Hexbreaker 2 (IGT)
Hexbreaker 2

Hexbreaker 2 Slot by IGT

Hexbreaker 2 —a slot machine released by IGT. The slot features a game screen with five reels and five rows. The first and fifth reels consist of three boxes, the second and fourth of four and the central one of five vertical boxes. There are 720 ways to form winning combinations available. Combos pay from left to right and vice versa.

The game involves special symbols — Wild, Scatter and Bonus that activate free spins. During them, an alternative set of symbols different from the pictures in the main rounds, are in action.

The highest win for a combination has the multiplier of x2,000. This prize is given for five game logos in a row. The greatest win during free spins can be up to 25,000,000 coins. The payout percentage (RTP) of the slot machine is at most 96.45%.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 5
Features Scatter
Developer IGT
Lines 255
Reels 5
Games played 39
Game Rating

How to play the Hexbreaker 2 online slot

Demo version of the Hexbreaker 2 slot machine is a licensed copy of the real gambling game. Slot controls are intuitive. The panel contains only one changeable option and one function button. The remaining elements of the control panel give information about the current game situation. Below the game screen, you will see:

  • Coin Value — the cost of one coin. Coin — the currency to place bets and pay out prizes. Though you have to play for credits. The option regulated in this window allows you to choose the ratio of coins and credits. So, one coin can contain from 1 to 50 credits. To select the desired value, use the '+' and '-' buttons on the sides of the number
  • Total Bet —the size of the total bet (cost of spin) in credits. The number in this section is formed by multiplying the bet in coins by the coin value. That is, the more expensive a coin, the more credits will be deducted from your account as a cost for spin
  • Multiway Xtra — a window showing the total bet on a spin in coins. The number of coins is fixed and unchangeable during the whole game session. This figure is 50
  • Round button with an arrow — the button that initiates one spin of the reels
  • Win —the size of the prize for one or more winning combinations that land after a spin. This figure is displayed on the screen in credits
  • Balance — your game account. As the demo version of the slot launches, the balance becomes 3,000 credits

To follow the gaming session, you need to compare the figures displayed in the Total Bet and Win sections. You benefit if a payout for a winning combination is higher than the cost of a spin. You can see the overall game dynamics in the Balance section. Knowing your initial balance, after some time you will be able to assess your benefits from prizes for the previous spins. If the balance is less than 3,000 credits, you play at a loss, if more, you can consider the game successful.

In addition to the main parameters and functional elements of the slot, there are also buttons:

  1. Wrench — allows you to select the graphics settings of the slot
  2. Speaker — turns the sound on or off
  3. Game Rules — opens an additional window with the description of the slot and rules of the game
  4. Paytable — displays the pay table with descriptions of prizes for combinations and features of bonus icons

Symbols and payouts

The best-paying symbols of the Hexbreaker 2 online slot are bonus images. Special symbols have special features or play with non-standard rules. They are:

  1. The Wild symbol is a picture with the word Wild. It appears only on the second, third and fourth reels. Appearing on the screen, joker symbols can play in a combination of any other images (except Bonus) replacing the missing icon. The feature of the Wild symbol is that it appears in blocks occupying 4-5 boxes vertically. So, Wild can cover the whole reel increasing the probability of a winning combo
  2. Scatter is the icon with the word Jinx. The feature of the symbol is that it "plays" regardless of its position. To make a combination of such symbols pay, you need to collect 3, 4 or 5 icons in random boxes of the game screen. The multipliers of Scatter combinations are valid for the total bet. You can get x3, x20 and x100 multipliers for three, four and five icons respectively
  3. Bonus symbol is a horseshoe. Landing in five positions on the game screen, it pays 100 coins and activates free spins

In addition to special symbols, simple pictures will occur on the reels. Such images form winning combos and do not perform additional functions. To make a winning combination pay, you need to collect at least three of these symbols from right to left or from left to right starting with the first or fifth reels. Identical pictures mustn't have intervals between each other.

Regular symbols include:

  • J, Q and K have multipliers of 5, 20 and 100 for three, four and five pictures respectively
  • Mirror — 10, 25 and 100
  • Raven — 15, 30 and 125
  • Number 13 — 20, 50 and 300
  • Black cat — 25, 75 and 500
  • Logo of the slot — 50, 150 and 2,000

Note that the Hexbreaker 2 online slot comes with high variance. Combinations appear on the screen quite often but do not pay much. The most common combinations are sets of three symbols. If we take into account that a multiplier is a factor for one coin and the total bet is 50 coins, it is obvious that the prize for such a combination does not cover the cost of a spin.

To make simple symbols pay, you need to collect combos of 4-5 regular icons. It's even better if you manage to collect several winning combinations in one spin. In this case, the sum of the winnings can cover the value of the Total Bet.

Free spins

Free spins series is the best-paying feature of the Hexbreaker 2 slot. It is activated if five symbols with a horseshoe on a red background appear on the screen. For this combination, you will receive not only 100 coins (up to 5,000 credits) but also 10 free spins of reels.

Bonus rounds involve an additional set of symbols. While the symbols in the main game are associated with misfortune (broken mirror, black cat and the mystical number 13), free spins come with symbols of luck. Pictures of the bonus round include:

  • J, Q and K have multipliers of 5, 20 and 100
  • Four-leaf clover and a ladybug — 10, 25 and 125
  • Number 7 — 15, 50 and 200
  • White cat — 25, 75 and 300
  • Logo of the game on a pink background — 50, 150 and 1,000

Also, the design of special icons changes while the function remains the same. The Wild symbol is Wild on a blue background and the word Jinx on the Scatter symbol is replaced by Karma. Wins for Scatters are calculated with the same multipliers as in the main game.

A series of free spins can be extended with Bonus symbols. The horseshoe plays the role of the trigger. Only the background and position of the picture on the symbol change. For five of these images, you will receive 100 coins and 10 additional free spins. The highest number of free spins in a row is 260.


IGT Hexbreaker 2 is a slot with extra advantages. The feature of the slot is the unusual structure of reels and a large number of possible combinations — 720. Nevertheless, the most beneficial part of the game begins when free spins are activated. During them, you do not spend credits to cover a spin and receive net winnings for a combination. In bonus rounds, you can win up to 25,000,000 coins.