Double Sixteen (Betsoft)

Double Sixteen Online Slot

Double Sixteen features two screen with 4 reels and 16 paylines each. The theme of this slot developed by Betsoft is related to fruits. The meters will display your winnings before they are transferred to your balance: you can transfer some of the credits to your balance right away, and risk the rest of them in the spin. The highest payout for a successful combo is 200 credits.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 8
THEME Classic
Developer Betsoft
Lines 32
Reels 8
Games played 16
Game Rating

Gameplay in Double Sixteen

The interface of Double Sixteen consists of two screens. The lower screen contains 4 reels, 16 paylines and the paytable.

The upper one has 4 reels, 16 paylines and 10 meters for your wins. With the first four reels the total number of paylines is 32.

Setting your bet and paylines

Prior to launching the game set your bet size and the number of active paylines by using one of the four buttons:

  • Start Bet 5 — select 4 active paylines. Your bet for each one of them will be 5 credits. Only 3 reels on the lower screen and 5 meters on the upper screen will be active in this mode
  • Start Bet 10 — 8 paylines and the bet of 10. 4 reels will be active on the lower screen. This is the bet when all 10 meters will be activated
  • Start Bet 20 — 20 paylines and the bet of 20. Only 4 reels are involved
  • Start Bet 40 — 32 paylines and the bet of 40. This is the mode when all 8 reels operate on both screens

Launching the reels

To spin the reels one time, click on the button with your selected bet value again.

The game also features the autospin mode — click Autoplay to launch it. The reels will start spinning on their own. The button will turn into Stop Auto — click on it to exit the autoplay mode.


The windows containing important values are located in the upper left corner of the Double Sixteen slot. They will let you monitor the game:

  • Balance — displays your current balance
  • Credits — the amount of credits in your account
  • Bet — your total bet per spin
  • Win — your win for the current spin

On the upper screen you can also see two windows underneath the reels: Win and Total. The first one duplicates the Win section in the upper left corner. The second one shows how many credits you have accumulated on all 10 meters each time you earn a reward.

The system of meters

While the reels are spinning, your winnings will be displayed on the ten meters of the upper screen. When the total amount exceeds your bet per spin, credits from these meters will be used in each subsequent spin. This is how your balance changes:

  • For example, the Total window shows that you have 81 credits that you have earned from prior payouts
  • You bet 40 credits on 32 paylines
  • 39 credits are then deducted from the meters on the screen, and at the same time 1 credit is deducted from your balance
  • Next the value displayed in the Total window will change depending on whether you are winning or losing
  • Once the Total window shows dashes, it means that you have accumulated zero credits and your bet will be deducted from your balance in full

You can transfer some of the amount or the entire amount from the meters to your balance, if you so desire. Click Collect to do just that. The credits will be transferred from each meter to your balance. To transfer the funds from all 10 meters, click on the button 10 times.

Click on the Select Meter button to pick a specific meter, such as the fifth or the sixth for example. This is when the credits will be transferred to your balance starting from this particular meter. The remaining credits will be used further in the game.

Symbols and multipliers in Double Sixteen

Winning combinations are read both left to right and right to left. Each combo must have at least three identical symbols. The slot features no special symbols, these are the rewards that all symbols will pay:

  • Three treasure chests — 200 credits
  • Three Bar signs — 120
  • Three watermelon slices, strawberries or plums — 80
  •  three blueberries, lemons or oranges — 40


Double Sixteen provides flexible settings for the game on two screens. The slot features no bonuses, free spins or Wild symbol. The slot will appeal to the fans of retro and fruit slots. The winnings are quite frequent and they will always recover your bet.