Freaky Fruits (Games OS)
Freaky Fruits

Freaky Fruits Online Slot by Games OS

The Freaky Fruits slot machine has a game screen with 5 reels in sets of 3 boxes and 20 paylines. This fruit-themed slot by Games OS features a Wild and a bonus symbol. During gameplay, you can open 1 interactive bonus round. The maximum factor is 200.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
Features Jackpot
Developer Games OS
Lines 20
Reels 5
Games played 23
Game Rating

How to play the Freaky Fruits online slot

The screen is dominated by the reels where you can see images of different fruit. If several identical icons land on a payline, you will win a prize. The prize size depends on your bet and the number of paylines.

The interface of the Freaky Fruits online slot

The major control buttons are in the bottom of the screen. Let's take a look at them from left to right:

  • Click the Paytable button to open the pay table. It shows factors of symbols and rules for payouts
  • The Auto Spin button launches the auto spins mode
  • The Line Price button indicates the size of bet for one line
  • The Bet One button sets up the number of active lines
  • The Bet Max button sets the maximum number of paylines and spins the reels
  • The Spin button spins the reels and lets you stop the spin at any time

When you set up the necessary options, you should keep track of figures in these sections:

  • Lines shows the number of active paylines
  • Total Bet indicates your bet on a spin, which is adjusted with the Line Price and Bet One buttons
  • Win displays the size of your win in the most recent spin

Choosing a bet

Before the game, you should choose the bet size. The total bet on a spin depends on the number of activated paylines and on the bet size for one line.

  • The Line Price button is used to set up the bet per line. You can see + and - on each side of this button. Click them to adjust the value from 0.01 to 1 credits
  • The Bet One button activates paylines. Click it to choose from 1 to 30 lines. The more of them that are activated, the greater your chances of winning and the larger your potential payout

Keep track of your bet size in the Total Bet screen. The minimum value of the total bet will be equal to 0.01, a value that will be set if the Line Price = 0.01 and Lines = 1. The maximum is 20 credits when Line Price = 1 and Lines = 30.

The Freaky Fruits slot is of low variance. That is, you hit wins rather often. However, the payout often does not cover your bet. You can play with the minimum bets so you do not spend the credits in your account too quickly. But the exact size of the win depends on your bet, the higher it is, the larger your payout as a result. Therefore, you can play with large bets if you are a risk-taker.

Launching the reels

Once you choose the bet size, you can get the reels spinning. To do this, click the Spin or Bet Max buttons. Both of them spin the reels once. The second button differs in the way that it also activates the greatest number of winning lines in one click.

If you don't want to click the button every time to start the reels, then hit on the Auto Spin button. You can spot 2 small buttons with figures 5x and 10x on its side. This is the number of auto spins. Click them to launch the required number of rounds.

If you click the Auto Spin button, you will see the screen where you can set as many as 1,000 auto spins. To do so, click +/-, then click OK to launch the auto spins mode. After the feature is activated, you can stop it at any time by clicking the Stop button.

Symbols and multipliers in the Freaky Fruits online slot

The Freaky Fruits slot machine uses 12 symbols. Ten of them pay prizes and two perform special functions. All ten common symbols come with the same factors. To calculate your prize, your bet is multiplied by the number of identical symbols and the numbers of lines on which the icons have landed.

10 different fruit land on the reels, from cherries to a lemon:

  • Any five identical fruits in a combo award the 200 factor
  • Four — 50
  • Three — 10
  • Two — 3

Prize calculation

Let's take a look at how your winnings are calculated in practice. Suppose two lemons and three pears have landed on the first, second and third reels. They are included in 5 winning lines.  Two fruit have the 3 multiplier and three — 10. Two fruit occur on four paylines (two lemons and two pears), and more on the fifth — three (three pears). Your bet is equal to 1 credit per line. Therefore:

  • The first line — we multiply 2 fruit with the 3 factor by your bet of 1 credit. Your win is equal to 3 credits. The same two fruit (two lemons and two pears) landed on the second, third and forth line. So, you need to multiply your 3 credits by 4. Your winnings from these four lines are 12
  • The fifth line is three pears. Their factor is 10. We multiply it by the bet and get 10 credits. In all, your prize is 12 + 10 = 22 credits

You can track your total winnings on the Win screen and the size on one line — in columns of figures on each side of the reels. You can see the sequential number of the combo on them in the base mode. When a successful combination lines up on a particular payline, its sequential number is replaced with the size of winnings on it.

Special symbols

The Wild and the Scatter are the special symbols. The first displays a basket of fruit. It can take the place of any other symbol except the Scatter and complete a successful combination. The second is the picture of a worm. If three or more bonus symbols appear on the reels, an interactive game opens.

Bonus game in the Freaky Fruits online slot

You can see a section in the screen where you can choose one of four worms to take part in a race. Each of them has its own factor. Then you can choose a track on which your racer will creep. After the first run you choose one more track —already for prize winning places.

Your prize in the bonus depends on:

  • The bet size in the base game
  • The multiplier of the selected worm
  • And the prize place

After the race you will receive the corresponding royalty of a worm trainer.


If you like small bets you will love the Freaky Fruits slot machine. The system used to display winnings on the screen allows you to understand the principles of slot operation better. The amusing interactive bonus adds some appealing variety to gameplay.