Frogs Fairy Tale (Novomatic)
Frogs Fairy Tale Online Slot
Frogs Fairy Tale Slot by Novomatic

Frogs Fairy Tale Free Online Slot by Greentube

The Frogs Fairy Tale slot machine designed by Greentube is provided at NeonSlots in its free demo version. It has 5 reels with 20 active lines. Their number cannot be changed. 9 standard images line up in combinations on them. Usual sequences can bring a maximum of 500 bets per line. The slot has a wild symbol, which replaces any basic image. Also, bonus symbols appear in the fields. Three such symbols appearing on the reels trigger the bonus round. Its result determines which of the four bonuses you will get. A random bonus can come up as the reels spin.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME TV & Films
Features Freespins, Bonus Game, Gamble Round, Jackpot
Developer Greentube
Lines 20
Reels 5
Games played 49
Game Rating
Frogs Fairy Tale images

Bonus Games and Free spins

The random bonus is one of the additional options of the Frogs Fairy Tale slot that we should start our description with. During the usual reelspin, you can see flies above the game window. The frog that sits in the top right corner will begin to hunt them. The more flies the amphibian catches, the higher your additional multiplier will be and all payouts for the current spin will be multiplied by it.

Other bonuses of the slot are available after three symbols with lilies line up. But not at once. These special symbols appearing on the reel trigger the round which determines what bonus you will be awarded. To determine the additional round, you need to find the symbols of bonuses under the water plants. After three identical icons are collected, the corresponding bonus begins. The slot has four types of special rounds in total: Free Spins, Enchanted Stream, Colossal Reel amd Princess Prize.

The Free Spins bonus corresponds to a symbol with the same inscription and two green arrows. If you get this bonus, you will be provided with 5 free spins. They have several special features. Firstly, during the free spins, you can also get the symbols of free spins. If three such symbols show up in the game window, you win another five free spins.

Another feature of free spins is additional wild symbols. First of all, it is the princess in a blue dress. In free spins she takes up all of the fields on the reel. If the usual wild symbol with a frog appears in the game window, it will turn into a prince and will take up the entire reel. The prince is also a wild symbol.

To get the Enchanted Stream bonus, you need to find three golden balls under the lilies. After that, you will see a frog, a golden ball and a chain of multipliers connecting them all together. You just need to click on the leaf on the left of the screen. Any click can lead to:

  • The increase in all multipliers
  • The advance of the frog by a certain number of steps
  • The end of the bonus round

When the bonus game is over, you get a certain payout in credits. It is equal to the product of the total bet and the multiplier on which the frog was at the end of the Enchanted Stream bonus.

To start the Colossal Reel bonus, you have to find three icons with reels under the water lilies. After that, the spin starts during which the first three reels will be combined into one. And an additional symbol comes up by taking up as many as nine fields. The remaining reels spin unchanged.

That kind of a spin reliably leads to the payout of 20 prizes for a triple combination of the symbol that drops on a big reel. If the combinations spread over the entire length of the reel, you will be rewarded with a more impressive win.

To go to the Princess Prize bonus, you have to collect three symbols with the princess under the lilies. After that, you are not required to take any action. On the screen appears the princess who sends air kisses. Each kiss turns into a payout in credits. And you get the total win in gaming units.

Frogs Fairy Tale's Symbols and Multipliers

The Frogs Fairy Tale slot by Greentube interactive Greentube has 11 symbols. Two of them are special. One is the wild symbol as evidenced by its ability to replace any basic image. The wild symbol depicts a frog. It appears on any reel. Its combinations on the active lines can award a win, if the winning combination has more than two wild symbols. Prizes for a combination of frogs can be equal to 2, 100, 1,000 and 20,000 bets per line.

The other special symbol is the water lily. You can see the word Bonus on it. It appears only on the first, third and fifth reels. If as many as three water lilies land on the reels in the game window, they activate the bonus round during which you need to find under the water plants the pictures that correspond to certain bonuses. After that, you will get the bonus symbols of which you've collected the most.

Nine basic symbols include five playing cards and four themed images. Their factors are multiplied by the line bet. To produce winnings, you should almost always land at least three symbols of a kind. These include:

  • Tens, Jacks and Queens which award the multipliers of 4, 10 and 100
  • Aces and Kings - 10, 40 and 200
  • The castle and the golden coin - 20, 100 and 250
  • The jewellery set - 40, 140 and 300

The crown stands out among other icons. This symbol has a special feature: it creates a winning sequence of two icons. Prizes for a combination of these icons can be equal to 2, 50, 200 and 500 times your bet per line.

All the sequences, for which the payout is due, begin only on the leftmost reel. The winnings are counted only for the longest combination. In other words, if you hit five Aces, you will not get a payout for four and three such icons in addition. NeonSlots have prepared a wide range of online slots to play for free with different themes and bonuses.


After any usual winning spin or bonus feature, you have a chance to increase your prize. You can do it in the double-or-nothing game. To go to it, click the button to the left of the button that starts the spins. It reads Gamble.

In the double-or-nothing game, you need to guess the colour of the suit of the card which is in the middle of the screen. There are two available colours, red and black. It is the buttons Red and Black, respectively. The buttons are placed in pairs in the bottom left corner and on the sides of the card.

Your current winnings are displayed in the top left corner. And in the right, there is the sum that you will earn if you guess the right colour. If your guess is wrong, your entire winnings are lost. At any stage, you can collect your winnings by clicking the Collect button. Remember that you can increase your payout for one spin to 10,000 times your bet per line.

How to Play the Frogs Fairy Tale Slot

Before starting the Frogs Fairy Tale game you decide on the amount of credits you are going to deposit in your virtual account. In the demo version, the maximum available balance is 500 demo credits.

To determine the bet size for a spin, only one switch is used. It says Bet and you can find it in the middle of the control panel. Using the ‘-' and '+' buttons, you can set the values from 0.40 to 100. The amount displayed here is the total bet per spin. In fact, it is affected by two parameters, the number of active lines and the bet per line.

The first value is always fixed and equal to 20. The bet per line is not displayed anywhere but you can easily work it out by yourself. You need to divide the total bet by the number of paylines.

You had better spin the reels only after determining the bet. The spin starts after clicking the Start button. It is in the bottom right corner. Two arrows appear on the button as the reels spin. If you click it, the spinning of the reels will stop immediately.

In the bottom left corner you can see a button that allows you to start the spins. It reads Autoplay. Clicking it will set the reels into motion, and they will follow one after another. During a sequence of spins you cannot change your bet or participate in a risk game, which is described below. To stop the autoplay feature, you need to click on the Stop button. There are no other ways to stop the auto spins.

Additional Features and Settings

Between the reels and the bottom control panel you can see three windows. The leftmost window says Credit. It contains your balance displayed in credits. There is a wide section to the right of this window. It periodically displays the tips for the gameplay, important nuances of bonus modes and your win for the last spin. The rightmost window displays your last win.

Above the reels is a panel which makes the gameplay more convenient. We mean four buttons in the top right corner. The symbols of notes and the loudspeaker are responsible for the sound effects. Click the note to adjust music only and click the speaker to completely turn off or on the sound effects in the slot machine.

You can see two more to the right of these buttons. The first shows two arrows. Click it to expand the screen of the slot horizontally. The last button in the top right corner allows you to go to the full screen mode of the slot. There is a clock right above the reels that may be useful.

For more detailed information about how to play slot machines you can go to the extended rules of the Frogs Fairy Tale game. To do this, click on the Help button in the top right corner of the slot.