Firehouse Hounds (IGT)
Firehouse Hounds

Firehouse Hounds Slot by IGT

Firehouse Hounds – an online slot from IGT that invites you to play on five reels with 30 paylines. The main feature of the slot is a series of free spins during which the entire first and fifth reels are covered with Wild symbols. This bonus boosts your odds of collecting the longest winning combinations.

In the main game, the first and fifth reels can be fully covered with Wilds as a result of a random spin. The Wild Fire feature can occur on one or two reels simultaneously. Jokers also come up on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels, increasing the probability of winnings.

The maximum number of free spins in a row is 200. The highest win for a series of free spins and the round that activated this bonus is 25 million coins. The RTP of the slot is up to 96.06%.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Animals
Features Scatter, 3D
Developer IGT
Lines 40
Reels 5
Games played 15
Game Rating

How to play Firehouse Hounds online

The Firehouse Hounds slot machine on our website is a licensed free demo version. It automatically gives you 3,000 credits for playing.

The control panel contains buttons and bars that help you to control the slot and monitor your game progress. Being able to correctly read the values indicated on the console helps you to learn about the costs and prizes which are shown in credits. A credit is a virtual currency that you play with during a gaming session. Credits are removed from your account in the main game for activating the reels and added for forming combinations.

Combos are sets of identical symbols on a payline on adjacent reels. This slot allows winning combinations to be counted from both left to right and from right to left.

The control panel is at the bottom of the screen under the reels. For convenience, we will review its elements from left to right:

  • 30 Lines + Feature — a window that shows a fixed bet in coins. Coins — this is the currency that is used in the slot for betting and counting payouts. The bet per spin is 40 coins, there are 30 on a line (one for each) and another 10 to cover the feature of playing in two directions
  • Coin Value — the cost of a coin shown in credits. Using the '+' and '-' buttons, you can set the value of a coin in credits. This option ranges between 1 and 50
  • Total Bet — the total bet in credits. Since you have a fixed number of coins for a spin, the value in this window is calculated using the formula 40 x Coin Value. If the value of a coin is 1 credit, the total bet is 40 and if the coin is valued at 50 the total bet will be 2,000 credits
  • A round button with the arrow activates reelspins
  • Win shows the prize obtained for one spin. If several winning combinations have lined up on the screen at the same time, the payouts are added and displayed in this window
  • Balance — shows the amount in your game account

The main task of the game is to increase the number of credits in your account. To assess how successful this or that spin was, you should compare the Total Bet and Win. If the win is greater than the total bet, a spin is considered beneficial, if less, it wasn't profitable.

Symbols and payouts of Firehouse Hounds

To learn the prizes for combinations of different symbols, you should open the pay table. All information on payouts for winning combinations is in the extra window which you can open by clicking the Paytable button. Prizes for combinations are given using multipliers.

Factor is a multiplier of a bet per line. Since one coin is staked on one line, it is not difficult to calculate the payouts in credits. You just need to multiply the factor by the Coin Value you selected.

The game involves the following symbols:

  1. Fire axe and hose with multipliers of 5, 15 and 75 for 3, 4 and 5 symbols, respectively
  2. Fire extinguisher and first-aid kit — 5, 20 and 100
  3. Fire hose — 5, 25 and 125
  4. Fireman's helmet — 10, 25 and 150
  5. There are five kinds of sevens:
  • Yellow — 15, 30 and 200
  • Green — 15, 30 and 200
  • Purple — 20, 60 and 350
  • Spotted with a blue frame — 30, 75 and 300
  • Spotted with a red frame — 50, 150 and 500

As sevens are symbols of the same type, you can also combine them together. Combinations of five different sevens in a row pay a prize equal to the bet per spin at the specified coin rate.

In addition to the regular symbols that form combinations, Firehouse Hounds uses icons with special functions:

  1. The Wild symbol, which says Wild, is able to replace the missing pictures in a combo. It appears on any of the 5 reels. On the first and fifth reels, it can expand over three boxes vertically. In the main game, Wilds can fully cover one or two reels. This icon has no effect on the Scatter
  2. Scatter symbol — a fire alarm. It can appear on the second, third and fourth reels. To make the symbol "work", you need three of these icons to appear on the game screen. For a combination, you will win 30 coins and activate a series of free spins.

Free spins

A series of free spins is triggered if three alarms appear on the screen. Icons occur on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels and are counted as a combination regardless of their position. After you've got such a combo, you need to select one of the Scatter symbols by clicking it with the mouse. You will then learn how many free spins are provided. A series can consist of 4, 5 or 6 free spins.

During the bonus rounds, you will play with the same bet that was used in the main game. Free spins have a number of advantages:

  1. When you set the reels in motion, the bet sum will not be removed from your balance
  2. The first and fifth reels are completely covered with Wild symbols during the free spins
  3. A series of free spins can be restarted by collecting three alarms and selecting one of them
  4. With great luck, you will be able to win 200 free spins in a row

They are considered to be the most beneficial part of the gaming session. During such spins, you don't lose credits but can replenish your balance thanks to winning combinations. Given that the first and fifth reels can get fully occupied by the Wilds and jokers can occur on other reels, the odds of forming a winning combination increase.


The Firehouse Hounds slot machine by IGT is considered to be a slot with low variance. This means that winning combinations appear on the reels quite often but pay small prizes. The pay table shows that most combinations of three symbols do not cover the cost of a spin.

You can get the greatest benefit from the game during free spins. However, the Wild Fire feature of the main game also offers pleasing rewards. If the bonus feature covers both the first and fifth reels at the same time, you'll be able to collect the longest combinations (out of five icons) and get great wins.