities and quite advantageous risk game. An option to bet only a part of your winnings will help you insure yourself and if you are unsuccessful you will lose only a part of the winnings that you have earned in the spin. 

The slot does not feature any diversified or dynamic gameplay. Yet it can remain attractive by promising huge rewards for the combos and opportunities to hit the jackpot. For the novices the slot will become a good example to study the principles of the game and the basics of managing the account.