Great Empire (EGT)
Great Empire by EGT free to play slot
Great Empire online slot by EGT

Great Empire Online Slot

Great Empire is an online game slot by EGT themed to Ancient China. The slot features a Wild symbol, replacing other symbols and earning bonuses, a Scatter symbol that enables you to win free spins, and a risk game where you can increase your prize won during the main round. The maximum win for a combination is up to 20,000 coins.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
Features Scatter, Gamble Round, Jackpot
Developer EGT
Lines 10
Reels 5
Games played 37
Game Rating

How to play

When playing the trial mode, your initial balance is 5,000 coins. This amount is displayed in the Balance section, found in the bottom left corner of the game screen.

To select the number of paylines, two scales are used. They are found on the left and right sides of the reels. By clicking the numbers on the scales, you can choose 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 paylines to play on.

Your line bet is not selected using a separate button. You choose it immediately before the beginning of the game round. To do this, you have to click the corresponding Bet button (a row of buttons at the bottom of the game window). The size of your line bet can be 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 coins. In this case, the Bet buttons will display the total bet, which is calculated by multiplying the line bet by the number of paylines selected by you.

Game Great Empire has two game modes — automatic and normal. The automatic game mode is activated using an orange button with two arrows. In the automatic mode, you play the game with the most recent bet. You can stop the auto game at any time by clicking the button with circular arrows again (it turns from orange to red, but the icon on it does not change).

In the normal mode, a spin of the reels is launched directly with the Bet buttons which have the Start word at the bottom, where the current sizes of your total bets are displayed. The prize earned as a result of a spin is shown in the rightmost section Last Win. The game account is displayed in the Balance section.

Symbols and payouts of Great Empire

The Great Empire has both Wild and Scatter symbols, as well as regular symbols taking part in the creation of winning combinations.

The Wild symbol is represented by the image of Yin Yang and replaces any symbols, except for Scatters. When the Wild symbol lands on one of the reels, all pictures on this reel within the game window become Wilds. 

When forming combinations, the Wild symbol will pay:

  • 2 symbols — 5 coins
  • 3 symbols — 50
  • 4 symbols — 200
  • 5 symbols — 1,000

The Scatter symbol is represented by a pagoda with the Scatter word. In the Great Empire slot, Scatter can only come up on the reel 1, 3 and 5. When three Scatter symbols come up in the game window, you will be able to win from 5 to 15 free spins.

Winning combinations of regular symbols are lined up from left to right. Such symbols as J, Q, K, A, a lotus flower, a demon and a panda pay you a prize if they come up in the number of 3, 4 or 5:

  • J — 5, 10 and 30 coins
  • Q — 5, 20 and 50
  • K — 5, 20 and 80
  • A — 5, 25 and 100
  • A lotus — 10, 25 and 150
  • A demon — 10, 50 and 200
  • A panda — 10, 50 and 250

Two or more pictures of the Empress and the Emperor will earn:

  • The Empress — 2, 25, 50 and 400 coins
  • The Emperor — 5, 30, 75 and 500

In the window below the reels, you can see the number of the winning payline (or paylines, if several combinations appeared at once), the combination of symbols that earned you the payout and the payout size on each payline.

You can learn winning combinations, the conditions of winning free spins and rules for the double-up game in the information menu, which is opened by clicking the "i" button.


To start the double-up game, click the Gamble button. This is possible if you land any winning combination. If you place 200 credits for a spin, the maximum bet in the risk game will reach 7,000 credits.

In the double-up game, information about the bet (Gamble Amount) and the possible win with a successful outcome of the round (Gamble to Win) can be found at the top of the game window.

To increase your latest win for the spin, you have to guess the colour of the playing card face down. To do this, click either Red or Black buttons (for red and black suits, respectively). If the colour is guessed right, your Gamble Amount will be doubled in this round.

The colours that appear during the risk game in one game session are displayed below the History word.

The game is played until your first error: as soon as you point to the incorrect colour, your reward in the risk game is reset and you return to the normal mode.

You can take the amount won at any time. To do this, just click the Collect button. The double-up game allows you to play only 5 rounds as a maximum.

Free spins and jackpot

If three Scatter symbols land on the game reels, you get an opportunity to win from 5 to 15 free spins. The bonus game starts when you click the Start button in the opened window.

The number of free spins is determined by spinning the reels:

  • If reels 1, 3 and 5 are completely filled with Wild symbols, you earn 5 free spins
  • If reels 2 and 4 are filled — 10 free spins
  • If reel 3 only — 15 free spins

The prize amount earned in free spins can be used for the risk game if the size of this reward does not exceed the maximum bet size.

The Great Empire slot also allows you to hit a jackpot. It lands at random during the game when the spin is over and you've received prizes. If the jackpot lands during the auto game, the latter stops until the end of the jackpot round.

During the jackpot round, you are asked to guess the suit of twelve cards face down. You turn over the cards, clicking them with the mouse in any order. The round ends when three cards of the same suit are opened. This suit will determine the jackpot size.

The hierarchy of suits (in ascending order of the win):

  • 1st level — clubs
  • 2nd level — diamonds
  • 3rd level — hearts
  • 4th level — spades

You can take the amount won using the Collect button. It cannot be used in the risk game.