Freaky Wild West (Games OS)
Freaky Wild West

Freaky Wild West Online Slot

The Freaky Wild West is a slot machine with 30 winning lines and 5 reels by Games OS. By collecting the same symbols on the second and fourth reels, you can get access to one of three bonus rounds. If you collect at least two scatter symbols, you will get free spins. Depending on the set values you can win up to 5,000 credits in bonus rounds. In the base game the maximum payout is 3,250 credits for five symbols of a blue cactus in a hat.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Different
Features Jackpot
Developer Games OS
Lines 30
Reels 5
Games played 11
Game Rating

Rules of the game

The Freaky Wild West slot is available in the demo mode. As the slot loads, you receive 500 credits in your account for betting and spinning the reels. The bet per line is adjusted in the Line Price column with the +/- buttons. Bets are available in the range of 0.01–0.65 credits, and the Total Bet with the active 30 lines is 0.30–19.50 credits. The line bet affects not only the total cost of the spin but also the amount of payouts for combinations of different lengths. The higher the bet, the bigger the prize.

To set the lines, use the Bet One column. You can set 1 to 30 winning lines to collect combinations on them during the next spin. The value of Bet One affects the Total Bet and also indicates how many options for landing a winning sequence are available to you. Only those that are on the active line pay a prize. To set the maximum number of lines, use the Bet Max button. If you don't feel like fiddling with the + and - controls, you can select the necessary number of lines by clicking buttons on both sides of the reels.

The prize is awarded when identical symbols are on one active line and neighbouring reels. They are counted from the first reel. The exception is the Scatter symbols that win you a prize regardless of where they appear on the reels or lines. If there are several winning combinations on a line, the highest one pays.

A click on the Spin button sets the reels in motion. After that the reels will make a full cycle of spin. When the spin is over, winning combinations will be highlighted, the winnings for all the lines are added up and transferred to your account. Click the Spin button again to start the reels spinning.

The automatic spin mode is available. You can launch it by clicking the Auto Spin button. You can set the desired number of spins in the window that opens by hitting the "+" and "-" controls and then clicking OK. You can launch 5 or 10 auto spins by using two buttons on the control panel.

Directly under the reels are boxes for bonus symbols which you collect as the reels are spinning. You can check your current balance in the Balance screen. You can see your win for the previous spin in the Win screen. You can find the description of bonus rounds in the top left corner of the screen.

Symbols and multipliers of the Freaky Wild West slot

The Freaky Wild West slot shows several special symbols which award bonuses to the player. You can find their description in the paytable by clicking the Paytable button. You can also find information about special symbols in the Help tab.

The Scatter symbol is pictured as a shaman cactus. By landing on the reels it earns you two types of prizes — credits and free spins. At the same time it is counted regardless of where it appears, you simply need to collect at least two Scatter symbols.

  • 2 shamans — 3 free spins and 10 times your line bet
  • 3 shamans — 5 free spins and 40 times your line bet
  • 4 shamans — 15 free spins and 200 times your line bet
  • 5 shamans — 30 free spins and 3,000 your line bet

Regular symbols pay a prize in credits by forming a winning combination and help to fill in the scale for access to bonus rounds. To get an icon on a scale you should collect two identical symbols in the middle field of the second and fourth reels. To get a prize in credits it is enough to collect two or three symbols (depending on their type) beginning with the first reel.

Symbols which pay if two of them appear on one line have the following multipliers for 2–5 icons:

  • The blue cactus in a hat — 15, 80, 500 and 5,000 times the bet per line
  • The scatter shaman — 10, 40, 200 and 3,000 times the bet per line
  • The green cactus with the gun — 8, 20, 80 and 1,500 times the bet per line
  • The cactus with a red scarf — 5, 15, 60 and 500 times the bet per line
  • The red man-cactus — 4, 15, 50 and 400 times the bet per line

Regardless of the bet level, combinations of three, four or five symbols pay somewhat fewer credits:

  • The convict cactus — 20, 50 and 200 times the bet per line
  • The cactus with dynamite — 15, 40 and 150 times the bet per line
  • The digger cactus — 10, 30 and 120 times the bet per line
  • The cowboy cactus — 8, 25 and 100 times the bet per line
  • The cactus with a bow — 8, 20 and 80 times the bet per line

Bonus game

You can get access to bonus rounds as the reels of the Freaky Wild West slot are spinning. As soon as two identical symbols appear in the middle field of the second and fourth reels – one mark on the scale is filled. There are four of them at the start. After the scale is filled, you go to a new screen with the mini-game, Indians Gold.

You can see an Indian settlement on the screen, a table with five thimbles on it and a red man-cactus. Your purpose is to select three of them after the thimbles are mixed. A prize in credits is hidden under each of the thimbles. It is added up and transferred to your account at the end of the round.

After the Indians Gold bonus round is over, you can see a road sign. You can stay in the Indians Gold round or choose one of the two left — Safe Crackers and Shoot for Loot. Depending on your choice the number of marks on the scale in the base game will change.

After returning to the main screen, depending on the chosen round, you should collect identical symbols on the second and fourth reels again:

  • Indians Gold — 4 fields
  • Safe Crackers — 6 fields
  • Shoot for Loot — 8 fields

You will see nine safes in the Safe Crackers bonus round on the screen. You get five sticks of dynamite to blow up the safes. There is a random prize in each safe. You can choose the next round after finishing the previous one.

In Shoot for Loot, you are to shoot at 15 bandits who try to rob the bank. The more criminals you manage to shoot, the larger your prize will be. Like with the previous bonus rounds you can choose the next mini-game after finishing the previous one.

By collecting two or more scatter symbols you are awarded a prize in credits and free spins. By using them you can get 5, 15 or 30 free spins for three, four or five scatter symbols in addition. They are played in the Auto Spin mode. The bet and the number of lines correspond to those set for a spin which is activated by Free Games Feature.

The Freaky Wild West slot machine offers the player various bonus rounds, while access to them opens in the process of spinning in the base game or by using free spins. The choice of the next bonus round guarantees a certain number of credits, especially if you get the knack of choosing the correct thimbles, safes or bandits.