Frog Hunter (Betsoft)

Frog Hunter Online Slot by Betsoft

The Frog Hunter has five reels. The developers of BetSoft provided this one-armed bandit with five active lines. You can change their number. All the main symbols pay in credits. The maximum prize for a winning combination is 100 coins.

The slot also features a non-standard combination. It is formed by two different kinds of icons. Three special symbols appearing on the reels start a bonus game. In it, you need to get across the swamp by clicking on the lily pads. Lucky jumps will award you prizes.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Animals
Developer Betsoft
Lines 5
Reels 5
Games played 19
Game Rating


At the beginning of the game session, you receive 1,000 credits in your virtual account. This is the currency of the free version of the slot that will allow you to bet. You can always see the current wager in the bottom left. The number of credits is in the Balance bar.

Above this section, you will see another bar — Credits. It shows the number of coins in your balance. The value of coins is measured in credits. As a result, to get the number of these game units, you need to divide the balance in credits by a certain factor. It is displayed in the Coin section under the second reel.

Using the '+' and '-' buttons, you can select one number from the available range of values. The minimum value of one coin is 0.02 credits, the maximum is 5 credits. The higher the coin value, the less you have in your balance. At the same time, the high figure grants relatively large winnings for a spin in credits.

This conclusion is based on the fact that all bets and payouts in the Frog Hunter slot are made in coins. The total bet is also displayed in the bottom left, in the Bet bar. The wager can be one, three or five coins. It depends on the number of active lines. Each payline requires one coin.

The number of active lines is shown in a separate section called Lines. You can see it under the third reel. There are also the '+' and '-' buttons. Click them to set the number of lines, 1, 3 or 5. There are no other options.

Spins and Settings of the Slot

You can start the reelspins by hitting the Spin button. You can find it in the bottom right of the screen. To the left of it, you will see another button that starts spinning, Max Bet. In addition to starting spins, it raises the total bet to the maximum, that is up to five coins.

If after a spin you are supposed to be awarded credits, the prize will be displayed on the screen in two places. One of them is the Win bar in the bottom left. The second section for winnings is under the first and second reels. It's called Total Win.

The settings of Frog Hunter are available in a separate window. You can open it by clicking the Options button. It is found in the top left. There are several basic options in the window that is opened:

  • Game Audio — regulates sound
  • Turboplay — allows you to turn on the accelerated spin mode
  • Quality — adjusts the graphics of the slot machine

The sound can be turned off in another section which can be found in the top right. It's called View Pays. Here you will see the basic information about the rules of the combinations formation. Also, there is the Sound ON/OFF button in the top right of the section. Clicking it will turn off or turn on the sound.

Symbols and Factors of the Frog Hunter Slot Machine

The Frog Hunter has nine symbols of different types. One icon of the slot has special features — a picture with a water lily. It appears in any box of the game screen. If three water lilies land on the reels, you will go to the bonus game. This round is explained in the last section.

The main symbols of the slot are all connected to the frog theme. Almost all icons have different payout multipliers. Only combinations of frogs pay the same prizes — 60, 90 and 100 coins. The one-armed bandit features two frog pictures one with a frog-guy and the other with a frog-girl.

Be aware of them as they can replace each other. Payouts for mixed combinations are equal to 25, 80 and 100 coins. To receive such prizes, you need to collect three, four or five frogs on an active line.

The remaining symbols also produce winnings when a minimum of three land on the reels. The following pictures can appear in the boxes of the slot:

  • Cherries payout 3, 10 and 50 coins
  • Lemons — 5, 15 and 60 coins
  • Plums — 10, 20, and 80 coins
  • Watermelons — 15, 30 or 100 coins
  • Dragonfly — 20, 75 or 100 coins
  • Crocodile — 30, 90 and 100 coins

The Frog Hunter slot machine comes with a special combination that produces payouts. It consists of a picture of the dragonfly and a symbol with a frog. At the same time, these two icons must land on one horizontal line and be adjacent. If the frog-guy appears to the right of the dragonfly, you will win 3 times your total bet in coins. If there is a girl frog on the left, the win will be two times your bet. In other cases, you won't earn a prize.

It is also worth mentioning that winning combinations can start on both the first and the fifth reels. In some conditions this combination can pay double the normal prize but not in this case. A combination must be on an active line. Otherwise, it will not pay you.

Risk Game

The double-up in the Frog hunter online slot allows you to double or triple your prize for a spin. If you want to double your winnings, you need to click the Double button after a winning spin of the reels. It is in the bottom right of the screen.

After clicking it, a separate window appears. It contains four symbols that can give you a prize. All pictures hide certain numbers. Two conceal a double win, the other two a zero. You need to select one of the symbols by clicking it. As a result, you will get the prize under the selected picture.

The second version of the risk game allows you to triple your current win. To play it, click the Triple button. The pattern is the same as in the previous mode. The only difference is the number of symbols to be chosen from. You must guess which of the three icons hide a single payout, when you try to triple your win.

At any time, you can add the current prize to your balance by clicking the Collect button.

Bonus Round

The bonus game begins when three or more pictures with lily pads show up in any boxes of the reels. After this, you'll see a swamp in front of you and two frogs on its shores. Five rows of water lilies separate a frog-guy from his mate. You must consistently pass all the rows by clicking the water lilies.

With each click, the frog-guy jumps. You will receive a certain payout for each water lily he successfully passes. If there were three water lilies on the reels when the bonus round was launched, then each jump will pay you a prize of 2-10 times your total bet.

If four lilies appeared before the bonus game, the win will be in the range of 5-20 times your total bet. The maximum number of water lilies, 5, will pay an 10-20 times your total bet as the reward for each jump.

The difficulty of the bonus round is only that one of the lilies in the middle row hides a crocodile. If you manage to choose a path without the frog succumbing to the predator, it will successfully reach the end of the swamp. The five coin amounts that were collected during this game are added together at the end of the bonus round.