Evolution (NetEnt)

Evolution Online Slot by Net-Ent Review

The Evolution slot was developed by NetEnt. The slot comes with 5 reels and 25 paylines. The maximum payout for a winning combination is 500 times your bet per line.

The Wild symbol substitutes for regular symbols and does not land on the first reel. The Scatter symbol pays the rewards in game units and triggers a series of free spins. The Evolution Feature is activated during the free spins.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Animals
Features Freespins, Scatter
Developer NetEnt
Lines 25
Reels 5
Games played 19
Game Rating

Basics of the gameplay

You will be given 5,000 credits at the beginning. You can view your balance in the Cash section. To the right of it you will see the Bet and the Win sections that display your total bet and your winnings in credits.

Your bets will be placed in coins for making a spin. Each coin has a certain value in credits, which you can set in the Coin Value section. The options available are 0.01, 0.01 or 0.05 credits. You can see the number of coins in the Coins section.

The Bet section shows your total bet in coins. It depends on two values: the number of active paylines and your bet per line. The number of paylines is always fixed at 25. This value remains unchanged. Your bet per line can be set in the Bet level section. The possible options are 1 to 10.

So, the minimum bet is 25 and the maximum is 250 coins.

To launch the reel, use the buttons in the centre of the control panel. The button with two rounded arrows starts one spin with the values selected. It becomes active again at a certain moment during the spins. So, you can stop the reels prematurely by using the button again.

The Max Bet button launches one spin with the highest bet. The Autoplay and Auto buttons open the settings for autospins. The Advanced settings window lists the conditions for interrupting the autospins if necessary. These conditions are:

  • If you win any reward for an autospin
  • If free spins are triggered
  • If your reward exceeds a certain amount in credits
  • If your balance is lower or higher than a certain limit

To launch a series of autospins, click on the button with the desired number of spins. Click on the Stop button to stop the autospins.

Your winnings in coins will be displayed right underneath the reels. You can win payouts only for landing regular and Scatter combos. Regular symbols must comply with certain requirements to form winning combinations. A winning combo must:

  • Start with the leftmost reel
  • Land on an active payline
  • Land on neighbouring reels

Symbols and multipliers featured in Evolution

The Evolution slot features 12 symbols. Two of these come with special features. The Wild symbol substitutes for regular symbols, which lets you come up with more winnings combos. This symbol has the word Wild on it and lands on each reel except for the first one.

The Free Spins symbol lands on any reel. It pays regardless of its position on the reels. Two Scatters earn you two total bets. Three Scatters pay 4 total bets, four — 20, five — 100. Also, three or more Scatters will trigger a series of free spins, which will be described in a separate section.

Regular symbols are divided into two groups. This division makes sense during the free spins. You can read the descriptions of the regular symbols and their groups in the Paytable.

The first one is protozoa that look like Jellyfish. You can spot some traces of playing cards on these pictures. However, each one has a unique name and an appropriate multiplier:

  • Primo blobulus pays 2, 10 and 40
  • Blobulus astrum — 3, 12 and 50
  • Jellocus finnum — 4, 15 and 60
  • Jellocus squidae — 5, 20 and 80
  • Crustacio springum — 10, 25 and 100

Multipliers for regular symbols will be multiplied by your bet per line. The resulting number is your payout. The second group of regular symbols is represented by complex organisms with higher multipliers:

  • Albus slugus pays 12, 50 and 150
  • Bestia dentum — 15, 60 and 175
  • Basilisk hairicus — 20, 75 and 200
  • Basilisk pluma — 25, 100 and 250
  • Draconulus rex — 50, 150 and 500

Free spins

Three Free Spins symbols landing on the reels you will earn ten free spins. Four Scatters trigger 15 free spins and five trigger 20. Scatters only land during the main spins, so you cannot get any extra free spins.

The Evolution Feature operates during the free spins. It makes the lower symbols evolve into higher-paying combinations. The same happens with symbols that do not participate in a winning combo.

This is why the division of regular symbols into two groups was necessary. Protozoa symbols can only evolve to Crustacio springum. Complex ones evolve to Draconius rex.

The symbols that were produced as a result of the evolution will not form any combinations in the current spin. However, the symbols that pay lower rewards than the ones mentioned above will no longer be landing on the reels. So, at a certain stage only Crutacio springum, Draconius rex and the Wild symbols will be coming up on the game screen.

Options and settings

You can find the settings menu in the bottom left corner. Click on the gear icon to open the custom settings where you can adjust the following options:

  • Graphics quality
  • Sound
  • Speed of the spins

Also, if you tick off "Spacebar to spin", you can spin the reels by pressing the space bar on your keyboard. Tick off the Intro Screen to show the animation.

To adjust the volume or turn it off completely, use the speaker icon. The question mark icon opens the detailed rules of the Evolution slot.