Freaky Bandits (Games OS)
Freaky Bandits

Freaky Bandits Online Slot by Games OS

Freaky Bandits is a slot with five reels and thirty active lines. Instead of the traditional Wild symbol, the slot features free spins, a bonus game and a cumulative bonus. You can win a maximum of 5,000 times the bet per line. You attempt to win that in the context of a stormy life and adventures of criminals like bank robbers in the Wild West settings.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Different
Features Jackpot
Developer Games OS
Lines 30
Reels 5
Games played 12
Game Rating

Game rules of the Freaky Bandits slot

Controlling the Freaky Bandits slot by Games OS poses no difficulties. The control panel features three main buttons. It is enough to use only two of them to make a bet before the game starts:

  • Line Price
  • Bet One

You can set the bet per line with the Line Price button. The slot game supports enabling seven types of bet from 0.01 to 0.65 coins. The Bet One button is used to select the number of lines that are active in the current spin. You can get from one to thirty.

To change the value, click the +/- buttons which are found to the right and to the left of each screen above the relevant buttons. You can choose the number of lines by clicking the required numbered buttons on both sides of the game screen. Selected lines will be highlighted.

Next to them you can see one more screen — Total Bet. This is where your total bet is displayed. Below the screen you can find the Bet Max button. It raises the number of active paylines to the maximum of 30 with one click of the button. However, at the same time, the button has no effect on the bet per line. So the bet set up by this button cannot be regarded as the highest for the slot. Also note, that clicking this button automatically starts the reelspin. 

In the top corner of the game window (not the section with reels) you can see the Balance section, which shows the number of credits left to you to place a bet with. If the bet wasn't wasted and the spin was successful, you can see your prize for the spin in the Win section. It is in the top right corner of the control panel, where you can also find the Spin button.

On the left side of the control panel you can see the Auto Spin button. There are two 5x and 10x tiny buttons next to it. Using them you can start five or ten Auto Spins right from the panel. By clicking the main button, you can select from five to one hundred spins out of five possible options. 

To stop Auto Spins at any time earlier, click the Start button, which turns into Stop during the spins.

In the bottom left corner of the screen there are two more buttons:

  • The button with the loudspeaker picture turns the sound off and on
  • The button with the frame picture enables the full-screen mode

Symbols and multipliers of Freaky Bandits

Eight standard symbols are used in the slot. These are as follows:

  • The bandit with a bandanna covering his face, earns the multipliers of 10, 100, 1,000 and 5,000
  • The bandit in shackles — 5, 30, 200 and 1,000
  • The bandit with dynamite — 2, 20, 100 and 500
  • The bag with dollars — 8, 50 and 300
  • Two rifles — 8, 50 and 250
  • Three bottles — 6, 40 and 200
  • The skull of a bison — 5, 30 and 150
  • The announcement with an inscription "Wanted..." and the bandit's portrait — 5, 20 and 100

Click the Paytable button on the control console to see the paytable in full. At the same time, all the credits used for placing bets on a spin are virtual. The slot is presented in its free version, which is helpful in getting to know the features of the slot.

All winnings are only counted from left to right. Only the largest win on the line is paid out. The theoretical return to player of the slot is 95.78%.

All winnings indicated in the paytable are multiplied by the bet per line placed in the winning spin.

Safe Crackers bonus game

The bonus game becomes available if three or more bonus symbols land on any of the active lines — the picture of a safe with the word Bonus. After that you, together with the bandits, move to an additional screen, where you can see nine locked safes in the middle of a desert and a burglar bandit with five dynamite sticks in his hands. You need to select which of the following nine safes will be broken into. All credits which the burglar finds inside will be transferred to your balance after the game ends. After the game ends you will see "Congratulations! You won..." on the screen and your winnings in credits.

The amount of payout in the bonus game depends on your bet.

Free spins

The free spins round is available for you if you get three or more icons that read Saloon Free Spins on the reels on any of the active lines. The ratio of the symbols and the number of free spins is as follows:

  • 3 pictures — 7 spins
  • 4 — 15 spins
  • 5 — 25 spins

The symbol itself has no multiplier and makes no winning combinations.

You can re-trigger free spins once again during the round of free spins. The bonus game can also be won in the same round.

Free spins involve the same bet that was active previously for the spin that triggered the feature.

FreakyPot bonus

The slot offers an additional cumulative FreakyPot bonus. If two or more dynamite symbols appear in the slot screen, it means that:

  • A portion of the bet is deducted to the FreakyPot fund
  • Each symbol will bring you closer to the FreakyPot payout

The bonus is paid when you have 25 combinations with the dynamite symbol in a consecutive series of spins. Also, the combination can consist of any number of symbols from one to five. Below the reels is a picture of dynamite with a long fuse. The fewer dynamite symbols you still need to reach the number of 25, the closer the picture of the burning spark is located to the right corner of the screen.

5% of your medium bet for the past 15 games is deducted to the bonus fund. If the current bet in the round is more than the medium bet for the past 15 games, 5% is deducted from this bet rather than the medium bet.

Bonus multiplier

If two or more dynamite symbols appear, the bonus fund will be multiplied. The multiplier depends on the number of multiplier symbols that lands simultaneously on the reels. FreakyPot will be multiplied by the number of symbols — 2, 3, 4 or 5.

The fuse shows how much the bonus has increased.

Slot game's theme and graphics

Gameplay of the Freaky Bandits slot in itself is standard but the cumulative FreakyPot bonus adds some flavour to it. One more advantage like the small number of symbols (only eight) should also be recognised because it increases the probability of forming a winning combination.

The slot's graphics might appeal to some. The bandits are amusing and only remotely look like people. The game screen — the desert with the skulls of bisons, animated cactuses with surprised faces and red cliffs of different forms — deserves a special mention. Country music as the game background is well suited for the slot's theme and can be used as a background for other activities, not only for the game.