Fire Horse (IGT)
Play for Free Fire Horse Slot by IGT
Fire Horse Slot by IGT

Fire Horse Online Slot by IGT

Fire Horse — an online slot with 5 reels and 720 ways to get a win. The one-armed bandit developed by IGT allows you to collect combinations in two directions. Winning combinations are sets of identical symbols on neighbouring reels. The game involves 11 icons, three of which (Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols) perform a special function. During basic spins, you can collect a combination of symbols that trigger free spins. A series consists of 8 free spins and can be extended up to 96.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Features Freespins
Developer IGT
Ways to Win 720
Reels 5
Games played 44
Game Rating

Free spins

When five gems in a row appear on the screen, they trigger a series of free spins. A series of free spins is 8 consecutive spins where no coins or credits are deducted from your account. During a series, you play with the stake that was set in the main game.

Free spins do not involve additional factors for combinations. Bonus rounds use a new set of symbols. Although, the special symbols and their features remain the same, as well as the multipliers for regular icons. A series of free spins can be extended. To do this, you need to collect 5 blue gems on the screen. The longest duration of the game is 96 free spins in a row.

Symbols and winnings

The reels of the slot are non-standard. The first and fifth reels consist of 3 vertical boxes. The second and fourth involve 4, the third, 5 boxes in a column.

You can learn the payouts of symbol combinations (a prize that is given for forming a combo) in the pay table. Keep in mind, that the numbers indicated next to the length of winning patterns, are multipliers of the line bet. To make maths easier, the slot has 25 virtual lines not displayed on the main screen.

There are 8 regular symbols involved in the game. Their only function is to form winning combinations. A set of icons must involve at least three identical symbols on adjacent reels to be considered winning. The first icon in a combo should be on the first or fifth reel. Based on these numbers, the symbols can be divided into:

  1. Low-paying — card values of J, Q, K, silver coin and clay green pot. Such icons produce the smallest payouts in the slot:
    • J and Q have multipliers of 5, 15 and 50 for 3, 4 and 5 symbols, respectively
    • K — 5, 15 and 100
    • Silver coin — 10, 25 and 100
    • Clay pot — 15, 30 and 150
  2. High-paying symbols:
    • White horse wins with factors of 20, 50 and 300
    • Fiery horse — 25, 75 and 400
    • Game's logo — 50, 150 and 1,000

Assessing the above factors, we can conclude: Most simple combinations of 3 icons in a row do not equal the cost of a spin. The exception is the game logo that returns all 50 coins to your balance at the selected bet. Low-paying symbols become beneficial only in combinations of 5 icons and high-paying from 4 to 5. Only in this case, the prize for a combo exceeds the total bet.

In addition to simple symbols, there are special pictures involved in the game:

  1. The Wild symbol is an icon with the word Wild. This icon appears on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels and is able to replace any of the missing symbols in a combination. The feature of Wild is that it often comes up in blocks, several symbols in a row on one reel (4 or more). So, the probability of winning combinations and their number grows. The symbol does not apply to other special icons
  2. Scatter — a bunch of gems with the word Scatter. The feature of the symbols is that the factor assigned to a combination acts as a multiplier for the total bet instead of bet per line. You will get a prize 2, 10 or 50 times your bet for 3, 4 or 5 symbols. In addition, combinations of gems are not counted by general rules: the position of them is not important but the number of them is. If a Scatter appears on the first, third and fifth reels, you will still receive a payout
  3. Bonus symbol — a purple gem in a gold frame. By lining up five of these gems in a row, you activate the bonus round, a series of free spins. A combo also pays a prize of 50 coins

You can get the greatest advantages during free spins.

How to play the Fire Horse online slot

As the Fire Horse slot machine loads, you will automatically receive 3,000 credits in your account. The goal of the game is to increase this amount by collecting winning combinations. The demo version of this one-armed bandit offers 720 combinations. For this opportunity, your default bet is 50 virtual coins. Coin is an in-game currency that is exchanged into demo credits.

To learn how to manage the slot, check out the control panel. It is below the game screen that consists of 5 reels. Look through the options and buttons presented on the console:

  • Balance — your game account showing the number of credits
  • The bar saying 720 ways displays the number of coins staked on a spin by default. This is a fixed value that is always 50
  • Coin Value — a modifiable option that indicates how many credits are in a coin. This figure ranges between 1 and 50
  • Total Bet indicates how many credits are bet on a spin. This number is the Coin Value multiplied by the standard bet of 50 coins
  • A round yellow button with an arrow sets the reels in motion
  • The Win bar displays the prize received after a spin. If several winning combinations appear on the screen, the payouts for them are added up and displayed in this window

At the bottom of the screen under the control panel, you can see a line with additional buttons:

  • The speaker allows you to turn on/off or adjust the sound
  • Game Rules — opens an extra window describing the slot and the rules of the game
  • Paytable — opens the pay table with multipliers and the overview of special symbols


The Fire Horse slot machine by IGT is a one-armed bandit with low variance. Winning combinations come up quite often but rarely generate big payouts. The most beneficial part of the game is a bonus round consisting of free spins. They can be extended by lining up combinations of gems on the reels. The demo version of the slot on our website allows you to play for a virtual currency, credits, for educational purposes. If you enjoyed the play for free demo of the The Fire Horse slot, you might like to find out real money games at licensed online casinos.