Jackpot Gagnaut (Betsoft)
Jackpot Gagnaut

Jackpot Gagnaut Slot by Betsoft

Jackpot Gagnaut is a fruit-themed video slot. The game screen has 9 fields in 3x3 format, 3 reels and 5 adjustable paylines. The slot by Betsoft features a doubling risk game and a bonus game with a hidden win. The jackpot amount is 10,000 credits.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Classic
Features Jackpot
Developer Betsoft
Lines 5
Reels 3
Games played 10
Game Rating

How to play Jackpot Gagnaut

This slot is a trial version of the real game and the only difference is the use of virtual in-game currency. Everything else in the video slot fully duplicates the original.

Currency denominations

The game has two types of currency — coins and credits. Credits are used in all main currency transactions. Coins are used only to make settings in your total bankroll. Click on the Choose Coin button to set the coin value from among the following: multiplier of 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5 or 1.

From here on, one coin with the value of one credit will be used in describing the bet settings and payouts for winning combos. The total bet will be 1,000 credits.

Setting up balance options

Once the currency denominations have been set, proceed to setting your bet value. The slot features no separate characteristics of the total bet balance. By clicking on the Bet button you set your total bet per spin and have the number of active lines preset automatically. You have to select your bet value from the following correlation of credits and paylines:

  1. 1 and 2 credits — 1 line
  2. 4 — 2
  3. 6 — 3
  4. 8 — 4
  5. 10 — 5

You have to set the maximum bet per spin to work all 5 paylines. One of the slot's features is that it can automatically set the maximum bet each time you land a winning combo. It means that each time you win you should either reset your bet or play at 10 credits per spin.

Launching the reels

Click on the Spin button to launch one single spin with the preset value for that particular moment. If you click on the button again the reels will stop. Click on the Max Bet button to launch one spin with the maximum value of your total bet.

Above the game screen you will find the paytable that displays payouts for combinations of three symbols. This is where you can also find an additional element of the interface used in the bonus game with a hidden win.

In the upper left corner of the screen you will see a small info window that contains the data of your current account:

  1. Balance and Credits — display your total balance in coins and credits
  2. Bet — your preset bet per spin
  3. Win — your winnings for the last spin

Symbols and multipliers in Jackpot Gagnaut

Regular symbols in this slot are represented by all kinds of fruits and classical icons such as a bell and a five-pointed star. The slot also features one unique symbol that takes part in both the main game and the bonus game.

A combination of three regular symbols earns you the following winnings in credits:

  1. Cherry — 20
  2. Lemon — 30
  3. Purple cherry — 60
  4. Bell — 80
  5. Star — 100

A picture of a girl is the unique symbol. A combo of three pictures on the game screen earns you a certain amount of credits, which depends on your preset total bet. The payouts will be displayed in the ratio of the bet value to the number of credits in the winning combo:

  1. 1 & 2 — 400
  2. 4 — 800
  3. 6 — 1200
  4. 8 — 1600
  5. 10 — 10,000 is the highest winnings that the slot has to offer

Gambling round

Each time you land a winning combo except for the Scatter a doubling risk game will be triggered. You do not have to take part in the game and you can transfer your credits to your account by clicking on the Collect button.

To play the game you have to choose one of the two positions of either heads or tails by clicking the buttons with the appropriate icons. If your choice is correct, your winnings will be doubled. After this you can keep doubling the already increased amount or transfer your in-game credits to your current account. If you guess wrong, your credits will be lost.

The slot also features the Transfer button, which will transfer some of your winnings to the separate buffer account in the increments of 20 credits per click. The amount of credits placed in that account can be used for the following purposes:

  1. for replaying the risk game
    1. If you lose in the first part, only the funds remaining in your buffer account are used
    2. If you win, the funds from your buffer account are added to the doubled amount The amount of credits that you earned is used in the game
    3. For splitting the remaining amount in two again, after which the process is repeated
    4. And the funds are credited to your main account

Mystery Credits bonus game

Click on the Spin button to activate the bonus game once a winning combo lands on the game screen. The key prerequisite is setting your maximum bet per spin. Once you hit that button, the winnings for the combo are transferred to the Supermeter box in the upper part of the slot.

This is when the bonus game begins, which is virtually identical to a regular spin. Yet there are two major differences. First, the cost of one spin is 20 credits, which is twice as much as the total spin in the regular mode. Second, two icons with a girl pay 40 to 10,000 credits at random.

Jackpot Gagnaut is a video online slot that features frequent yet small winnings, the risk game with the opportunity to use your buffer account and the unique game with doubled bet and a hidden reward.