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Firemen by Playtech online for free
Firemen play for free slot game online

Firemen Online Slot by Playtech Review

The Firemen online slot has a fixed number of 20 active lines. They are arranged on five reels. Each of them displays three symbols. There are ten main icons in this slot by Playtech. A fire fighter has the multiplier, it can produce a prize of 400 times your total bet.

The Wild symbol of the slot appears in any box of the game screen and replaces regular icons. If a symbol with a fire appears in a box of any reel, one of the three bonuses is triggered. They have different action patterns. From the landing of additional Wilds to fixed payouts in credits.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Animals
Features Scatter, Jackpot
Developer Playtech
Lines 20
Reels 5
Games played 24
Game Rating

How to play

Once you have started the Firemen slot machine, a window appears in front of you. It contains brief information about the three bonuses. If you put a check in the 'Do not show next time' box, this window will not appear the next time you load the game.

Since credits are the virtual currency of the demo version, when the page is updated, you are given 2,000 game units again. You can see your current balance at any time in the bottom left of the screen.

The bet is set on the control panel. It is directly under the five reels. One of the options that affects the total bet cannot be changed. This is the number of active lines. They are always 20 in Firemen, which are displayed in the Lines section.

To the right, you can see the Line bet counter. It allows you to adjust another figure that is important when determining the bet on a spin. This is the bet for one active line. It can be set from 0.01 to 5 credits. To adjust these numbers hit the '+' and '-' buttons.

The number of active lines is multiplied by the line bet. The result, gives you the total cost of a spin. It is displayed in the Total bet section. It is this amount that is taken off of your balance at the start of a usual spin of reels.


You can start a spin in several ways. The first — click the Spin button. It is highlighted in green in the bottom right. During reelspins, the button changes its name to Stop. Hitting it at this point leads to an early stop of reels

The Autoplay button also allows you to start spinning the reels. However, clicking it will not set the reels in motion immediately, instead, it will prompt you to choose the number of spins either 10, 25, 50 or 99. These spins will be initiated one by one until all are done.

Spinning in the auto mode cannot be stopped at will. The start button of a standard spin is replaced with the Stop autoplay button. Click it to stop the autoplay. You might need to use this if you have changed your mind about starting auto spins. Also, this button is useful if you decide to set the bet per spin to another value.

It's worth noting that Firemen reels can stop spinning after a different time. To make spins go faster, you need to turn on the turbo mode. Do it by pressing the Turbo Mode button. If the fast spinning mode is already active, the blue button will display Turbo ON.

Additional windows and settings

In the middle of the bottom control panel, the developers placed the Win window. It shows the number of credits you will receive in your account based on the results of the latest spin.

Looking at the top right of the screen, you can see a wrench symbol. If you hover over it, you will find a drop-down list with three points:

  • History
  • Options
  • Help

The Help button opens a separate browser window. It contains detailed information about the slot. Hitting the Options button opens the settings window. You can:

  • Disable warning messages
  • Remove the screen saver that appears when you load the slot
  • Adjust music options

You can regulate the overall volume of the slot on a special scale. It is seen if you hover the cursor over the speaker symbol. To mute the sound, just click it.

Symbols and multipliers of the Firemen online slot

As you already know, the slot machine comes with two special icons. The first is the Wild symbol that is a picture saying Firemen Wild. It lands in all boxes of the game screen. When appearing on the reels, it replaces any common symbol. This leads to the creation of more advantageous combinations.

Additionally, if the Wild forms its own winning pattern on an active line, this will produce you a prize in credits. The payout for such a combo will be equal to 100, 250 and 500 times your bet. These factors are used for three, four and five jokers, respectively.

The second special symbol does not form combinations. Its appearance on the game screen is followed by one of three bonuses. They are described below.

The Firemen slot machine features ten regular icons. Five of them are symbols of playing cards. Their multipliers are the following:

  • Tens and Jacks pay you a prize of 10, 20 and 30 times your line bet
  • Queens win you a reward of 10, 20 and 30 times your line bet
  • Kings have multipliers of 15, 30 and 50
  • Combos of Aces produce payouts of 20, 40 or 60 times your bet per line

The rest of the common symbols are represented by themed pictures. Their factors are greater than those of the cards:

  • Three, four and five vases of flowers will generate a prize of 30, 60 and 100 times your bet per line, respectively
  • The cat has multipliers of 40, 80 and 150
  • Pictures of an elderly woman will win you 50, 100 or 200 times your single bet
  • The girl has multipliers of 60, 150 and 300
  • The fireman will earn you 80, 200 or 400 times your line bet

It is worth noting that all winning combinations pay only from the leftmost reel. You can receive a payout only for the maximum combo on an active line.


As mentioned, the symbol with fire on the reels triggers a bonus. One box "on fire" is enough for you to get a bonus.

The first feature that can occur, adding several Wilds on the game screen. These special symbols will immediately participate in the creation of combinations. The second bonus involves a payout of a certain number of credits. The amount of the extra prize is random.

The last bonus is a special round. During it, all 15 boxes of the slot are in flames. You must fight the fire. Each extinguished box hides a payout in credits. You can also find there the word Collect. If it happens, the bonus round will stop.

The Firemen slot machine will become an engaging game for users who appreciate various bonuses.