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Druidess Gold Game

Druidess Gold Slot by Lightning Box Games Review

Druidess Gold is an unusual slot developed by Lightning Box that you can play for free at NeonSlots. The slot comes with five reels, but the third reel contains 16 individual fields and each of the fields will spin on its own as if it were a separate reel. The game features both the Wild and the Scatter symbols. During the spins you can earn some free spins and a mega spin with the Wild symbol that expands onto all of the 16 fields on the third reel. A series of free spins consists of 12 spins during which you can be given one extra mega spin.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
Features Freespins
Developer Lightning Box
Ways to Win 1296
Reels 5
Games played 44
Game Rating
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Druidess Gold Free Spins

At least five Scatters landed on the third reel will trigger a series of free spins. The maximum number of free spins is 12 in a row. But the bonus rounds can be disrupted before the series is over.

The bonus option called Ring of Protection will be operating during a round of free spins. One of the symbols will land in each spin, starting from the upper field of the third reel: either the Wild or the jar of poison. Once landed, each Wild symbol will stay fixed in its position and remain on the reels all throughout the subsequent spins. The symbols will land clockwise on the outer part of the reel. Once you collect 12 Wild symbols in row, you will earn the mega spin, which is an extra free spin when the Wild takes up the entire third reel.

But if a picture of a jar of poison lands in the next field, the series of free spins will come to an end and you will get the reward of two bets per spin. Please note that this picture will not land during the first three spins but will be counted in your favour automatically.

Game Symbols and Rewards

Druidess Gold slot themed to magic features ten regular symbols that produce winning combinations. Winning combinations consist of three, four or five identical pictures landed in a row. Keeping in mind the special function of the third reel, any suitable picture landed on it will take part in a combo.

The rewards in the paytable are indicated in credits. The Show Payout for X Credit(s) section is located in the bottom of the window, where you will set the X value in the range between 50 and 250 credits. So, with the minimum bet of 50 credits your rewards will be as follows:

  • "9", "J" or "Q" - 5, 10 and 25 credits each for three, four and five pictures in a row respectively
  • "K" and "A" - 5, 20 and 40
  • A candle or a sword and staff crossed - 15, 25 and 75
  • A spell book - 15, 25 and 100
  • A raven - 50, 75 and 150
  • A wizard - 75, 100 and 250

The highest-paying combination of regular symbols is five pictures of a wizard. When you play with the maximum bet, this combination will earn you a reward of 1,250 credits. The highest reward in the slot is paid for 9 to 12 Scatters landed on the outer fields of the third reel. Once you land this combo, you will get 500 bets (up to 125,000 credits) in reward. Besides the regular pictures, the game also features the bonus symbols:

  • The Wild symbol is a druidess that can land only on the third and the fourth reels
  • The Scatter is a celtic symbol that says "Bonus", which can land on the outer fields of the third reel

The Wild symbol can substitute for all symbols missing in a winning combo. This function will not apply to the Scatter symbol. If two Wilds land on the fields of the third reel at the same time (on neighbouring fields), only one Wild symbol will be counted for one combination. The second one will take part in the extra combination.

The Scatter plays by special rules. Combinations of these pictures are formed regardless of their positions in the fields of the third reel. For five, six, seven, eight and nine to twelve of these pictures you will earn a reward of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 500 total bets respectively. With the minimum bet the payout will amount to 25,000 credits, and with the maximum bet it will be 125,000 credits. Five celtic symbols will also trigger a series of bonus spins.

How to Play the Druidess Gold Slot

Once you load the trial version of Druidess Gold free slot, you will initially be given 500 in-game units in your account. The slot will convert the game units into credits, which is another currency used for the convenience in playing the game and calculating the rewards. You are the one to set your credit value in correlation to the game units. This is the way the amount in your balance is formed, which will be displayed in the Credits section. This is what you can do with the elements of the control panel:

  • Select the cost of a credit in the Credit Value section in the range from 0.01 to 0.25
  • Set your bet per spin by clicking on the figures 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250
  • Launch one spin with your preset values by clicking on the button with an arrow
  • Launch a series of 5 to 100 autospins by clicking on the Auto Spin button

These are the windows that display the following values in credits:

  • Credits - your balance
  • Bet - your bet per spin
  • Won - displays your winnings

These are the data that will be displayed in game units in the line on the bottom of the screen:

  • Balance - your balance
  • Wagered - your bet per spin
  • Won - your winnings
  • Net - the difference between your bet and your winnings

Click on the Pays button to open the window with five pages that contain the paytable and the description of the bonus functions that the slot has to offer.

Druidess Gold by Lightning Box is characterised by a number of features typical to most of the standard slots. Experienced connoisseurs have singled out a number of positives and negatives that this slot has. The negatives are:

  • The complexity of gaming mechanics A novice will not grasp the principle of forming the winning combinations right away
  • Unapparent accrual or rewards. The number of fields on the second reel will make it difficult to calculate the rewards for winning combos

The positives include:

  • An uncommon gameplay
  • A high probability of landing winning combinations due to the structure of the third reel
  • Big payouts for the combinations and the Scatter
  • Substantial rewards during free spins due to the increased number of Wild symbols on the reels

The rewards paid in the main game for the combos of Scatters are the most lucrative ones. The rewards for 9 to 12 celtic signs earned during the game with the maximum bet will boost your winnings for the highest-paying combination of regular symbols as many as 100 times. Discover how to win in online slots and play for free at neonslots.com.